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89.) Trip Down Memory Lane

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When I walked into Original Joe’s and started heading toward the guys’ table, I could easily see as they looked around and behind me to see where Jo was. The two of us had been practically inseparable since she got in yesterday, so it was weird that we weren’t together now. Especially since they had seen how upset she got when she heard about our game schedule this week—it made sense for us to be spending this afternoon together.

“Where’s the girl?” Mitch asked as he turned back to the menu, upon finally figuring out Jo wasn’t here. “Don’t tell me you guys got sick of each other already?”

I laughed. “No, not sick of each other.” I wasn’t sure how much I should say, though, because if I explained that Jo was over at Bowlby’s house to talk to Samantha, then it would pique their curiosity and the questions wouldn’t stop. So I just said, “She had some things to take care of.”

“Victoria’s Secret related things, perhaps?” Guch asked, causing the table of guys to laugh and make these oohing sounds because everyone knows that when a girl buys lingerie, her boyfriend gets reap all the rewards. My face got hot. “Oh, come on, Instant Tang. Like we didn’t all see your scratch marks this morning.”

Shaking my head, I grabbed a menu and pretended to read it. I already knew what I was going to be ordering, but I was too embarrassed and uncomfortable with this conversation to encourage it.

“Well, I’m glad you didn’t bring her. You two would have probably started feeding each other off your plates and then I would puke all over the table,” Couture sighed. “There’s only so much of that I can take, and you two are definitely over my limit.”

“Sorry?” I said, even though it came out like a question. But what was I supposed to say to that? I promised Jo that I would always show her how I felt about her—and that’s all I was doing when I showered her with attention and affection. Especially since she was only going to be here for a week.

“Meh, you don’t have anything to apologize for,” Pickles interjected, setting his menu down and leaning back against his chair. “When you find a nice girl that you want to keep around, you gotta do nice things to give her a reason to stay.”

“And I love Jo,” I announced to a chorus of groans. “She is a nice girl, she’s great. I know that I can tell her anything, and she sticks with me—stands by me—through everything.”

“No need to go all ‘Lifetime movie’ on us, Letang,” he chuckled. “We get it.”

I don’t get it,” Mitch grunted. “Young guy, pro athlete, living in sunny California, and you wanna tie yourself down to one chick who you can’t even get it on with on a regular basis because she lives across the country. Pickles here can’t even make it work with Jamie and she lives here.”

“Well, Jamie’s nice and all,” Pickles explained, “but, I don’t know.... She’s... safe, I guess?”

“Which is why you keep going back to her,” Couture sighed. “You keep going back to her, you’re gonna end up with her, safe or not.”

Pickles picked up the paper from his straw and began to knot it. “She’s safe because she’s always there. And that’s it, you know, she’s bland and boring and—”

“—and she’s got tits the size of watermelons,” Mitch laughed. “So when you strike out at the club, it’s nice to have a chick like that on your speed dial.”

Pickles shook his head as he looked at me. “This clown doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It’s just, you know, I’ll always know that she’ll be there for me, but I’m not ready for that. She’s the type of girl you marry, you know? Not the type of girl that you go out and have fun with while you’re young.”

I nodded. It’s not that I understood, because I didn’t; but I knew a lot of guys who went through the same thing. They wanted to have fun and live it up, which meant dumping the sure thing they had for a couple of wild nights and wild flings. Guys like Pickles weren’t bad guys—they just didn’t want to grow old and regret “wasting his youth.”

I wanted to tell him that it wouldn’t be a waste, though. What Jo and I had wasn’t a waste; it was amazing. Nothing compared to the feeling of being able to be fully open and honest with another person, and to know that that person would listen and understand. I had shared so much with Jo: I had told her about Luc, I brought her home to meet my mother, I took her up to Shippagan with me, and then I even told her all about my father—which is something very, very people knew, because that’s the way I liked it. But the moral of the story is that Jo knew everything about me, even the bad things, and she still loved me despite of that.

And it wasn’t boring. Not at all. Jo was a breath of fresh air. She was light and fun, and always made me laugh and smile. Maybe it hadn’t always been that way, especially when we first met, but we had worked to this point in our relationship. Yeah, we were comfortable together, but that wasn’t a bad thing. We were comfortable, but Jo was spontaneous and kept me on my toes. We knew each other; we knew what the other person liked and wanted and what would make the other happy.

But I kept all that to myself. I knew these guys weren’t interested in my opinion on the matter. As much as I wanted to say something, I knew that it wouldn’t make a difference. They’d call me whipped or find another flaw in my argument about how I was a young guy who should be going out and getting as much pussy as possible. But I didn’t care about that. I never was that kind of guy in the first place.

I had learned to pick my battles, so I didn’t say anything. Instead, I let the guys talk about what they had done last night or who they had done last night while I pretty much ignored them. We ordered our meals and ate and talked about the game that night against the Panthers. When the check game, Setoguchi held out his hat and suggested that we all throw in our credit cards into the hat. He called the waitress over to pick out a card from the hat.

She was a giggly, nervous girl, and Guch teased her and flirted with her as he stood and held the hat too high for her to reach into. She tittered as she teetered on her tip-toes, and the shirt of her uniform lifted and exposed her stomach as she reached up into the hat. The guys watched as Guch tormented her, always moving the hat just out of her range. She blushed and bit her lip, not saying anything but looking up at Devin like she hoped he’d just stop.

Eventually, the gag got old and Guch lowered his arm. The waitress grabbed a card and tried to read the name. “Uh, Marc, um, Ed... Edo... is it like Edward?”

We all burst into laughter. The girl blushed again, and I felt bad for her. It must have seemed like we were laughing at her, but we weren’t; we just laughing because it was funny that Pickles’s name seemed so hard to pronounce. Must’ve been a French thing.

Going our separate ways, I let Pickles drop me off at my hotel on his way home. If I had to pick someone who was quickly becoming my best friend on the team, he would be the one. There were so many similarities between us: we were the same age—in fact, our birthdays weren’t even a full month apart; we were both French-Canadian; both defensemen; we had similar demeanors; and we were even about the same height and weight. He was a nice guy who didn’t quite fit in with the attitudes of these guys, either. He wasn’t necessarily a one-woman guy like me, but he wasn’t an outright man-whore like some of them seemed to be.

My feet were dragging as I got out of Pickles’s SUV and unlocked the door to my room. The lack of sleep and long practice were starting to catch up to me. I probably shouldn’t have had middle-of-the-night sex with Jo, but how could I not? Add that to staying on the ice to work with the power play unit, and I was in desperate need of this nap.

I kicked off my shoes and hurried out of my jeans and shirt before I literally fell onto the bed. I made sure that the alarm on my phone was set for three thirty. Even though I knew she hadn’t called or texted, I double-checked to see if Jo had contacted me. She was busy, I knew that, but I was so very curious to know what was going on and how she was doing.

Sleep overtook me quickly because I was exhausted, and I didn’t have long to reflect on the situation before I closed my eyes and succumbed to slumber. It was a deep, heavy sleep that knocked me out. Usually, I was awake before my alarm, because my body somehow knew what time it was and knew when I needed to wake up. But this time, my alarm had to actually wake me up.

I groaned, wishing I could hit snooze. I was still tired and wanted to keep sleeping. My arm felt like lead as I reached for my phone to turn it off, but another hand, a smaller hand, reached over my body and pressed the off button to stop the song from playing. Since I was still so tired, my brain wasn’t really working. It took a moment for me to realize that Jo was spooning me—which felt awkward to me, because if we were in this position, it was always me who was spooning her. I could feel her cheek against my bare back, her leg overtop of mine, and now her arm around me.

“Hey,” I said, my voice groggy with sleep. I cleared my throat and added, a little more clearly, “How’d it go?”

“Good,” she replied, turning her head and pressing her lips against the spot on my spine between my shoulder blades.

Slowly, I rolled onto my back and then to my other side. Then I put my arm around her. “Yeah?”

“Mmhmm. But I promised Rob that I wouldn’t say anything. He wants to keep his home life private, so I hope you understand that I can’t tell you what was going on.”

I was a little disappointed; it wasn’t so much that I wanted to hear Bowlby’s dirty laundry, but rather that I wanted to hear about what she had done. It was such a good thing, what she had tried, and I hoped that it would it would give a good feeling to reach out to someone. Way back when, I had taken her with me when I talked to the driver’s ed class, to show her how we could use our own experiences to help others. I loved the feeling I got from helping others, from feeling like I could have an impact on someone else. Now, Jo had been given that opportunity.

And this was an amazing opportunity for her—I just hoped she saw it like that. I didn’t know anything about what was going on with Samantha, but I knew that it had to be something bad enough if her mother had sent her to live with relatives and Bowlby kept it hush-hush. I also knew that Jo had a chance to make a difference in Samantha’s life, to have a positive influence on this girl that needed it. She held the power in her hands to change a life, and chances like this didn’t come around often.

I bet when Jo woke up this morning, she didn’t think that she would meet a person who would need her help and guidance. We never know what potential the day holds for us. And I bet Jo didn’t think that maybe her life would change, too, as a result of helping. Jo could benefit from this just as much as Samantha. So, yeah, I wanted to hear all about it.

But I also understood what it was like to have a past that you didn’t want to share with people. “It’s okay, I get it,” I said with a nod.

She brushed the hair out of my face, slicking it back out of my eyes. “Kris?”

I waited for her to continue, but she didn’t. So I encouraged her to keep going. “Yeah, Jo?”

“Have I ever thanked you?”

I planted my elbow on the bed and rested my head in my hand, trying to read her face. “For what?”

Her hand moved down to my chest, her eyes following the line drawn by her fingers. Then she looked back up at my face, gazing intently into my eyes. “For everything you’ve done for me.”

“And what did I do?” I asked nonchalantly. I had expected to hear about the rewarding, good feeling she got after whatever she did this afternoon, so I wasn’t quite sure how I fit into this.

Everything. I’ve said it before, I think, about how I don’t know where I’d be today if I hadn’t’ve met you. Well,” she giggled, “I know where I would be. Back in Pittsburgh, and certainly not here in San José.” Then she turned serious again. “But I mean, I know I wouldn’t have gone back to school. I’d still be out partying every night, not really giving a flying fuck about where I was going with my life. But then I met you, and my entire life changed. And I have you to thank for all of that.”

“No,” I argued, cupping her pretty face in my hand. “You didn’t change. Don’t you see? You’ve been you all along, but you just didn’t know it. You still had your dreams, you just put them aside. You covered up and hid and numbed your pain, but you were always you, Jo. Funny, smart, spontaneous, devoted... all the things I love about you. So you didn’t change, and I didn’t do a thing. That was all you. You’re the one who decided to go back to school, to take it seriously, and to face your pain head on. See, it was all you, Joey.”

She smiled and let out a breath, intent to debate this with me. “But I couldn’t have done it without you. You say that you didn’t do anything, but you helped me. You showed me how to do it. You were strong for me when I could barely hold the pieces of my life together. You encouraged me when I was sure I couldn’t do it. And you loved me when it felt like I was all alone. You’re like my guardian angel. My own personal, living, breathing angel.”

I didn’t think I deserved so much credit. “Well, I just wanted to do what I could for you. I knew something was wrong, and I wanted to help.”

“And you went above and beyond, Kris. And I get it now, what I didn’t get before. I could never understand why you approached me. Or why you were so damn persistent about it at first. You said you wanted to help, but like, I don’t know, why? It never made sense to me.

“But I think get it, how you can just be drawn to someone and have this weird, inner motivation to reach out to someone. I never would have understood it if I hadn’t’ve seen Samantha today. I felt so bad for her, like I knew how it felt when it seems like everyone is against you and just doesn’t get it, that you’re hurting over something and they just expect you to get over it like it’s nothing....”

I watched as she blinked; this had clearly caused some emotions to resurface. But I knew she wasn’t finished, so I kept quiet and waited for her to finish speaking her thoughts. “I wanted so badly to be able to help, to do something for her. I’m really not sure if I did anything. I mean, I got her out of the bathroom, but I don’t know if anything will change between her and the Blakes. It’s a really complicated situation she’s in, and I don’t even know all the details.

“But I got to see the look of relief on Brandy’s face when Samantha walked into the kitchen. It felt so good to feel like maybe, yeah, I did do something good for her. So, I mean, I get it. I see what it takes to be there for someone, and that sense of...” she placed her hands over her chest, trying to find the words to describe that feeling when you do something out of the goodness of your heart. I’ve been searching for those words and still haven’t found them. “Just, that warm happy feeling to think that maybe I had an impact. It made it all worth it. So I see exactly what you did, what you’ve done, and why. You’ve stuck with me through so much, been so patient and caring with me.... I don’t know how that led to all this, but the helping, I get it now.”

“What do you mean, ‘all this’?”

“Well, like, I think you looked at me the same way I look at Samantha. It’s a platonic, emotional connection. I can identify with her. But with you and me, I don’t know how that somehow became romantic, how it developed into more.”

Letting out a deep breath, I said, “I think I saw something in you, beyond the recognition of someone who was hurting through loss like I had. I think I knew, somehow, that you were special. And as I got to know you, it was more than just identifying with you because we had both lost someone. I got to see glimpses of an old friend in you. The same things that made me care about him made me care about you. Your spirit, your sense of humor. The way we can talk, just like this, and we can just be open with each other.

“And along the way, at some point that I don’t even know, I fell in love you with you. And I don’t think it had anything to do with how close we got when I was trying to help you. It wasn’t because of the process. It’s the other way around, I think. I think I felt the need to help you so I could fall in love with you. I think it’s because I needed you, too. Maybe I didn’t know that back then, but I can see it now.... I needed you, you changed me, too, and I don’t know where I’d be without you in my life.”

“Kris,” she whispered quietly, reaching out to touch my face again. “You’re gonna make me cry.”

I kissed her forehead. “I’ve told you before,” I said, reflecting back on one of the first times we got together and talked about her past. We were in my apartment after we had showed up at her old school. “I never wanna make you cry.”

She sniffed back her tears and smiled, like she remembered that day, too. “Before I met you, I never cried. You just know how to stir up all these emotions in me, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’d forgotten what it felt like to have a rooted interest in something real. I’m still kind of amazed at exactly how you did all this. I pretty much hated you at first, you know.”

That surprised me; I was taken aback. I had always figured that Jo put me off because she didn’t want to talk about her brother or her family. “Really? Hated me?”

“Maybe ‘hate’ is the wrong word. More like, irritated the crap out of me,” she chuckled and then sat upright. “I thought you were a self-righteous jerk who needed to learn how to keep his opinions to himself. You were—are—insanely gorgeous, which worked in your favor,” she laughed, and I played along with her.

I grabbed her arm, which caught her off guard, so I could easily pull her down on top of me. And then I rolled us over so I had her pinned down. “So glad to know that you love me for just my sexy body and incredible good looks.”

Jo giggled and put her arms around my neck as she tangled her legs with mine. “And don’t forget your great hair.” She twirled her fingers in my hair at the nape of my neck, and it sent shivers down my spine. “But you know what changed my mind about you?”

“No, what?” I asked quietly, very curious. We never really talked about this, because it was bad enough for Jo to relive her painful past—talking about how difficult it had been to break through her walls was almost just as bad.

“When you took me to the zoo.”

“Really?” This was all news to me.

“Yup. Because then you weren’t the condescending person who deigned to help poor little Jo. You ran around the zoo with me. When you were just you, you were this sweet guy who put up with my whims and ate cotton candy with me and we went into the aquarium and watched the penguins. Remember that?”

“Yeah,” I chuckled, able to recall the smell of the water and environment when we were in the aquarium. And the way she tasted like cotton candy when I dropped her off at home and she kissed me on her door step. “I remember.”

“And remember I asked you when the last time you had fun was? And you said—”

“‘Right now.’ Yeah, I remember that.”

Jo smiled, her eyes sparkling as she recalled the memory. “That’s when I realized that you weren’t who you seemed, you weren’t the jerk I thought you were. That’s when you stopped being so obnoxious, when I realized that there was a reason I was so drawn to you.”

“That’s the day I started having feelings for you,” I confessed.

“Really?” she asked, parroting me.

“Definitely. I didn’t wanna act on them, because I thought that if I wanted to be there for you to talk to and trust, then I shouldn’t make a move because that would ruin or interfere with helping.”

“And here I thought that you were just shy,” she giggled. “So what changed your mind that day?”

“Because you were more than someone hurting, someone who I thought I could help. When we were at the zoo, I saw the way you ran around like a little kid. There was just so much more to you than what I had initially seen, and the more I got to know about you, then the more I liked you. The rest is history, I guess. Fast forward a few months, and here we are. I know you don’t believe in fate, Jo, but I think we were meant to meet.”


“Mmhmm. Think about it. First, there are too many coincidences for it to have been by accident. I really think it was supposed to happen this way. I mean, I think I was meant to be there for you, to help get you pointed back in the right direction. And I think you’re meant to be here to help me through all this. Luc’s birthday. Getting traded. You have no idea how much your support has meant to me. Even if we’re not always together, you’re still always there for me, no matter what.”

“Heeeyyy,” she whined playfully. “I’m the one who’s supposed to be thanking you here. I just had this epiphany, and I’m supposed to be all gushy and appreciative and lovey.”

“But this is why we’re in a relationship, Jo. It’s mutual, so I don’t need to be thanked. We love each other, and we’ve both helped each other out. We’re better people for having known each other. I would do anything for you, you know that.”


“Yeah. Anything.”

“So will you let me give you a proper thanks, like I want to?” she asked, not waiting for my response as she leaned up off the bed and lightly brushed her lips against mine. They were so soft, plush and plump, and I wished I could kiss her back—but considering I had a game, for which I was already running late and needed to start getting ready, I couldn’t let this escalate. As if she read my mind, she whispered against my mouth, “I know.”

I thought that that meant she would stop kissing me, but she didn’t. Jo kept going, giving me these little, gentle, teasing kisses. At first, I didn’t reciprocate because I thought she was going to stop. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I pressed my lips firmly against hers. That’s when she pulled back from me. “Don’t start that, or we’ll never get off this bed,” she joked. But I knew she was right. I sat back and removed my weight from on top of her. “Kris?”

Glancing over at her, I saw that her pony tail was all messy and crazy from rolling around with me, and her shirt was a little wrinkled. “Yeah?”

“Seriously. Thank you. My whole point was to tell you that I get it. Being with Samantha showed me everything you did for me. Everything you had to go through for me. And why. You deserve to hear that I appreciate it, that I’m thankful for you and what you did. Even if you say that you didn’t do anything, you’ve still been this huge influence on me, and, just, thank you from the bottle of my heart.”

She had to do that, had to say those things. And she had to say them without any rebuttal from me, so I accepted her thanks. “You’re welcome. And I’m proud of you, for what you did today. Maybe you can’t tell me about it, but I can see how much it affected you. It’s an amazing thing, to help someone.” I cupped her cheek and smiled at her. I tried to put all my love for her into that one look. And then I joked with her, “Just don’t go falling in love with Samantha, okay?”

Jo giggled. “Aw, but she’s so damn cute.” She gently pushed me away from her. “All right, now let’s get ready for your game. You’re going to be late.”

“I know,” I groaned, finally standing and heading over to my closet to pull out one of my suit. As I dressed, Jo washed her face, applied some make-up, redid her pony tail, and then threw her jersey over her head. It was tough to see her in it, because I could see in my mind’s eye that picture of her wearing that and nothing else. I had to shake my head and force myself to focus on the game.

While I buttoned my dress shirt, Jo picked out my tie for me. It was bluish purple, and she said that I looked good in that color. She wrapped the strip around my neck and began to do her thing, and I slid my hands under her jersey to hold onto her bare waist as she tied my tie. “There ya go, hot stuff,” she said, running her hand down my chest to straighten it out.

“You ready?” I asked her, slipping my wallet and phone into my pockets before I grabbed my jacket.

“Heck yeah! I’m excited to get to see you play again. You know, actual, in person, ogle-you-while-you’re-on-the-bench, not-really-following-the-game watching you play,” she smiled.

Laughing, I grabbed for her hand. “All righty then. Let’s go.”


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    They remember the zoo! I remember it too! Ok, I feel like I'm in this story. Like, I can think back and remember Jo naming all the Penguins after the Kris' team-mates because of their behaviour.
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    In the second section, Jo and Kris get to relive the beginning of their romance, and the sweetness and intimacy show what Kris gets from being mature enough to be in a real relationship.

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