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90.) Contagious

I told myself I wasn't going to post this until I had X amount of comments, especially for such an important post, but then I realized that it wasn't fair to my loyal readers. This one goes out to those great girlies.

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Considering we were in sunny California, where the only ice these people saw was what was in their drinks, there were a lot of people at the Sharks game. If it wasn’t a sell-out, it was pretty damn close. The general public almost—almost—gave me the vibe that fans gave off back at the Igloo. Right down to some of the girlfriends beside me who were dressed in a fashion which I would consider inappropriate for a hockey game. They were wearing skirts and heels and skimpy little tops, their high beams poking through their shirts.

No one else was in a jersey, and I didn’t understand why that was. I was Kris’s biggest fan... weren’t these girls fans of their boyfriends? Even if they were plastic, fake Barbies, shouldn’t they at least be dressed for the part? Wasn’t there a “sports fan” Barbie with a matching outfit for Ken?

Brandy was here, but I didn’t get to talk to her. I wanted to ask her how everything had gone after I had left, but I couldn’t broach the subject in front of all these people; the Blakes had trusted me with that secret, and I could understand them not wanting Samantha’s background to become public knowledge. After all, when I had opened up to to Kris, I would have freaked out on him if he had spilled my secrets to anyone else—especially when it was none of their business. When Brandy looked over at me, smiled and nodded, I took it as a sign that things were okay. So I left it alone; if Samantha or her family needed me for anything, they now had my phone number.

I put that all out of my head as I settled in to watch the game. The whole atmosphere was pretty gimmicky, like they were trying way too hard. First of all, the Zambonis had shark fins. Fins. I laughed when the ice was resurfaced after warm ups and I saw those silly Zambonis. And then, when the shark head was lowered so the team could skate out through the mouth amidst a bunch of smoke, I laughed so hard that I think I almost peed myself. It was just so damn cheesy. At least, thank God, there were no ice girls.

The Sharks came out with their guns a-blazing. Pavelski drew a penalty about five minutes into the game, and the Jaws theme echoed from the sound system. How original. I would have laughed again, but I was on the edge of my seat as Kris took to the ice with Marleau, Heatley, Thornton, and Boyle for the power play. I was so nervous for him; this was a big deal: his big shot with the first special teams unit. I knew it would be coming, but I didn’t think it would happen so soon in the game.

Kris was a total creature of habit. It wasn’t just a hockey thing, because it was true for so many facets of his life. When he found something that he liked, he stuck with it. Favorite foods, restaurants, routines, TV shows, shops... everything. Which is why it always amused me to see the way he prepared for a face-off. He always first did a squat, like he was stretching out his muscles, and then he planted the blade of his stick on the ice. Then he would lean forward and press his weight into the stick, not quite like he was testing it but almost. And then he was set for the face-off, waiting patiently for the puck to drop and his team to gain possession.

They had good puck movement as the guys kept their skates moving and looked for shooting lanes. Heatley had trouble taking the pass from Boyle, and one of the Panthers defensemen knocked the puck loose and tried to clear it. Somehow, though, Boyle managed to keep it in, and he passed it over to Kris. I expected him to get a quick shot off, but he didn’t; he carefully cradled the puck and hesitated to make a move.

“Oh, come on, Kris,” I muttered, my knee resting on my elbow and my chin in my hand. My fingers were curled up in front of my mouth, and I was biting my nails.

I continued to watch him as pulled back, like he was going to pass to Marleau on the half wall, but then he wound up for a hard slap shot and really let it rip. The twine rippled at the back of the net, and the red light flashed on. There it was, a power play goal, and Kris’s first as a Shark. I jumped to my feet and threw my arms up above my head, screaming, “Yes, Tanger baby, yes!”

The girls around me stayed in their seats as I danced in place, so happy for Kris. He never really said anything about how it bugged him, that he had yet to get that first goal, but I knew this would be a huge relief for him. It didn’t matter that he had six assists in seven games—that goal was a really big feat for him to show his new team that he was a contributor, that he knew why he was there and that he wanted to be there.

As a part of his creature-of-habitness, Kris had his go-to goal celebrations. When it was a big goal, like a tying goal or the game winner, it was a big reaction like punching the air, or dropping onto one knee and pumping his fist, or both. Although this was a big goal for the team because it was the first of the game, Kris was more relieved than celebratory. So he did what I coined his “Jesus pose.” He held his arms out straight out at his sides, as if he were on the cross, and then he tilted his head back. I laughed as his teammates swarmed around him and hugged him and they all patted each other’s helmets. It had always been a little funny to me to see how openly guys would hug like that, in front of thousands of fans. I guess all the pads and layers are what made it okay and not at all homoerotic.

When the goal was announced over the PA system, I cheered my head off, much to the annoyance of the girls around me. But I didn’t care. I was so proud of Kris. Then I went crazy when he assisted on Marleau’s goal later in the period. He was scoring, he was doing the job he was brought in to do by being an offensive force on the blue line, and his confidence had to have shot through the roof. Kris was going to be in such a good mood after that kind of period.

But the game fell apart for the Sharks after that. The Panthers scored once in the second, and then tied it in the third to force overtime. I crossed my fingers and resumed my spot on the edge of my seat; Kris had played an awesome game, and I didn’t want a loss to sully that for him. Any one player can have an awesome individual game, but it doesn’t mean a thing unless the team can add a tally to the win column at the end of the night. The Panthers were the first team to find the back of the net, and we all felt the disappointment of defeat with the team.

I waited for Kris afterward, hoping he wouldn’t be in a foul mood. I didn’t want to see him leave like that. When he left the dressing room and entered the lounge, he wore a sad-looking smile. I kept my voice low, just in case the other players were bummed over the loss. “Congratulations on a good game,” I said, grabbing the lapels of his suit jacket and pressing a kiss against his cheek. “What a goal. On the power play, too. You did great, I’m proud of you.”

He nodded in acceptance. “Woulda been nicer if it actually counted,” he sighed.

Wondering if he had always taken losses poorly, I tried to focus on the positive. “Yeah, you’re right. But still, if you keep your play up like this, you guys’ll take the west, for sure.”

Kris shook his head like he wanted to argue, like he resisted. Instead, he completely changed the subject of our conversation as he pulled his hotel card key out of his pocket and handed it to me. “I’m gonna get someone to drive you back to the Alameda.”

“I can walk,” I told him. “It’s nice outside and only a few blocks down.”

Checking his watch, he responded, “It’s after ten. I’d rather you, you know, not walk around alone in the dark.” He called out across the room. “Hey, Jamie?”

“Kris—” I sighed, but it was futile.

Jamie walked over, and she quickly agreed to drive me. “Sure. Not a problem.”

Then Pickles showed up. He stood next to his girlfriend but didn’t touch her. “Oh, did you ask Jamie to go shopping with you, Jo?”

“Oh, no, I forgot,” I said, looking down at the floor. Suddenly, I felt bad for imposing. Here I was, stuck alone in a strange city, no way to get around or even a clue of where I was going, with only the newly found friends of my boyfriend to rely on.

Her ears perked up at the S-word though. “Shopping?” she asked, a grin spreading across her face. “Oh, heck yeah. I’m all for that. Why don’t you give me your number, and I’ll call you tomorrow morning? We’ll make plans then.” Jamie handed me her phone and I quickly input my digits. “Don’t worry, hon, we’ll find a way to pass the time before the boys get back.”

I smiled at her and nodded, glad to not have to be alone but kind of worried about hanging out with her for the majority of the day. I just don’t get along with girls that well. Plus, Jamie primped, permed, plucked, stuffed... not at all someone who I thought I could relate to.

Kris looked hopefully at me, like maybe this could be my chance to make a friend with someone in the group of girlfriends. It was just like how it had been with the Pens, too; these people were automatically a big part of his life now that he was a Shark. I didn’t have to be besties with them, but I had to be able to fit in enough to get by. He wasn’t pressuring me or expecting me to fit some kind of mold for him; it was a self-imposed thing. It would just be easier on all of us.

“Have fun tomorrow,” he said with a smile. Kris put his hands on my shoulders and then slowly moved them together toward my neck. “It’s a five o’clock game, so I won’t even be back really late.”

“I’ll be sure to leave the door open for you,” I teased, but he took it the wrong way.

“Uh, no, I’m gonna call you so you know I’m coming, so be sure to have that door locked at all times. And please be careful and be safe when you’re out tomorrow.”

Rolling my eyes, I sighed. It was kind of sweet when he was protective, because it did make me feel cared for and loved, but his overprotectiveness was overbearing. “Kris—”

“It’s just, it’s a big city, a new place, and you never know what could happen. Someone could just see a lone girl, and there’s not even a real front desk there—”

“Seriously, stop, please. It was just a bad joke, so just forget I said it. I’ll be there to unlock the door and let you in. Don’t worry about me, and go and play another good game in Anaheim. ’Kay?”

He peered down into my eyes, and I smiled with as much reassurance as I could muster. Kris had no reason to worry. “’Kay.”

“I’m already looking forward to tomorrow night.”

“Even better,” he replied slyly, “is Monday’s an off-day.”

“Really?” I was instantly excited.

“Yup,” he chuckled. “I’m all yours, all day.”

My eyes were wide with childlike anticipation. Just me and Kris, together, enjoying each other’s company. That’s what this whole entire visit was supposed to be about in the first place, and I couldn’t wait. All these ideas flooded my brain about what we could do—and surprisingly, only about half of them were sexual in nature. “Hey, do you think we can—”

“Whatever you wanna do, Joey,” he murmured, low enough so only I could hear. He kissed my mouth quickly. “You name it, and we’ll do it.”

I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t even speak. I just kissed him back and beamed, unable to hide my excitement even if my life had depended on it. In fact, I was so giddy that I forgot to be sad about his road game. We said our “see you soons,” but I was busy planning our day in my head. Maybe we would go to the beach, or go walking around a park, or... I wondered what there was in San José for us to do.

In the morning, Jamie picked me up at eleven. We first grabbed a quick lunch, and I spent the time making an honest attempt to get to know her. I wasn’t sure if this would be an easy task, though, because she’s obviously a girlie girl and I most definitely am not. “I’ve gotta be straight with you,” I admitted, watching her pick at her salad while I chomped on a greasy, bacon cheeseburger. Even our lunch choices emphasized how different we were. “I don’t typically get along with girls.”

She looked at me like I had just said the most random thing ever. “Sorry, what?”

“Practically all my friends are guys. My best friend is a guy. I can count on one hand all the girls in this entire world that I get along with,” I confessed. It was true: Heather, Kelsey, Charlene.... And those were all Kris’s friends who had grown up around boys and hockey players, just like me. “I guess I just thought you should know, in case you think I’m coming off as a total bitch or something. Growing up around guys constantly, you learn not to bullshit real fast. Sometimes that makes me come off as rude.”

“Well, I don’t think it’s rude to be up-front and honest, which is the best part about talking to guys. You ask ’em a question, and they’re gonna answer it. They don’t play games. Well, usually, anyway.”

It was kind of ironic that Jamie had just touted the benefit of talking to guys because they don’t play games, when she had ended it with one of those statements that implied that there was something else she wanted to talk about—essentially, playing a game. She wanted me to ask and press her to continue, instead of just saying what she wanted to. This is why it’s so much easier to get along with guys, because when they want to say something, they just fucking say it.

But I played along with her game, just to be nice. “Pickles playing games with you?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know. I can’t figure him out. We’re back together, for now, but I wonder how long it’ll last this time. Every time we get back into this comfortable place with the two of us and I think things are going good, he breaks up with me. Poof! He’s done. But then, like, in a couple of weeks... he’s back.” Jamie shrugged again and sighed. “Maybe it’s because I’m older than him, and he thinks that I wanna settle down or something, and he isn’t ready for that. I dunno. I think he just wants to have fun.”

I snorted, and she kind of glared at me. “Sorry, it’s not funny, but you said that he just wants to have fun like he’s not having fun with you... well, why can’t he have fun with you? And if you guys aren’t having fun together, then why do you wanna be with him in the first place?”

“I have fun. It feels like he does, especially at first. But then when things settle down and we’re ready to buckle down and hit that long-term stride, he bolts.”

“Uh, well, ‘settle down’ how?”

“Well, we’d finally get into a routine. I like knowing that he’s coming over to spend his nights with me when he’s in town, and I like when I get to cook for him and we open a bottle of wine and we spend the night in to watch a movie or something. I mean, I work ten-, twelve-hour days, so I like just, you know... unwinding with him.”

“Hmm...” I hummed, tapping my fingers against my lips. I was feeling inspired to help her and give her some advice. “Jamie, can I be frank?” She nodded, so I took a deep breath and explained, “I think that’s just too boring for him.”

The corners of her mouth dipped into a frown. “Boring?”

“Listen, guys are like two-year-olds with ADD. If you don’t keep their attention constantly, their focus gets diverted. It’s just the way they are. I mean, you’re a fuckin’ hottie, and you certainly seem nice enough,” I said, trying to make her understand. She was definitely a guy’s girl, with a pretty face, long blonde hair, and killer curves. “So it’s not like you have any trouble attracting him. But that’s where all the fun is, in the initial attraction and the chase and the seduction. Once he catches you and has you again, then he just... you know, gets distracted. You’ve gotta keep directing his attention back onto you.”

Jamie nodded, her lips pursed and her eyes trained elsewhere. “Yeah, that makes sense. It’s just that, by the end of the day, I’m so exhausted. I want to be able to relax with him.”

“Who says you can’t relax with him in bed?” I giggled, shoving a few chips into my mouth and crunching on them. “Here’s the deal. I have this gift card that I got from the guys for turning my good lingerie into an ice cube—”

“Oh yeah. I remember Marc saying something about that.”

“Well, that was my shopping errand for the day. Why don’t you pick something out, too? Something that’s gonna make his toes curl when he sees you. That’ll sure as hell change things up a bit.”

“Jo, I think I like the way you think,” she laughed. We quickly finished our meals, paid, and she drove us to Victoria’s Secret. I’m not an overly girlie girl, which is just another result of being around guys constantly growing up. But I loved underwear of all kinds; I didn’t own one single pair of white, plain, granny-panties. Even my cotton underthings were brightly colored with fun patterns—and I was a downright sucker for anything silky or lacy.

The two of us bonded as we searched through the racks for our respective sizes. There must have been something that made us relateable as we worked toward our common goal of finding something sexy to please our boyfriends. I found a few things that I more than liked, and one set especially that I was positive would make Kris blow his load. And Jamie picked out a black teddy that was definitely going to help put the sparks back into their relationship.

When we tried everything on and decided for sure on our purchases, I told the cashier to ring them up together and then I slid my card across the counter. Jamie looked confused. “Jo—”

“Nope,” I said, smacking my lips together to put an emphasis on the plosive. “Think of it as a thank you for taking me out shopping and being nice to me.”

She giggled. “You don’t need to buy me something to make me wanna be your friend. Today was fun.”

“Oh, yeah. Tons. But still, it was nice of you to spend your Sunday afternoon with me, seeing as though you really didn’t know me. And besides, it was kind of my idea,” I rationalized to her. But I was in such a giving mood that I wanted to do something for Jamie. I guess helping was contagious; I had caught it from Kris, and now I couldn’t stop myself. “Plus, I mean, it’s not even like it’s my money. I’m recycling my gift from the guys and sharing it with you.”

“That’s really nice of you, Jo. Thanks,” she relented, accepting the bag from the cashier.

“You’re welcome,” I said with a smile. I grabbed my own bag and checked the receipt. I still had over a hundred bucks left on my gift card that I could use at a later date.

“Do you wanna grab a coffee or something?” she asked as we left the air conditioned store and headed out into the heat of the day. California weather was something I could definitely get used to.

“Uh, sure,” I said, checking the time on my cell. “The guys don’t play for another two, three hours, so there’s still plenty of time to kill.”

“That’s so cute,” she sighed. I could see that she was heading down toward a Starbucks on the corner. “You two are just, like, so wrapped up in each other. The way you cheer for him, the way he looks at you.... It’s just so romantic. I wish it was like that with Marc.”

Her comment made me blush for a second. It was flattering to hear that we looked like such a great couple, but it hadn’t always been sunshine and rainbows for us. “Here’s the thing, Jamie: Kris and I have been through so much. Personally and together. We’ve had our share of heartache.”

I thought about all the nights I had cried and felt so alone after losing James, and the way he had worried incessantly over becoming his father. The beer and the weed and the hair dye that couldn’t hide my discontentment with the world. Kris’s reluctance to trust another person after he had lost his best friend. My shallow, meaningless mission to bask in the fun while it lasted. His steadfast dedication to live every moment safely to honor someone who went too soon. Our different shattered dreams and hearts.

As I felt myself get a little emotional, I continued, “But because we’ve been through everything we’ve been through, we know how to make the good stuff count. We know that when you care about someone so much, you make that your priority and be thankful for everyday you have with them. It’s something you can’t appreciate ’til you’ve had to experience the absolute worst, hardest aspects of life. Unfortunately, Kris and I both had that happen to us. But, fortunately, we’ve found a way to make the best of it, with each other.”

“Doesn’t that make it worth it, though? It sucks to have to go through something painful, but when you find a way to come out of it better, stronger, with a man like that by your side who’s so wholly devoted to you....”

I had to force myself to bite my tongue. Was it worth it? Was it worth it to lose James in order to be with Kris? Was it worth to have my family ripped apart and my heart broken and my world in shambles back then, so I could have met Kris and gone through this metamorphosis and be mentally in this good place now? I had said a million times that I would have done anything if it had meant that Kris hadn’t have had to lose Luc—even if that had meant that we wouldn’t have had the common thread of death to connect us.

“How long are you in town for?” she asked, cutting off my line of thinking.

“’Til the end of next weekend. I fly out early Sunday.”

“Oh. Well, I’m pretty busy this week with work and all, but we should definitely make a point of doing this again when you come back. When are visiting again?”

I winced at her question for no other reason than the fact that I didn’t have a good answer. “Not sure.”

Jamie frowned and sympathized. “Sorry, hon. That must be rough.”

I nodded. It was rough—but it proved my point. Maybe on the surface, we did look like a perfect, romantic couple, but we still had our problems: exemplified in the fact that we still had no idea what was going to happen as his season and my semester wound down to the end. Even if we didn’t know the exact details about the where, we knew when we’d see each other again... and that was early May. Almost two months away.

Man, that was royally going to suck. I knew that leaving was going to extremely hard, too; it wasn’t just the separation that was causing the anxiety in me. Goodbyes were difficult for me, and I wasn’t looking forward to it already. It was bad enough that he was gone right now.

It would have been so much easier if Kris had just let me drop out and follow him. I could have gotten a job out here, doing something—anything, if it meant being with him. It wasn’t that I was overly needy. At least, I didn’t think so. Long-distance would be hard on any couple, and Kris and I especially needed the comfort that being around each other provided. We needed that physical support. And, of course, the sex.

I should have been excited that Kris put so much weight in wanting me to pursue my own dreams, which meant finishing out the semester like a good student. Even though Kris and I had talked about this, how we had changed so much from having met each other, his attitude and my differing one were exactly the same as they would have been a year ago, way before we met. I’d still be willing to drop everything and move on a whim, and he’d still insist on me doing the right thing and completing my classes in full.

So maybe we really hadn’t changed at all—or, at least, the big parts of who we were didn’t. I was still spontaneous and whimsical and maybe even a little flighty, and he was safe and steadfast and incredibly determined. We were still very different, but we had the same collective objective at heart, and that was the other’s best interests. That’s all that mattered.

We were almost at Starbucks when we passed by a big shop window, and when I looked inside, a brilliant idea came to me. It was seriously genius. “Hey, Jamie? Think we can get those drinks to go? There’s something else I wanna do today.”


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