Sunday, February 7, 2010

34.) Death Warmed Over

I woke up, at first feeling fine. But once I tried to open my eyes and move my body, I suddenly felt like I’d been hit by a mack truck and flattened into a pancake like roadkill. Except that I was wishing I were dead.

Never... ever... in my fucking life... have I felt like this before.

All I wanted to do was curl up in the fetal position, but I still didn’t think I could move. I felt fuzzy. It wasn’t the good kind of hazy that I felt after smoking. This was bad, a very bad feeling. And never again did I want to feel like this.

I tried to stay as still as possible. I wasn’t sure if this was my bed or what time it was, and I wasn’t even sure if I was okay. There wasn’t anything I could do, except to try to fall back asleep.

The sound of a door clicking open echoed through the quiet room. I wanted to look up to see who it was, but I couldn’t. The bed dipped beside me, and my body started to roll in that direction. I groaned.

The person chuckled, and I recognized the soft French accent. “Lo and behold, it lives.”

“Not funny,” I muttered. It even hurt to speak.

He brushed the hair off my forehead, so I could see him when I opened my eyes. There was concern on his face, as well as a little sadness and disappointment; his caress, though, was gentle and caring. “You shouldn’t’ve drunk so much, Jo. You did this to yourself.”

“I didn’t even think I had that much. Kris, I’ve never been this hung over before. I feel like shit. I feel worse than shit.”

“Yeah. You’ve been out for almost fourteen hours now. I couldn’t even wake you up.”

“Fourteen hours?! Oh, holy shit. I can’t ever remember being out that long. I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened.”

“I know what happened—you drank too much.”

“But I didn’t, Kris. I swear I didn’t.”

He sighed, obviously feeling resigned. “Well, it’s over now. We can’t go back and change it. Can you sit up?” He helped me lean forward. I sat up reluctantly and slowly, feeling the room spin around me. Then Kris handed me two white pills and a glass of water. “Here, take these.”

I didn’t want to move, and I certainly didn’t want to try taking any pills, but I knew that they would be good for me so I popped them in my mouth with one swift motion. Tipping the glass to my mouth, I drank a little and ingested the pain killers; however, something immediately didn’t feel right.

Kris must have been able to tell from the look on my face—he snatched back the glass and thrust a trash can under my face as my body heaved and threw up the pills and liquid, leaving me feeling even worse than before. Which I didn’t think was possible.

“I’m sorry,” I moaned, tears brimming underneath my eyelids. I was miserable: in pain and achy; feeling sick, confused, and fuzzy; and now I felt bad for making Kris miserable, too. I knew he couldn’t be happy with me for getting like this—and I had never intended to get this wasted. Honestly, I couldn’t remember how it happened. From what I remembered, I didn’t drink nearly enough to get so drunk. After all, I’m not a lightweight. I’ve imbibed much more on many, many occasions; I was conditioned to handle my alcohol. “I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

His hand slid underneath the sweatshirt and tank top I was wearing, rubbing my back in his usual manner of comforting me, as I curled up in his lap and rested my head against his muscular thigh. It wasn’t really comfortable, but I didn’t want to move again. “Shh.... Calm down. You’re going to make yourself feel worse if you’re all worked up.”

“But aren’t you mad?”

His hand kept moving absentmindedly as he spoke. “Am I mad? Not anymore. What happened is in the past. But I was really mad last night. I had to practically carry you out of the girl’s room after you said some really embarrassing things. You couldn’t even walk. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t wish you weren’t sick right now. But...” he sighed, rubbing his thumb against his forehead, “I can’t change what happened. And yelling and being mad isn’t going to help you. So let’s just move on, and hope this doesn’t happen again.”

“Wait, what did I say?”

“Don’t you remember?” I shook my head, but before I could elaborate, there was a knock on the door. “That’s probably the girls. They wanted to check on you. I’ll be right back.”

I watched as Kris left the room. I crossed my legs and placed my elbows on my knees, and then buried my head in my hands. What did I do last night? I remembered going to the bathroom, feeling sick, but now that I reflected on last night, I couldn’t remember even reaching the bathroom.

It was scary; I hadn’t gotten black-out drunk in a long time—and even when I did, I had never done that out in public. I had only drunk that much in my own home, usually with Tubby around. The last time that had happened was over the summer, and I had sworn to Tubs that I would never do that again. He had almost called me an ambulance to get my stomach pumped, until I puked all over the bathroom and told him I thought I was dying. The worry in his eyes the next morning had been enough to make me never want to do that again. Not to mention the ensuing hangover.

In my head, I counted my pregame drinks, those shots with the boys, the mixed drink—that I had only taken a sip from before Kris took it away—and then the drink that guy bought me when I took a break from dancing with the girls. It seemed like a lot, but it wasn’t more than normal, or more than I could handle.

Kris led Kelsey and Heather into the room. The two girls smiled meekly at me, until I broke the silence. “Hi.”

“Hey, Jo,” Kelsey greeted. “How are you feeling?”

“Like death warmed over. Whatever I did last night, or said, I’m sorry.”

I expected a chuckle or some humorous response. Heather asked softly, “So, you don’t remember last night?”

I shrugged. “Not a lot. I mean, I remember dancing. But that’s pretty much it.”

They looked at each other for a second, and then Kelsey dug out a bunch of papers from her purse. “Listen, there’s no easy way to say this. But we think you were drugged.”

He accepted the papers and looked at them, asking, “Drugged?”

“What?” I glanced at the print out as Kris sat beside me again and read the header. “Roofies? You think someone spiked my drink?”

Once again, they looked at each other before Heather spoke. “We’ve been around guys that drink and party hard. And we’ve never seen anyone get so sick, so fast. You were fine when you went to the bar, you came back and then said you were sick.... And then when we found you in the bathroom, you were really sick.”

Kelsey added, “By the time we got you back here, you were unconscious. I’ve never seen anyone decline so quickly in the span of fifteen minutes.”

I nodded, trying to take it in. I guess it made sense, but I couldn’t accept it. That would explain how I got so fucked up and why I felt so bad now, but I didn’t know how that could have happened. I changed the direction of my head and shook it, rejecting that theory. “No. Not possible.”

“How?” Kris asked.

Heather further explained, “It had to have been slipped in your drink when you went to the bar.”

“I watched the bartender pour it, right in front of me. There were people all around me. I was talking to the dude next to me, and his friend was there, on my other side....” They nodded and then it hit me. That had to have been when it happened. When I turned to thank him for buying my drink, his friend behind me must have done it. It’s the only way I could explain it.

I felt sick to my stomach again. Shit like this wasn’t supposed to happen. And it sure as hell wasn’t supposed to happen to me. I crossed my arms in front of me and huddled over, shocked and a little stunned. Kris put his arms around me and pulled me onto his lap and against his chest, holding me as I cried. I felt attacked and victimized, hurt and scared.

“So what do we do?” Kris asked as he stroked my hair, which must have looked like a greasy rat’s nest. His fingers got tangled in it.

Heather shrugged. “We called the club and told them that someone was spiking drinks, so they can warn the girls and be on a look out. But it’s probably out of Jo’s system by now, so a drug test won’t prove anything.”

“Unfortunately, I’m not sure what else we can do. Except be thankful that the situation isn’t any worse than what it is. I’m not sure that that’s any consolation, because I still can’t believe this happened. You think you’re safe, when you go out with a bunch of friends....” Kelsey said, her voice dropping off at the end.

I could practically feel his anger radiate from his body. “So we do nothing? Shouldn’t we call the cops?”

“We could. But without a drug test, they might not be able to do anything.”

“I can’t believe whatever punk did this is just going to get away with it,” Kris growled, tightening his grip protectively around me. “I can’t believe someone would actually do this.”

“And here you thought I was just drunk,” I laughed bitterly, pulling away from him slightly. “Turns out, I was drugged.”

Kris let go of me. He didn’t say another word as he moved from underneath me, pushed off the bed, and left the room.

I was trying to absorb all the information. When the girls had suggested I’d been slipped a roofie, I had felt two things: first, I felt hurt and upset that I had been targeted to be drugged; and second, I felt justified, because I knew I hadn’t drunk enough to black out and get so wasted. But there was no satisfaction in that latter emotion, because I hated to think that I had to prove it to Kris this way. It sucked.

So not only was I confronted with one of a woman’s worst nightmares—potentially getting attacked—but now my boyfriend was mad at me because of it. I was a victim, but I was none too proud of that fact; I never in a million years thought that this would happen to me. Maybe it was because I had that attitude that it did happen, because I wasn’t expecting it or ever entertained the notion enough to pay attention.

“Was it something I said?” I quipped, feeling upset.

Kelsey and Heather exchanged glances; just like Jordan and Tyler were practically joined at the hip, I got the impression that these girls were the best of friends. They knew what the other was thinking, and Heather followed Kris as Kelsey joined me on the bed. “He’s just angry, Jo. Give him a second to cool off.”

“Mad at me? What did I do? I’m the one who should be angry.”

She shook her head and placed her hand over mine, trying to be gentle and reassuring. “I think he’s just mad at the situation. Did you see how upset he got just now?”

“Yeah, but he told me he was angry at me last night because I got wasted. He was so quick to blame me for drinking too much. If you guys had thought about roofies, why didn’t he? Why did he want to blame me? Kelsey, it’s like he always wants to see the worst in me.”

“No, I don’t think that’s what’s going on. He really likes you, Jo. You should have seen the way he was talking about you yesterday. He wanted us all to be friends and get along last night, and he wouldn’t make such a big deal about it if he didn’t want you to be a lasting part of his life. Guys don’t just introduce girls to their friends otherwise. He’s just as upset about this as you are, and he feels helpless.”

He feels helpless? What about me? I don’t need him to get angry, at me or that guy or the situation. He can’t control every detail, no matter how hard he tries.”

“He’s a hockey player. They train and train, but sometimes, the game all comes down to a lucky bounce. They’re in complete control of their bodies, but they can’t always control that damn puck. They think if they play hard enough, they can dominate the game and make things happen. Some players can shake off the bad bounces better than others. This would definitely be considered a bad bounce, and well, Kris is kind of a brooder.”

I nodded, knowing Kelsey was right. But James, as an athlete, was different. He had a short memory, but Kris definitely did not. I could only imagine how Luc’s death had reinforced this attitude about controlling your destiny through wise, calculated decision-making. “That may work for playing on the ice, but that doesn’t work for life.”

Kelsey shrugged and squeezed my hand, not having an answer to that statement.


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