Tuesday, April 13, 2010

70.) Sugar Coma

Really long note to accompany this really long update. But I wanted to say a few things. First off, I'm not going to say what's fictional and what's factual; sorry, but I don't want to distinguish between the two for the sake of the story. If you are really interested, you can e-mail me with questions. But I won't announce it. And second, to those of you who mentioned about frequency of comments, don't apologize. I don't need anyone to write a dissertation--although, if something I write gets that kind of reaction out of you, great! I just need to know that yes, people are reading this. And yes, people are enjoying it! (Feel free to tell me if you don't like, either. I like *constructive* criticism.) That is, after all, the whole reason I'm writing this: is to share it with people who will read and take a bit of pleasure out of it. Seriously, you probably have no idea how much your collective comments make me smile/motivate me, so thank you a billion times over. Each of you brighten my day when you let me know what you think. Really long update that took me the past 2 days to write, which I hope makes up for the fact that I couldn't finish it yesterday.

Soundtrack Song - Puddle of Mudd, Spaceship

I was glad for the chance to escape into the kitchen. Needless to say, I was feeling a little overwhelmed and needed a breather.

“Thank you,” I mouthed to Charlene as a hurried back into the kitchen, looking around to see what they needed me for.

“He’s a great guy. Just a bit... much. He’s a lot to get used to,” she informed me, a sparkle in her eyes. She switched conversation topics. “So?”

“So what?” I asked back innocently, knowing very well what she wanted to hear but wanting to keep that to myself. It was a personal moment, what Kris and I had shared in the backyard. Maybe Charlene had needed to give me the encouragement to tell Kris I loved him, but ultimately I had told him because, yeah, I did love him. “You said you needed my help?”

“Not really,” she laughed, shaking her head once she knew that she wasn’t going to get any juicy details from me. “I just figured you needed rescued from Big Luc.”

I thought about telling Charlene that she should be canonized; I’d just met the girl, and it was already like she could read my mind. I did need rescuing from that lovable brute of a man—it still felt like every bone in my hand was broken. I turned around and looked into the living room, where Kris and Big Luc were talking to pretty blonde girl. She looked to be about my age, and she was standing a little too close to Kris for my liking. My eyes almost bugged out my head as I watched the way she giggled and twirled her hair around a finger as her other hand reached out to touch Kris’s arm, like she was laughing so hard that she needed his support to stand.

“Oh, Eve,” Charlene sighed, following my line of sight. “Yeah, she did always have the biggest crush on Kris.”

“Ugh, great,” I groaned. “Just what I wanted to hear.”

“It’s not like you have anything to worry about, Jo. He’s crazy about you.”

“I just hate when other girls flirt with him. It feels like it happens all the time, even when I’m standing right there.”

She looked at me knowingly, having borne the brunt of my jealousy once before. “Seriously, don’t think twice about it. He doesn’t even realize that they’re doing it. He’s completely oblivious.”

“I know! I should be happy that he’s clueless and not doing it on purpose to get under my skin, but still.... Ugh,” I growled, quickly grabbing a plate and piling food on top. “I’ll be back.”

I left Charlene laughing behind me as I entered the living room and sidled up to Kris to hand him the plate. My breasts brushed his arm as I leaned toward him. “Here, babe. I know you said you were hungry, and there wasn’t much left in there.”

“Aw, thanks,” he replied, kissing me quickly on the cheek in appreciation before he began to eat.

“A woman who’ll wait on you, hand and foot? You know how to pick ’em, boy,” Big Luc laughed, and I tried to stop myself from rolling my eyes. I knew he meant well, but it certainly didn’t sound that way. “But glad you’re back, I can introduce you to my stepdaughter, Eve. She’s attending university with Charlene at University of Sherbrooke, in Moncton. Top of her class.”

I could tell that Big Luc was just playing the role of proud papa, flaunting the accomplishments of his adopted daughter. To counter, I could have talked about going to CMU to try and one-up her, but that would have been immature. So instead I snaked my left arm around Kris’s waist and held out my right hand to Eve. “I’m Jo. It’s nice to meet you.”

Eve didn’t bother holding out her hand. As her finger continued to twirl a section of her hair, she rested the other hand on her hip and nodded subtly at me. With a frown, she eked out, “Hi.”

Trying to hide my smug smile from having achieved what I had set out to do, I looked up at Kris as he took a huge bite of potato salad, some of the mayonnaise smearing at the corner of his mouth. I sighed, “I should’ve brought you napkins.” Reaching up, I wiped away the mess with my thumb, and then licked it off my thumb. I hadn’t meant to be suggestive, but Kris’s eyes widened slightly and his chewing slowed. On that note, I decided to duck out; I had done what I had set out to do, which was to get Eve to back off, and I had inadvertently commanded Kris’s attention. “I’ve gotta get back into the kitchen and help.”

Once I had my back turned and I headed for the other room again, I didn’t have to hide my smile from anyone else so I let it out. Charlene just laughed and shook her head at me, and I shrugged at her. We didn’t have to talk about what just happened.

The rest of the afternoon progressed in a similar fashion. Charlene and I stayed sequestered from the rest of the group, talking about all kinds of stuff. It was a little weird to note the differences in how she and Kris were dealing with the day: Kris spent hours talking with Luc’s friends and family while Charlene stayed in the kitchen and talked to me about anything and everything else. I think it made her feel normal, and that’s what she needed.

Meanwhile, Kris and I would occasionally lock eyes across the room, and in just that one look, we’d know instantly what was on the other’s mind—what was going to happen once we got back to the hotel. He hadn’t forgotten my promise to show him how I felt, and I hadn’t either. It was easy to ignore the way Eve was undressing Kris with her eyes, or the way she’d glare at me when she noticed he and I were staring at each other from across the house. Eve who?

To everyone else, those looks between me and Kris were innocent and flirtatious smirks, winks, and blushes, but each one raised my temperature and blood pressure a little more. The anticipation was a little distracting, and it was difficult to listen to Charlene talk about, well, whatever it was she was talking about when all I could think about was Kris, naked, kissing me, touching me, inside me, grunting, filling me, fucking me....

“Earth to Jo!” She nudged me and snapped me back into reality. “Geez, woman, you all right?”

“Uh, yeah. You were saying?”

“Obviously me talking about my classes is boring you half to death. Medicine isn’t exactly thrilling.”

I tried to get back in the moment and find something in the subject matter with which to relate to her. “No, it’s fine. A friend of mine is pre-med, back in Pittsburgh. Well, not really my friend. My....” My voice faded out as I thought of what to call Dave. My paramedic? My rescuer? “Uh, well, he was the guy who....” I cleared my throat. “I’m guessing Kris told you about my accident?” She nodded, looking down at the floor. “Dave, one of the EMTs, he’s pre-med at my university.”

I felt like a royal dumbass for bringing that up today, worst of all to Luc’s girlfriend. How irresponsible and insensitive of me. I tried to backtrack, “So, yeah, uh, it’s not boring to me at all.”

“Jo—” she started.

“I’m sorry,” I blurted out, interrupting her. “I shouldn’t have said that. That was so fucking stupid of me.”

“It’s okay, just... promise you’ll be careful. Suz and I, we begged Luc not to do it. And it worked the summer before. He listened to us and didn’t buy a bike even though he really wanted to. But that summer, that time, he wouldn’t heed our words of caution. He said he didn’t wanna live in fear and not do the things that he wanted to do—”

“Seriously, Charlene, you don’t have to—”

“Just listen, Jo. You probably think this is a bitchy thing for me to do since I don’t really know you, but I’m saying it anyway, and you can take it for what it’s worth. I understand why you wanna do it because Luc was the exact same way, but the next time you... ride,” she advised, struggling to say the words, “just think about the people around you who love you. Think about Kris. And think about this,” she said, gesturing to the sad gathering people in this house, all of whom were celebrating the birthday of someone not around to celebrate it himself.

I hugged her fiercely, kicking myself internally for opening my big fucking mouth and upsetting her. We had been having a good time, and she was happy not having to be so sad today. And look at what I did to ruin it. Usually, I got offended when people tried to preach to me, but my heart cried for Charlene and her loss. “It’s okay, Charlene. I’m sorry. But I’m careful, I’m always careful.”

“So was Luc,” she whispered, and I tightened my grip on her as I felt her tears seep through my shirt.

She would have gone on longer, but we were interrupted. “Everyone’s starting to leave, Jo, so whadya say we get outta here?” Kris asked, walking into the kitchen without really paying attention to what was going on. We both looked up at him sadly, and he immediately recognized the way I was trying to console her. “Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll leave you guys alone.”

“No, it’s okay,” Charlene quietly sniffed, pulling away from me. “I’m gonna go find Suz.”

“I’m sorry, Charlene,” I whispered one more time, hoping that this time, it would make a difference.

“Just, please, remember what I said. I wanna be able to visit you in Pittsburgh sometime.”

“Yeah, sure, that sounds great. You should come down sometime, you’d have a blast with us,” Kris said, not really understanding what Charlene was saying—that I needed to be careful and stay safe, so she’d be able to visit me.

“All right, well, take care of yourselves, guys. When are you driving back to Montreal?”

“Tomorrow,” Kris replied, hugging Charlene and kissing her cheek. I embraced her, too, before he continued, “We didn’t know what we were going to do today, so I figured it would be better to just spend another night here so we weren’t doing all that driving in the dark.”

“Smart man. Okay, well, keep in touch. Bye, Kris, Jo.”

We said our goodbyes to everyone else, too: Suzanne, Big Luc, and even Eve before we waved to the entire room and slipped out into the evening. It wasn’t even that late yet, but it was dark. Kris unlocked and opened the passenger side door for me and then quickly got behind the wheel. Before he began driving, he grabbed me and leaned toward me to plant a hot kiss on my lips. “I’ve been waiting all afternoon for that,” he groaned. “It’s a good thing this is a small town and our hotel is only a few minutes from here.”

Everything that had happened in the kitchen with Charlene melted away into the past and I felt my body begin to react and heat up, instantly remembering all the sultry glances we shared all afternoon and the promise of hot sex all night. I immediately was compelled to take action. “That gives me just enough to time to decide how I want to show you how I feel.” I played with his hair as he put the truck into drive and used my most seductive voice. “What do you think? Should I make love to you slowly, all night long? Or maybe you’re feeling a little impatient, so you want hard and fast tonight. Hmm?”

I watched as he bit his lip, and that prompted me to continue. He was squirming a little; although he was never much of a talker, which was a little frustrating sometimes, I knew that he liked when I spoke like this to him. “Do you want me on top of you tonight, Kris? Pleasing you? I could tie you up so you can’t move. And then you’re at my mercy.” I watched his Adam’s apple rise and fall as he swallowed. I leaned in closer to his ear, avoiding touching him and just using my words to affect him. “Or maybe you wanna do something else? We could always play the Reddi-wip Game. What do you think of that?”

His knuckles whitened as he gripped the wheel and fidgeted in his seat, and that response was my answer. I chuckled, watching the way my breath blew through his hair since my mouth was so close to him. He shivered. “Hmm, I think that’s what you wanna do. Better stop at the store, Kris.”

“Oh fuck,” he grunted, frustrated with the slight detour and hitch in our romantic plans—but this would more than make up for that. All he wanted to do was get back to the hotel and follow through on our plans. He flicked on the turn signal and headed down another street. It’s a good thing this was a small town and we reached the store quickly. It wasn’t a big store, and I hoped it would have what we needed for our night of fun.

“You’re coming in, right?” I asked as he pulled into a parking spot and pulled the keys out of the ignition. “If you wanna play the game, Kristopher, you have to come in.”

Kris groaned but unfastened his seatbelt and slid out of the truck—after he grabbed a Habs baseball cap and pulled it low down over his face. He was embarrassed, and I kind of enjoyed watching the way he squirmed and tried to hide his flaming face under the brim of his hat. Besides, he was going to enjoy this tonight—I’d make sure of that. This was all light-hearted fun, and it felt good to let go of the heavier stuff that happened earlier in the day and focus on all the possibilities for hours of entertainment this evening.

He followed a few paces behind me as I made my way to the big coolers. At first, I was worried that they wouldn’t have any, because it wasn’t a very big store, but lo and behold, they had regular and chocolate Reddi-wip.

“Ooh, Kris, look!” I cried, picking up one of each. “Which do you want?”

“I don’t care,” he mumbled, anxious to get out of there. “It doesn’t matter.”

“It does matter, if you’re going to be eating some of it. So which would you rather have?” I pressed, watching him shift his weight from one leg to another.

“It... I mean, we.... Ugh, Jo, just pick one so we get back to the hotel and use it.”

I snorted with laughter, and he rolled his eyes and huffed at me. As much as Kris wanted to get to the action portion of our night, he still couldn’t even talk about it. Kris grabbed the can of original out of my hand, making the decision for me. I placed the other can back in the freezer and followed him toward the check out.

“Wait, I just thought of something,” I said. “Do we need any more cond—”

“We have some,” he cut me off, not even letting me say the whole word.

“But how many? Do we need more?”

His face reddened again, which was still endearing although this time a little more confusing. It’s not like Kris had never bought condoms before, because we always—and I mean always—used a condom. It must have been the implication that we were going to use a lot before the night was through.

He took his hand in mine and led me back to the prophylactic section. With all the brightly colored boxes promising all sorts of secret pleasures, I wasn’t sure what to grab. “Just, pick one,” he huffed, impatient to get back to the hotel. “They’re all the same.”

“No, they’re not. Look: her pleasure, twisted, ooh, warming sensations... and look, a vibrating ring,” I said, picking up one small box. “Whadya think?”

He looked a little terrified, I think, but he hid it well. Of course I could tell that this was definitely out of his comfort zone. Right now, however, he’d agree to anything if it meant we could leave the store. “Fine.” Kris grabbed it from me and squeezed my hand to prompt me into leaving. “Let’s go.”

“That only comes with one, and we’re going to need more than that,” I scolded, grabbed that small, red box back from him and hanging it back up on the peg. “Here, let’s try something a little different.” I picked up a gray box. “Ultra thin. That should be good, right?”

“But what if, I mean, it could be too thin. It could rip, or—”

“Do you think your manly sperm would break the ultra-thin condom?” I asked him, biting my lip to keep from giggling. Instead of arguing, I shrugged and put the box back in its place. He was just being cautious, and I guess I couldn’t fault him for that. Better than not caring. Then I selected a yellow box, thinking that it wouldn’t be something too intimidating. “Ribbed?”

He nodded. “Okay. So, are you finished?”

“Are you kidding? This is only the beginning,” I promised him, pushing up onto my toes to lightly brush my lips with his. “Let’s pay and get outta here so we can get a start on our night. I have a lot of love to show you.”

We started down the aisle and toward the registers, but Kris paused for a second. “Do you, uh, think we should buy something else, too? This is kinda, um, obvious, what we’re planning to do with these....”

“Does it matter? She’s not gonna care,” I told him, thumbing at the bored cashier.

“I don’t know,” he hesitated.

“Fine. Give it to me,” I told him, gesturing to the can in his hand, “and I’ll go pay. Why don’t you go stand by the door or something.”

Kris looked utterly relieved. I knew that once we were back at the hotel, behind closed doors, these inhibitions would somewhat fade away. He wasn’t shy about having sex with me, and he was definitely very good at it. He was just incredibly introverted when it came to anything other than actually doing it. That was the whole point of the Reddi-wip game, anyway.

I set my items up on the counter and dug my wallet out of my purse. She said something to me that sounded like it could be a total, but I couldn’t understand her mish-mash of English and French. I opened my wallet as she bagged my things and was confronted by the faces of American presidents. Shit. I didn’t have any Canadian money on me. I didn’t think my debit card would work. I couldn’t pay.

“Babe,” I called out, not using his name on purpose. If he happened to get recognized—which would very well happen in Luc’s hometown—while he was with a girl who was buying whipped cream and condoms, he’d be absolutely mortified. However, I didn’t have a choice. “I don’t have cash on me.”

He emitted another deep growl from the back of his throat and reached for his wallet in his back pocket, frustrated and impatient, and pulled out a twenty. He strode over with his head hanging low and slid the bill to the cashier, grabbed the bag with one hand, and then took my hand with the other. My laughter echoed throughout the practically empty store as he dragged me behind him out the door and out to the truck. The cashier hollered after us, I’m sure something about getting our change, but Kris didn’t care; he just wanted to leave.

“The things you make me do,” he sighed, pinning me up against the side of the truck and kissing me as he fumbled with the door. As much as he was feeling uncomfortable over our little shopping expedition, he was so turned on by it, too. His words were gruff, but his attitude was playfully demanding. God, it was so hot to see him want this so bad. He was typically calm and patient and loving—now he was really fired up. “Now get the fuck in this truck so we can get to the hotel,” he teased, his breath hot on my neck.

Kris never went over the speed limit as he drove back to the hotel, but his hands gripped the wheel tightly as he tried to mentally will the drive to go faster. I felt like I was going to burst, with all the anticipation from this afternoon and evening working up my mind and body into a frenzy, plus the way he was acting. Oh God, tonight was going to be so good.

When we finally made it to our room, Kris held the door open for me to enter first. As he locked it behind us, I set the bag down on the table and took off my jacket. I started for the bathroom, wanting to freshen up before we started. “Just let me—”

“Oh no,” he growled, the feral tone that had taken over his voice giving me goose bumps. He wrapped his arms tightly around my waist and pulled my body back against his. “No more waiting.” Kris kissed my neck, attacking it gently with his lips and teeth. I groaned and arched into him, reaching behind me to try and touch him.

“We need to take our clothes off to play,” I told him, letting him know what he needed to do if he wanted to speed this up.

Kris let go and started to disrobe quickly. As his jacket and shirt were thrown to the ground, I grabbed a scrunchie and pulled my hair away from my face—a necessity for our messy game. Then I followed suit and stripped down to my skivvies.

“Who goes first?” he asked me, his eyebrows raised to the middle of his forehead.

“You can,” I sighed magnanimously. “You wouldn’t make it if you had to wait.” He was like Randy in A Christmas Story, so impatient. This game really was for him, more than it was for me, anyway. Kris didn’t do well with talking about sexual things; he was a doer in that case, not a talker. He didn’t talk dirty. He barely even said encouraging things when we were rolling around, except for my name and some groans. That was just the person he was, not any fault on his part.

And let’s get this straight: I’m not complaining. Kris is absolutely amazing in bed. He knows just how to touch me and where to get me hot. Every time we’ve had sex, I’ve had at least one incredible orgasm, because he always makes sure to give me what I want. He’s great with his hands, and he should probably win an award for the things he can do with his tongue. He likes to have sex; he just doesn’t like to talk about it, and he’s a little hesitant to try new, different things—even though he ends up liking them.

Which was what led me to give him a can of Reddi-wip that one day, with the instructions to spray some on himself wherever he wanted me to kiss him. That way, it was like he was telling me what he wanted without having to vocally and explicitly ask for it: a baby step in the right direction to get him to open up and communicate sexually with me. And he really seemed to enjoy it. In fact, he loved it, even though he never seemed to take as much advantage with the control he had than I did, and pretty much went straight to the sensitive areas. He wasn’t very creative with it, but it did show me that Kris had a little bit of freak in him—even if he was still wary of it.

And I enjoyed the game, too, of course, when he reciprocated for me. It was all about the anticipation of knowing that his mouth was going to go where I indicated, and then the build-up as his mouth moved everywhere I wanted it to go. It was being in complete control of his mouth as it worked over my body. Thinking about it was enough to get me soaking wet.

He ripped the cap off the can and shook it before he sprayed some in his mouth and kissed me. Digging my fingers into his shoulders, I flicked my tongue between his parted lips and swept out some of the whipped cream. It turned into a sloppy, wet, sticky kiss, until Kris directed my attention elsewhere by spraying more of the can’s contents down his bare chest to his stomach.

My tongue danced around his flesh, loving the opportunity I had to worship his perfect, muscular, tanned body. I had to try to not use my hands, too. That was part of the game; you could only use your mouth. I sucked his hard flesh into my mouth as I licked off the soft, white residue, listening to his hisses and grunts as indications that I was doing a good job.

After I finished with his abs, Kris stepped hastily out of his boxers and sat on the edge of the chair. He was already fully hard as he applied a thick, white line down the length of his dick for me to work on next. I knelt before him and tried to tease him as much as I could, considering my task at hand was laid out for me. I ran my tongue along his cock, lapping up the melting, messy whipped cream without taking him in my mouth.

Kris groaned and did it again, spraying more around his package and encouraging me to suck him off. Once again, I began to merely lick off the white stuff. “Come on, Jo,” he groaned, bucking his hips off the seat and clutching the arms of the chair. He wasn’t going to outright order me to do it. “You know what I want.”

“Do I?” I taunted him, looking up at his almost pained expression. When his fingers dug into the tacky fabric of the chair so roughly that I thought he might break it, I finally relented and clamped my lips around the head of his dick.

“Yes,” he hissed, letting me know that he liked it.

To tease him, I stopped and asked, “Is that what you wanted?”

“Yeah.” In that one word, I could hear his plea for me to continue and please him.

Instead of torturing him any longer, I took the tip of his erection in my mouth and slowly worked my way down to the base of his cock, swallowing all the whipped cream and licking the stickiness off. Then I bobbed my head, up and down, and increased my speed for just a few minutes.

“I’m gonna.... Oh, God, Jo, I’m gonna come,” he breathed, one hand reaching down to cradle the back of my head. I knew that he wanted me to stop, that he didn’t want to peak just yet, but I knew we had all night; by the time he would finish my turn of the game, he’d be ready for another round.

Without taking him out of my mouth, I hummed, “Mmhmm,” wordlessly telling him to come for me as I continued with no plans of stopping this time.

“Gah,” he groaned, holding onto me as he shot his load deep at the back of my throat, and I did my best to swallow it as he came in my mouth. When he was finished, he let go and pulled me up off my knees and into his lap. “I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to give you your turn, first.”

“It’s okay, it takes you, like, five seconds to get hard again for me,” I purred in his ear, being as reassuring as possible. I ran my finger lightly by his pelvis by his left hip, not wanting to get too close to his package yet. “Besides, I can think of a few things you can do to occupy yourself in the meantime.”

That spurred him into action, ready to repay the favor. He pressed the practically full can of Reddi-wip into my hand before he picked me up and carried me to the bed, which was only about three feet away from us. Once he laid me down, Kris reached around me and unclasped my bra, throwing it to the side before he grabbed the sides of my panties and yanked them down my legs to completely bare myself to him. “I’m ready,” he said, licking his lips as his eyes raked over my body and he imagined all the places I was about to make him explore.

I followed his lead and sprayed some first into my mouth, and he kissed me hard enough that some of the whipped cream leaked out of my mouth and dribbled down my chin. Once he was finished kissing me, he lapped up the streaks of white running down my face as I shook the can a little more and then sprayed it all around my neck.

“You’re gonna put me into a sugar coma,” he snarked, but it didn’t stop him from licking, sucking, biting, and kissing until all the whipped cream was gone.

“Shoulda thought of that before you gave me the can,” I laughed, next applying a curly cue starting at one nipple, curving around my breast and snaking across my chest and coiling around the other nipple, too.

Kris didn’t answer that in favor of working his mouth over my breasts. His mouth followed the exact trail that I had created, first sucking my left nipple into his mouth and lavishing some attention on it before he continued his way marked by the white and softening Reddi-wip. This was starting to get a little messy, but it was also starting to feel really, really good. He finished with my left tit and started to wind his way to my right nipple.

He hovered above me, straddling my body as he pressed his mouth against my tender, sensitive skin. Every one of my nerve endings was on fire, and the lightest of touches and caresses were sending me into overdrive. When he finally got to my nipple, he swirled his tongue around it then flicked it. I arched my back and tried to get closer to him. Kris took the hard little nub in his mouth and sucked at it, biting down with just the right amount of pressure.

Rocking back on his knees, he looked down at my body and spotted a bit of white that he had missed between my breasts. Kris leaned back down and licked it up. Once he was confident he got it all, he waited for me to make the next move. I could tell by the way his pupils were dilated that he was ready to take this further, but half of the game was following instructions; he wasn’t allowed to touch me anywhere before I got there.

As much as I wanted to encourage his mouth to other regions of my body, it felt like I was teasing him by making him keep his attention at my chest, since I was the one in control. I sprayed a big dollop over both of my nipples, and then I closed my eyes as he leaned back down. The sounds coming out of my mouth surprised even me, as I squeaked and sighed and gasped from the intense, overwhelming pleasure his mouth was causing me.

When he finished again, I drew a line past my navel heading southward but stopped before I reached the spot between my legs. He quickly followed the path I created for him and hesitated once he licked it all up. I teased him once more, diverting his attention back upward by squirting some whipped cream into my mouth. He had to crawl up the bed to kiss me again.

His hands absentmindedly caressed the skin of my thighs as we made out again, massaging up and down both the inside and outside of my legs, which was in direct violation of the rules of our made-up game. But I didn’t bother stopping him because it felt too damn good to have his hands on me. Kris nipped at my bottom lip, holding it between his teeth as he pulled his face away from mine.

“Okay, I’m ready,” I told him finally, no longer able to put off my own pleasure in order to continue to tease him. Kris backed away from me as I shook the can again and spread my legs, but he held out his hand and stopped me, taking the can away from me. I whined, “But I’m not done yet.”

“I’ve eaten enough of that stuff,” he explained, taking his stance at the foot of the bed, kneeling into position and beginning to duck his head. His voice was deep and raspier than usual. “Besides, you taste better than Reddi-wip anyway.”

I was more turned on by at that innocent comment, I think, than anything else that happened leading up until this point. It made me moan before he even made contact with my skin. Kris raised an eyebrow, looking into my eyes as he continued to lower his face between my legs and darted his tongue out of his mouth and traced the lines of my already-slick folds. I could’ve climaxed from that sight alone, watching him taste me as his pink tongue grazed my most delicate body parts, so I closed my eyes, rested my head on the pillow, and focused solely on the sensations with which he was providing me.

The rough texture of his taste buds contrasted with my tender, smooth skin, driving me absolutely crazy. When he lapped at my clit, I tensed and reached down to run my fingers through his long, soft hair. He hooked his arms around my legs and pulled them open further to give him more room to move and perform. Once I was in an agreeable position, Kris gave his mouth a well-deserved rest as he used his right hand to open my body up to him and his left to slip a finger inside of my hot, wet, welcoming pussy.

Squeezing my muscles around his finger, I felt as he twirled and wiggled it like he was intent on touching me everywhere and hitting every spot. I adjusted my body; I’m not sure why or what I had hoped to achieve with my squirming, but I just couldn’t lie still. Whatever he was doing, I needed him to do more of it.

Kris retracted his finger fully and I whined and whimpered, feeling empty and cold. “Kris, baby, please,” I moaned, half opening my eyes to see why he stopped. That’s when I saw him push in his middle and ring fingers, which made my back shoot off the bed. “Jesus fucking Christ!” I hollered, clutching the comforter beneath me and holding on for dear life as he stretched me to my limits.

“So blasphemous,” he scolded gently, kissing the inside of my thigh as his fingers moved painstakingly slowly.

“Who fucking cares,” I panted breathlessly, planting my hands against the headboard to gain some leverage, allowing me to grind my hips in time with his hand. “Fuck me, Kris, please. I need you in me. I need to feel you inside me.”

“I am,” he teased me succinctly. For him, that was really pushing the boundaries and exhausting his knowledge of dirty talk.

“No, I need your dick in me. Your hard fucking cock. Are you hard for me, Kris? Do you want to be inside me?”

Kris nodded. Unfortunately, getting Kris’s dick inside of me meant he had to walk back across the room to get a condom. However, it was a total turn on to watch passively from the bed as he stood a few feet away from me and put on the rubber. It wasn’t a sexy move at all on his part; in fact, I could see that Kris saw it as one more hoop to jump through before we could get to our desired activity. But still, I watched, totally enthralled as his hands rolled the ring down the length of his shaft, preparing himself for me.

He caught me staring and practically salivating, and he smirked at me, hesitating. I asked, “Are you ready now? How do you wanna do this?” I bit my lip and cocked my head to the side. “Do you want me to get on top of you and ride you ’til you come again?” I lay back down and spread my legs for him. “Or do you want me like this? What do you wanna do, Kris?”

Like always, he didn’t respond and tell me what he wanted—he showed me. He moved between my legs and grabbed a firm hold of my hips and pulled my pelvis toward his. I wrapped my hand around his erection and guided it toward my opening as he held me still and lowered himself into me.

As soon as our bodies were fully joined, it felt like all was right with the world. We moved together like one entity joined in the common purpose of seeking that release. The wet, sucking sounds of skin-on-skin contact filled the room, punctuated occasionally by our voices calling out indiscernibly until I felt my climax sneak up on me and take over my body. I shuddered like I was having a fit, losing complete control of my body as I spasmed.

Kris followed me into oblivion soon after, collapsing on me as he came for the second time. He was short of breath, his eyes pinched shut as he lay over top of me. I pushed gently on his chest to get him off me and onto his back, and I removed the condom gently. Knotting it and tossing it out with a handful of tissues. I should’ve gone to the bathroom to clean up, but instead I curled up against his side.

“I love you, Kris,” I told him again, nuzzling against his neck as I felt his arm wrap around me and pull me even closer to him. “I hope I showed you.”

“I love you, too, Jo,” he whispered, kissing my temple and before quickly succumbing to slumber.


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