Wednesday, February 10, 2010

37.) My Way

Soundtrack Song - Alicia Keys f. John Mayer, Lesson Learned

I couldn't take my clothes off fast enough. Once Jo made her proposition crystal clear, mountains couldn't stop me from joining her in the shower. I ripped the curtain back and stepped carefully onto the ceramic, making sure not to slip. My eyes scanned her wet body, starting at her feet and moving upward so I could fully take in the sight of her. The curve of her hips. Her hockey stick tattoo. Rivulets of water snaking down her shoulders and dripping from her pert breasts. Her teeth biting down on her bottom lip as she watched me stand beside her under the jet of hot water.

Jo giggled, placing her hands on my chest. She teased, “Geez, Kristopher. What took you so long?”

With a smile of my own, I looked down at her and recognized the glint in her eyes that had vanished earlier in the afternoon. At this moment, everything was right with the world. Jo had that spark back, that vivacious spirit that drew me to her and captivated me, that glow and aura that had the ability to light up a room. I decided to take it upon myself to always ensure that this fire would be there, always burning. “Sorry.”

“No, Kris. I'm sorry,” she replied. I looked at her quizzically, not sure what she was apologizing for. With less volume, she clarified, “For last night. For what I put you through. I don’t want to hurt you, ever. I don't want to be the one to ever cause you pain.”

“It's okay,” I reassured her, placing my hands over hers and squeezing them. “It wasn't your fault. Last night is over and done with. We talked about it, we’ve learned from it, and now we move forward.”

I kissed her soft, plump lips gently, ending our discussion. As far as I was concerned, there was nothing left to discuss. The situation had been resolved. The weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders when I had shared my burden with Jo. No longer did I have to play the role of Atlas. I thought that I had to carry that burden and be strong, but when I confessed my fears to her, I realized that I didn’t have to. That wasn’t what she needed from me; Jo didn’t require a shield or a support. She did, however, deserve my honesty and devotion—which is what I gave her.

And then, she saw the situation through my eyes and agreed to take better care of herself to ease my mind. It was like the burden had been erased and consequently replaced with sheer elation. I had expected Jo to pull away from me, literally and metaphorically, when I expressed my concerns, so it was relieving when she didn’t. After all, Jo never takes anything lying down, including suggestions that could be misconstrued as criticism, so I thought she'd full-on freak out and blow up at me. I hoped this meant that we now had reached a better understanding of each other, and more so and more importantly, that we could forget about that stupid, crazy night and move on.

She leaned into me and opened her mouth, unlike how passive she had been during the kiss we had shared in bed. I quickly pushed my tongue past her lips, and Jo half-sighed, half-moaned as she moved her hands out of mine and wrapped her arms around me. Her fingers dug into my skin, and I grasped onto her shoulders as I moved my mouth hungrily over hers. I wanted her so badly—I needed to be as physically close to her as possible, to mirror how close I felt to her mentally and emotionally.

I pulled her body fully against mine, feeling the swell of her breasts press against my chest. Keeping my hands at her shoulders, I prevented myself from moving too fast. I wanted to take my time and drive her wild, show her and make her feel how much I appreciated the change she was effecting in herself for me. This change was going to be a good one—and I didn't think that it was just for me. It was for her benefit, too. But still, I had asked and been the catalyst, so I figured I should show my deep thanks.

It wasn’t long before her hands roamed up and down my back and then tried to reach down my front. I didn’t pull back to give her the space to do so, so she held my face and pulled her head back. “Kris. Please.”

“'Please’ what?” I asked, ducking my head and kissing her neck. My hands slid down her arms; once they reached her wrists, I transitioned and grabbed her hips. “Didn’t you say something about giving you a hand?”

“Ugh, yes. Use your hands. Put them somewhere useful. Please.”

I chuckled and let go of her hips so I could turn around and shut off the spray of water. Pulling back the curtain, I snatched the towel from its strange place over the mirror and faced Jo again. I pressed the soft cotton against her skin, kneading her supple flesh through the towel. No body part was left untouched as I dried her, head to toe—although, not necessarily in that order. She watched my every move very carefully, alternating between biting the inside of her cheek and gnawing on her lip as I worked my way up her stomach. An occasional sigh would pass her lips when I caressed a particularly sensitive patch of skin with the cloth. I avoided any skin-on-skin contact, reminding myself to bide my time and make it worth her while.

When I finished, I quickly swiped the towel through my hair and over my chest before I wrapped it around my waist. “Not fair,” she groaned, reaching for me. “What about you?”

“We'll get there.” I took her hands in mine before she could touch me, and then I pulled her behind me, leading her through my apartment and back into my bedroom. The bed was freshly made; I had tidied up while she was showering because I wanted to occupy myself.

She chuckled. “I’ve spent all day in this room. If you make me lie down, I might get bed sores.”

“Don’t worry,” I promised, sitting down and pulling her on top of me, “you won’t be in the same position for long.”

Jo laughed again, adjusting herself so she was straddling my lap. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and sucked my earlobe into her mouth, tracing the shape of it with her tongue and nibbling gently. I lightly dragged my fingertips down her spine, making her shiver.

Leaning into me, she pushed me down against the bed. She brought her lips to mine again and took control. The plush terrycloth served as a barrier between our naked bodies, and she used the friction it provided to her—and my—advantage by pressing the vee between her legs against my pelvis. Involuntarily, I growled as I tangled my fingers in her damp hair and kissed her more intensely. Jo was making this incredibly difficult to take it slow and give her the kind of attention I wanted to give.

Moving my hands slowly along her sides, hips, and legs (not in an attempt to influence or impede her movements, but for my own pleasure), I felt her soft skin and warm body. That only served to spur her on and increase the pace and pressure. I had to grab her waist and roll on top of her, effectively pinning her down onto the bed, to get her to stop.

“Kris, come on,” she begged, reaching to pull the towel away from in between us. However, it was sandwiched between our bodies, making it impossible to remove. “You wanted to, like, half an hour ago. Stop torturing me. You’re killing me.”

“You’re exaggerating,” I said in her ear, pressing down and grinding my pelvic bone against her crotch through the towel. It was driving her wild, and seeing how crazy it made her was enough to take the edge off what I was feeling.

Jo closed her eyes and arched her back, moving her hips in time with mine. “I swear to God, I’m gonna come before you’re even inside me,” she moaned, clutching the comforter underneath her.

That made me smirk. I hadn’t even touched her most delicate, tender areas with my bare hands, and she was twisting beneath me, eyes closed and mouth open in a soundless whimper. I decided to put her out of her misery; I moved off of her to reach for the nightstand. Once I grabbed a rubber, she tore the towel off me and I slipped it on. While my hands were busy, she pushed against my chest to let me know that she wanted me to stay down on the bed.

She seemed so determined, so I let her get on top. Jo exhaled deeply as she slid down onto my hard shaft, like it made her complete. Like she finally felt whole. For a moment, she didn’t move; I was about to say something when she slightly shifted her hips. I let her bounce on top of me until her pace slowed and her stamina faltered. That’s when I grabbed onto her and thrust up into her, doing the work for her. Her head was tilted back and she was holding onto my wrists. Once she got some leverage, she leaned her torso back and let out a deep moan as my dick made firm contact with her G-spot.

With another mangled cry, she tensed and tightened around me. She was so wet and there was no resistance as I pushed into her and pulled out repeatedly, and the warmth that surrounded me was practically unbearable. I pinched my eyes shut, trying to fight against the sensations, but it was impossible. I groaned and exploded, happy to feel as her grip tightened around my arms and hear as she cried out my name.

Jo fell forward onto my chest, placing her soft lips on my sternum before she curled up against my side like a contented kitten. With my right arm around the girl beside me and holding her against me, I used my free hand to carefully remove the condom and wrap it in a tissue to dispose of it.

“Hmm, that was good,” she purred. “I guess your way isn't so bad.”

I couldn't help myself; I snickered. “My way's not so bad?”

“Mmhmm. There are worse things about you to put up with,” she teased, her eyes closed as she drew arbitrary designs on my skin as we cuddled and engaged in pillow talk.

Confused, I knit my brow together. I could tell she was teasing and trying to playfully provoke me, and I bit her line. “Worse things to put up with?”

“Yeah. Like the way you say exactly what I just said, but in question form.”

“In question form?” I replied, playing the smart ass.

Jo laughed, nestling into me and continuing our banter. “Yeah. Except it sounds so stupid in your accent.”

“Oh God, you sound just like Dupuis. I tell ya, I get no respect.”

“And that was a horrible Rodney Dangerfield impression.” She paused. “What time is it? What time do you have leave for the game?”

“Oh, did you wanna go? Are you up for that?”

She shrugged her shoulders awkwardly as she lay beside me. “Not really. But you should.”

“I don't have to go,” I told her. “I'm not playing. Can't play yet, so they don't need me there. I can watch the game just as easily on TV.”

“You should go, to support your teammates. But I need to get home. Got things I need to do.”

“Is it a good idea for you to be alone?” I touched her cheek, and she opened her eyes. They looked so golden brown.

“I'm going to be fine now. Don't worry.”

“I still don't like it. Do you want me to call Tubby for you? I think you should have someone with you.”

She grunted softly to express her compliance. “Fine. I'll do it.” After a few more moments of lying there, she reluctantly pushed off the bed. My side felt cold without her. She started to dress herself in yesterday's outfit, but I insisted that she put on something more comfortable and warm and lent her another pair of sweats. Plus, she looked cute in my clothes.

I followed shortly after and put on a plain black suit for the game, figuring that I'd be sitting in the press box. When I walked into the living room, I heard her conversation on the phone. “Oh, well, if you're busy, that's okay.... No, no big deal.”

Reaching to loosen my tie, I said, “If he can't stay with you, then—”

Jo held up a finger, signaling me to stop. “No, Tubs, I don't need someone to stay with me.... That's not quite what Kris meant.... He just doesn't want me to be alone right now.... Can I explain it to you later? If—” she sighed, getting cut off. “Well, if you're saying you're coming over, then I'll tell you when I see you. Fine.” She hung up and rolled her eyes. “He's canceling his plans. He said he'll be at my house in a few minutes.”

“Does that bother you?” I asked, wondering why she sounded so irritated.

“I don't know. I feel bad that he's changing his plans to come over when it's not really an emergency.”

“He's your best friend, Jo. He just wants to make sure you're okay. There's nothing wrong with that.”

“There's something wrong with it when he shouldn't have to. He's going back to Philly in a few months. He and I can't do this forever,” she told me quietly. “I can't keep calling him when I need something, and he can't keep dropping whatever he's doing when I call.”

I grabbed my jacket and keys. “That's what friends do.” Then I shook my head, wondering why in the world it was so hard for her to let other people take care of her when they wanted to. I could understand not wanting to ask for help, but it was another thing to not accept it when it was offered.

“What?” she asked, curious as to why I was shaking my head.

“Nothing,” I told her, opening the door and following her out to my car.


  1. Three cheers for afternoon smut!!

    Hip-hip hurray! Hip-hip hurray! Hip-hip hurray!

    Ok... onward and upward (hehe... upward... sounds dirty now... /sigh)

    "I wanted her so badly—I needed to be as physically close to her as possible, to mirror how close I felt to her mentally and emotionally."
    ^^ awwww allow me to melt into gush... oh little Kris... how I love thee.

    "I avoided any skin-on-skin contact, reminding myself to bide my time and make it worth her while."
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    "before she curled up against my side like a contented kitten."
    ^^ And that's just adorable... I'm not sure what it is, but reading that makes me contented too!

    "Yeah. Like the way you say exactly what I just said, but in question form.”
    “In question form?” I replied, playing the smart ass.
    ^^ Bahahaha I love some of the fun conversations they have... like this one. It's one of the many things I love about them as a couple.

    And... dun dun dun... I wonder how Tubby will feel when he hears what happened?! EEK!
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    “Yeah, take me home, Krissy. Take me home and fuck me.”
    “Okay, that’s enough,” I grunted.
    “If you want, I’ll tie you up again. Ooooor, this time, I’ll let you tie me up.”

    I can almost hear them now.

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