Saturday, February 6, 2010

33.) Out of It

Soundtrack Song - Jamie Foxx f. T-Pain, Blame It

“So, you wanna dance?” Jo asked me, breathing on my neck. She reeked of alcohol, and she was way too close to me for what should have been considered appropriate. We were out on public, and she was acting like we were alone in bed.

I could feel everyone’s eyes on us. They weren’t blatantly staring, but they were watching us—observing her, and me, and what we were going to do. I guess I couldn’t blame them; we must have seemed like a total mismatched pair. “Maybe in a little bit,” I told her. The club wasn’t packed, by any means, but there were now a good number of patrons there, littering the floor and scattered around the bar. I was content to linger in the background and relax.

“Nooo, come on, Kristopher,” she whined, pushing off the plush seating and then turning to face me and standing in between my legs. She grabbed my hands and tried to pull me upward, but I didn't budge. “I didn’t come out to be a wallflower. Fun, 'member? Dancing’s fun.”

I shook my head. It wasn’t quite that I didn’t want to, but I knew that dancing with Jo—especially with her in this condition—was going to lead some overtly sexual behavior on the dance floor. That was something I wanted to avoid. If Jo came onto me and I turned her down, she’d think I was snubbing her. Not to mention what the guys would say—I'd hear about it for weeks, if not months. “Why don't you go dance with the girls? I'll join you a sec.”

She shrugged, mumbled something about me being lame, but made her way over to the spot where Heather, Kelsey, and Jessica were dancing. As soon as she left, Talbo, Staalsy, and TK joined me. For a moment, we all silently watched the girls interact.

I wanted to make sure that they were all going to get along. I had already talked to all of them while she had been drinking with the guys, and they had each promised me that they would give her another chance. And Jo seemed just drunk enough to give them another try, too.

“That's one hell of a girl you got there,” Max laughed. “Where on Earth did you find her? How the hell did you hook up with a girl like Jo?”

I didn't answer him; I watched her moving out there, several yards away from me. Her hips were swaying and her hands were in her hair while she mouthed the words of whatever god-awful song was being blasted from the speakers. For all intents and purposes, she looked like my complete opposite. She looked like some drunk partyer without a care in the world; but I could see that there was so much more to her.

I could see the person below the façade. Not just the girl who had many, many cares and worries and burdens upon her shoulders. There was more than that, too. She was a good person beneath it all. Insecure, unsure, and a little lost, maybe. But her heart was good. Perhaps I only got to see it because I took the time to and put in the effort, which is why the guys wanted to hassle me about her—because they didn't know her like I did. Max was making a generalization when he said “a girl like Jo,” because in reality, he had no idea what she was truly like.

Max then shook his head. “And why are you sitting here instead of being out there with her?”

“Yeah man, you'd better go lay claim to your territory. Those guys are vultures,” Gronk added.

I thought about arguing and telling them that they should watch out for their own girls, but I knew he was right. Jo wasn't plastered, but she was drunk enough that any sleezy guy would see her as an easy lay tonight. Because of that, I could spot a few guys lurking along the edges of the dance floor, eying all the groups of girls. But I also saw that she never even noticed them. I wasn’t worried about her doing anything inappropriate with someone else. And as long as those guys kept their distance, we’d be fine.

For a couple songs, I just watched her move. Jo stayed with the girls, sometimes dancing separately, sometimes up against one of the others. They were smiling, and Jo would occasionally throw her head back and let out a deep, belly laugh. Even though I had no idea what she found so funny, her laughter was contagious, and I wanted to chime in.

On the other hand, Jessica separated herself from the group of girls and started dancing with someone who definitely wasn’t Borky. The four of us watched as Bourque strode up to them and exchanged a few words, grabbing Jess around the waist protectively. After a few moments, the random guy stomped away, crossing in front of us. We cracked up with laughter as he groaned about some toothless asshole ruining his good time.

I shook my head, glad that I didn’t have to worry about Jo in that type of situation. She didn’t strike me as that kind of girl, to use jealousy as a pawn in our relationship. I knew that if she were pissed at me for whatever reason, she’d come right out and say so. Thankful for that, I decided to find her and dance with her. I looked around for her but couldn’t find her. She wasn’t with that group of girls anymore.

Telling the guys that I’d be back, my eyes flitted around the large, open room, trying to spot her distinct pink hair amongst the crowd. Without having luck, I walked up to the girls and asked them. “Do you know where Jo is?”

Jessica nodded. “She went to go get another drink.”

I glanced behind me, but I couldn’t find her there against the wooden expanse of bar.

“No, she came back but then went to the restroom. I don’t think she was feeling too hot,” Heather added.

“That was, like, ten minutes ago. Didn’t she go back to the bar?” Kelsey asked, tossing in her two cents.

“I don’t think she ever came back,” Heather replied.

“Would you mind going to check on her?” I was a little worried, thinking that she was getting sick in the disgusting bar bathroom. If I had thought she was that drunk, I wouldn’t have let her out of my sight. Hell, I wouldn’t have let her get to that point. After she’d done a few shots with the guys, I took her drink off her. Sure, she said she wanted to have a good time, but getting wasted and puking your brains out does not seem like a good time to me.

“Yeah, I gotta go powder my nose anyway.” The girls headed for the restroom, and I watched them walk away. Then I rejoined the guys.

“Lose your woman?” Gronk asked, trying to hold back his laughter. “Better put that kitty on a leash. Then again, she might like that.”

“Wow, funny, man. Don’t quit your day job.” I glanced at my watch. Twelve thirty already? I couldn’t play tomorrow—or technically today—but I couldn’t believe that the healthy guys were out. Then again, that could have partially been my fault, since I was the designated driver for one or two of them.

Heather reappeared. I looked at her and then around her for Jo. She wasn’t there, so I raised any eyebrow, silently asking if she found her. “Um, Kris... you might wanna come back to the bathroom. Jo’s not doing too good.”

The guys behind me laughed as I jumped up, full of concern. “What do you mean, ‘not doing too good’?”

Heather shook her head and motioned for me to follow. Talbot laughed, “And she said she could out-drink us!”

I shot them an angry look. TK added, “Go tend to your sick woman! Hold her hair back while she chucks all over the bathroom!”

“Make sure she doesn’t get any on you!” Staal hollered, slapping his knee as his face turned pink with amusement.

“Better yet,” TK thought aloud, struck with a genius idea, “I wanna see this!”

“I can’t believe she did this,” I mumbled, wiping my hand over my face, following Heather with the guys trotting along behind me. “She’s trashed, isn’t she?”

“She’s pretty out of it. It’s bad.” Heather held open the door to the women’s restroom. Besides Jo, Jess, Kelsey, and us, there wasn’t anyone else in there. Just stepping foot in that room felt taboo and wrong, but once I saw Jo, slumped over the sink, I didn’t hesitate.

Kelsey was dabbing a cool, damp paper towel against her face. “Something’s wrong, Kris.”

Jo moaned, her knuckles turning white as she gripped the fake granite counter top. “I don’t feel so good.”

I put my hand on her back and used the other to tip her chin up so she was looking at me. “How much did you drink, Jo?”

She shook her head quickly, but then suddenly stopped, as if that movement made her feel worse. But she smiled at me with a crooked grin once her head stilled. “Krissy! You’re in the girl’s room!”

Jo flung her arms around my neck and fell against me so I had to grab a hold of her so she wouldn’t drop to the ground. “Fuck. You’re shit-faced! You leave for twenty minutes, and you get completely wasted.”

“No ’m not,” she replied. She stood on her tip-toes, placing her lips on my neck and then running her hands down over my chest and then up under my shirt. I felt her nails dig into my skin, and I hissed and pulled back. “Come on, Krissy. Don’t be like that.”

“I don’t believe this. I don’t fucking believe this.” I grabbed her wrists. “We’re leaving.”

“Yeah, take me home, Krissy. Take me home and fuck me.”

“Okay, that’s enough,” I grunted.

“If you want, I’ll tie you up again. Ooooor, this time, I’ll let you tie me up.”

The guys burst into laughter, and I saw in the mirror that my face was beet red. I did my best to ignore that comment, but I knew I’d hear about it later. I couldn’t believe she said that; I was pissed. “Girls, thanks for finding her. I’m sorry about this.”

Jess snorted in the background and muttered quietly, “Maybe she shouldn’t have been drinking with the guys if she couldn’t handle it.”

Kelsey ignored her and repeated, “Something’s wrong with her. This isn’t normal.”

“Of course this isn’t normal. She’s had way too much to drink. I don’t know why I ever thought this could have gone well.” I tugged on her arms, pulling her with me. I felt like I was a parent scolding a child for making a poor decision.

“Stop. Stop. For a second,” Jo slurred, leaning against me. “I can’t move.” She stumbled forward in my direction. “Oooh God.”

Without a word, I rolled my eyes and wrapped my arm around her shoulder, guiding her steps and keeping her with me. I was angry that she put me into this position; that she couldn’t respect herself enough to at least not get this drunk and force me into taking care of her.

I found Max, right where I left him. He was still sitting there, drink in his hand, watching as several girls on the floor danced. The girls were watching him, dancing suggestively with each other and trying to get him to join them. “Hey. We’re leaving. Find Goose and Lovejoy, and tell them we’re going.”

“I’m not leaving,” he replied, not bothering to look away from the girls in his line of sight. He was gnawing on his straw.

“Then ask one of those girls to give you a ride home, because I’m outta here,” I grumbled shifting my weight and grabbing a hold of Jo under her arms. This was uncomfortable, but her hand creeping down the back of my pants was making it worse. “So are you coming, or what?”

“All right, all right,” he groaned, looking up. “Wait. What’s going on? Is she okay?”

TK, Kelsey, Staalsy, Heather, and Jessica caught up with us again, and the other guys wandered over, too. They easily assessed the situation, noting how Jo’s body posture was slumped and her head hung low, resting against me. They also saw how irritated I was, so they figured out the riding arrangements. Despite his protests, TK followed Kelsey’s lead and followed me out the door. Her idea was for them to ride with us back to my apartment and then take a taxi home. She was worried and wanted to make sure Jo got home all right.

We strolled out into the cold air, and I felt Jo’s body shiver beside me. When we got back to my car, I found a hoodie in the trunk and tossed it at her. “Here. You can put this on.”

Jo barely caught the sweatshirt against her body, as if it were impossible to move her limbs. Kelsey glared at me as she helped Jo pull the hoodie over her head. “Be a little sensitive, Kristopher. She’s sick.”

The two girls sat in the back, but Jo groaned and curled up on her side, her head in Kelsey’s lap. “Oh God,” she groaned again.

“Jo, if you feel too bad, you let me know, okay?” she cooed in the back, playing nurse. “We’ll pull over and wait ‘til you’re better again.”

“Ugh, please do not vomit in my car,” I begged. I started the car and then opened the glovebox, pulling out an empty shopping bag. I handed it to Kelsey in the backseat. “Here. Use this.”

She snatched the bag out of my hand. “Don’t be a prick. Your girlfriend’s sick. At least act like you care.”

“Like I care? How about, if she cared, she wouldn’t have made herself sick. No, she's not sick—she's completely out of it! She shouldn’t have tried to one-up the guys.” I turned to TK. “I can’t believe you and Staal and Talbot made her do all those shots.”

“Hey. We didn’t make her do anything. It was her decision.”

We all rode in silence on the way as I drove back to my apartment. “Aren’t we taking her home?” TK asked.

“I can’t take her back there. Not like this. She’s practically passed out,” I explained. The only reason I knew she wasn’t out was the moans she’d randomly let out.

“Geez. Don’t act all high and mighty and then deign to take care of her.”

I parked and shut off the engine. “I’ll do it, even though I don’t want to. Because I do care, and that’s why this isn’t fair to me. Do you guys just wanna spend the night? I have a sleeper sofa,” I offered. “I’m sorry. I’d drive you both home if I could.”

They looked at each other and then shrugged. Kelsey spoke up, brushing her hair behind her shoulder. “I don’t mind. I’d like to make sure she’s okay.”

He added, “I don’t have to play tomorrow. Doesn’t make a difference to me.”

TK helped me pull her out of the backseat. She visibly gathered all her energy to ask, “Where....?”

“My place,” I sighed. “Let’s get you to bed.” Her body was completely limp as I helped her up the stairs and into my apartment. By the time I put her in my bed, she was completely passed out. I dressed her in a pair of my sweatpants, dressing her like a child, and then I tucked her in underneath the covers before helping my friends settle in for the night.

It was almost two by the time I crawled into my own bed. I lay on my back with my hands behind my head. It wasn’t a comfortable position that I wanted to sleep in, but I couldn’t get comfortable next to the girl passed out in my bed.


  1. omg this was awesome...for some reason even thou she ruined the night i think this situation is going to bring them closer 2gether..just my prediction

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