Tuesday, May 25, 2010

92.) Plans for the Future

Soundtrack Song - Jimmy Eat World, For Me This Is Heaven

Unusually, I woke up before Kris. I was still tired, but that spot on my back was burning and irritating me. It wasn’t as big as the one on my ribs, but it seemed to hurt or bother me more than that one did; it probably hurt worse because of the difference in my state of mind. When I had my memorial tattoo done, I was depressed and upset about James, so in comparison, the physical pain didn’t bother me. The mental and corporeal discomfort went hand in hand. But this time, I was happy and excited to be here with Kris—meaning the discrepancy between my peaceful state of mind and the achy tenderness on my back made the pain feel worse.

Very carefully, I eased my way out of Kris’s arms and rolled out of bed. Kris had Advil in the bathroom to take when he was sore from games or whatever, but he hardly ever took any, so I helped myself to it. I popped a few in my mouth, turned on the faucet, and then cupped my hand in the flow so I could wash those pills down. Then I headed back into the main room to get back into bed.

For a moment, I stood at the side of the bed and looked down at the man underneath the bed sheet. He was so gloriously beautiful. Sometimes, I forgot to just look at him and take in the sight of him. His long, shiny, brown, soft hair. Those thick caterpillars that passed as eyebrows. The pock marks and scars on his face, each with its own story of creation. The soulful, all-seeing, puppy-dog eyes that were currently hidden beneath his eyelids, which were lined with eyelashes I would kill for. His adorable button nose and thin, pink lips. I loved his mouth. That amazing, defined, sculpted body. Michelangelo would have killed to use Kris’s body as his model for David. He was hirsute, but in just the right amount; the thick, coarse, wiry hairs of his legs and arms as well as the line of hair from his navel downward, without dense chest hair or, worse, back hair. And I was lucky enough to touch it whenever and however I wanted.

As I thought about that, I realized that I could either stand there looking at him, or I could go snuggle up against him. So what the hell was I doing just standing there? I pulled back the covers and crawled back into bed, sidling up to his warm, firm body. With my head on his chest, I hooked my right leg over his and placed my palm against his sternum, feeling his heart beat in his chest.

Just as I closed my eyes and hoped for a few more hours of precious slumber, I felt Kris stir underneath me. At first, I hoped that he was just tossing and turning, adjusting himself in his sleep to get comfortable with me. But he turned his head and brushed his lips against my forehead—and that couldn’t have been by accident. He was awake. “Mornin’.”

“Go back to sleep, babe,” I mumbled to him, curling up against his side and nestling against his warm body. His arm instinctively wrapped around me and held me against him. I had never felt so comfy-cozy in my entire life.

“What time is it?” he asked, his voice deep and husky and his accent thick with sleep.

I wanted him to just shut up, so I didn’t have to talk back to him. I was way too tired to have a conversation. “Early.”

“But what time?” he insisted, rubbing my shoulder absentmindedly. I wouldn’t have minded, except it was starting to wake me up, and all I wanted to do was sleep.

“It’s early o’clock,” I groaned. “Go back to fuckin’ sleep, please.”

He chuckled softly and wrapped his arms around me, hugging and pulling me on top of him. “I thought you wanted to do stuff today? You were so excited.”

“I was. I am. But sleep was also high up on that list of things to do. I love sleep,” I grumbled.

“Yeah, I know. But what did you wanna do today?”

Yesterday, I had asked Jamie about what there was to do in San José because I wanted to know all of my options about what Kris and I could possibly do today. Jamie knew the area well, because she worked with a PR company that had a lot of major clients based in the city. I asked her about fun attractions or things to do, but she made them all seem lame. The parks were filled with homeless people, the zoo was in reality like a petting zoo with a few kiddy rides, the nearest “beach” at the bay was more like a marshy swamp, and the water park wasn’t open yet—apparently, one of the big things to do in San José was go to a Sharks game. The only good things to do were in other cities nearby.

Besides the usual, typical alternatives of lunch out or a movie or walking around downtown and window shopping, there wasn’t much for us to do in San José. But then I remembered something. “Wait. Kris. You said you borrowed Rob’s car?”

“Mmhmm. I got it for the day. He said that it’s kind of as a thank you, for helping him out and going to talk to Samantha,” he replied, looking up at me.

“So... that means we can go wherever we want?”

“I told you, whatever you wanted to do. Why? You’re kind of scaring me, Jo.”

“Lick Observatory?” It was where I wanted to go, but it came out more like a question or a suggestion rather than a definite answer.

“Yeah, okay. What is it? Where is it?” he asked, which made me giggle. Of course he’d agree to go, because it was for me, even though he had no idea what I was dragging him into. Just one of the many reasons Kris was so great. I mean, if that wasn’t love, I didn’t know what was.

“Up in the mountains, a little ways east of here. It’s an observatory, you know, one of those places where you go to see to the stars.” I had done a lot of research into the area when Kris had first been traded, and now that I was thinking about it, this would be the perfect time to go check out the Lick Observatory. After all, if Kris’s season didn’t continue long after the regular eighty-two games, I wouldn’t be coming back out here; ergo, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do this in-person investigation.

Kris didn’t want to have the conversation about what was going to happen in a week when we had to go our separate ways again, and I could definitely understand why. After all, we only had six days together during my spring break, and this was our only full day together. Why should we ruin it by talking about something that was only going to make us sad and depressed and upset? It made sense, and I didn’t want to talk about it either. I didn’t even want to think about where we were going to be in just one week, because we’d be apart.

But even so, I couldn’t help but think about the more distant future, about this summer and beyond. Since I wasn’t looking forward to our impeding two-month separation, I knew that I couldn’t stand to be away from him like that in the future. If Kris were to remain a Shark next season, then I was going to be in California with him: end of story.

He was insistent on me going to school so I could get that diploma and achieve my dreams—which was something very sweet of him to do, to be so focused and adamant in wanting me to have everything I had originally wanted for myself—so I would just have to continue my education in California. Problem solved. That didn’t solve our current dilemma of having to separated from him for two months, but I couldn’t transfer in the middle of a semester; universities, unfortunately, didn’t work that way. My only options now were to either drop out and move immediately out here to be with Kris, or to finish out my spring semester at CMU back in lonely Pittsburgh. Since Kris made it clear that quitting was out of the question, I had to choose the latter.

Yesterday, when the game was over but Kris was still hours away from returning to the area, I went to the reception of the Alameda. I batted my eyelashes and asked sweetly, and the pimply teen in charge allowed me to use their computer. All I could think about was how I wished that I was out here living with Kris instead of visiting, because then I wouldn’t hate his road trips so much. After all, in Pittsburgh, this wasn’t so bad. He had hockey and I had school to occupy ourselves with when he was gone. So then, in the next logical step of thinking, I wondered about what it would take to be out here with him.

In the span of that evening, I had formulated the solution. In fact, I had it all figured out; since there was no way I could apply to a university and get acceptance for the fall semester, I would apply for the spring—and in the meantime, I’d take classes at either one of the two community colleges right in town. I’d take summer courses in Pittsburgh like I had originally planned, and then I could transfer credits from CMU and later from the community college, to ultimately continue the course work needed for my degree out here.

For the spring term, I would apply to the University of California’s campus at Santa Cruz. The city of Santa Cruz wasn’t even forty miles away from San José; in terms of driving, it was less than an hour away. That still sucked, because I’d either have to commute two hours a day to live in San José with Kris, or I’d have to live on campus and travel to be able to spend time with my boyfriend. But those options were a lot better than being separated by an expensive, eight-hour trip by plane.

I had really lucked out when I found UC Santa Cruz. The University of California Observatories, of which Lick Observatory was one, were a research facility of the University of California, which just so happened to be headquartered at the Santa Cruz campus, which just so happened to be pretty close to San José.

Now, I don’t believe in fate. It doesn’t make sense that bad things can be plotted out for us; to me, that’s just sadistic. But this... how could this be random? How could Kris have been traded somewhere that held such great opportunities for him to grow and develop as a hockey player—when that same “somewhere” presented me with my own amazing chance to learn at an actual research observatory? Maybe it was simply pure luck, or serendipity. But if ever there were a chance occurrence to change my mind and make me believe in fate, this would be it. This was just too... dare I say it... perfect.

The only hitch in this genius plan could result in if he weren’t going to be a Shark in the 2010-11 season. He was still going to be an RFA come July first; that is, if San José didn’t make an effort to extend his contract prior to that date. I had a feeling, though, that the general manager would wait and see how Kris panned out in his role before worrying about that. In the scheme of things, Kris had only been playing with the team for about two weeks now, which wasn’t long enough to really gauge how well he meshed with the team.

We wouldn’t know until the season was over. Despite the Sharks’ collective reputation as chokers, I knew they had the potential to go beyond the first round, at the very, very least. And the longer their season went on, the less time I would have to apply because there’d be less time between the end of the season and the start of free agency; conversely, the longer their season went on, the more reason I had to believe that Kris’s contract would be extended.

Or, Kris could hold out and wait and see if he fielded any offers from any other teams. Hell, what was I saying “if” for? If he waited until July first, of course Kris would get some offers—the only questions would then be: how lucrative would the contract be, and would the Sharks be willing to match it?

There were just too many variables looming on the horizon for either of us to be sure enough to make a decision regarding our long-term individual futures as well as our relationship. I usually just went by the seat of my pants as I made my way through life, but I couldn’t do that in this situation. In order for me to be happy, I needed to be with Kris; since his life was defined by the decisions made by general managers and NHL schedule makers and so many other outside forces, I had to be more flexible in my ability to conform to a schedule and plan.

After James died, I gave up on planning and trying to figure things out. But now, I had to rely on planning because it was the only way I could make sure to be with Kris. We needed each other, and since he couldn’t pick and choose where he could be... and I could... that meant I needed to find a way to be with him. I needed to plan, but I couldn’t yet. I hated, hated, hated not being able to plan, having to wait and see what was going to happen. Anxiety and I were not good friends, so this was killing me.

I had to actively do something, so even though I couldn’t say that I would for sure be applying to UC this summer, it didn’t hurt to be prepared and scope out the research facility. If anything, it would be a fun little excursion for me to get to see, up close and personal, the places where I had always wanted to work. I looked down at Kris as we hung out in bed and tried to analyze his reaction to my suggestion. “Does that sound okay to you?”

“Yeah. I told you already, you had free range to decide what we were gonna do today. I don’t care, just so long as I get to spend the time with you. So, let’s go,” he answered, ready to get a head start on our day.

I giggled. “Not so fast, big boy. Visiting hours are only in the afternoon. Which means we can get a few more hours of sleep before we have to get ready and head out. ’Kay?”

“Okay,” he relented, once again giving in to me. I laid back down, half beside him and half on him, using him like a big body pillow. Kris pulled the sheet up over us, and once the Advil kicked in and took the edge off my pain, I fell back asleep.

When I woke back up, it was after ten. Kris was awake but still in bed with me; he had the TV muted as he flipped through the channels and looked for something to watch. I squeezed him and then rolled onto my back as I stretched out my arms and legs, but once I put pressure on my right shoulder blade, I cringed and sat up.

“Still hurt?”

“Yeah,” I replied, moving my arm and feeling the irritated, tender skin pull over my shoulder blade. “I think the ibuprofen wore off already.”

“Lemme see,” Kris said, pushing up on his hands. I turned and showed him my brand new tattoo. He peeled away the plastic wrap as he checked it out. “Looks good. Better than yesterday. We should probably get it washed off and some fresh ointment on it.”

With that good idea, we got out of bed and headed for the shower. We couldn’t have sex in the shower since I had yet to go on the pill, but we fooled around until the hot water ran cold. We made out and tried to make each other come with our hands. It was like a game, almost, to see who could make the other finish first—kind of like a race. I wasn’t sure if I had won or lost when he made me climax around his hand—but there were no losers in this game when he squirted his hot, thick, white fluid against my stomach.

When we finished, we each wrapped ourselves in a towel. Kris fixed his towel around his waist and then pulled out his electric razor, poising himself in front of the mirror to begin his routine. I was about to head into the other room to begin getting dressed, but I hung around in the bathroom to watch him work.

Kris had such interesting shaving habits that kind of fascinated me, probably for no other reason than I didn’t have to shave my face; I teased him for being metrosexual until he explained his methodical ways to me. He said that when he didn’t have to worry about a nice, clean shave, he just used the electric razor. It was nice to have that bit of growth when he was playing, in case he got face-washed.

But when he wanted a close shave, for example when he knew he was going to be spending time with me and kissing me, and therefore did not want to chafe me, he’d use a razor, too. Once he did his initial shaving with the handheld electric, he began to apply foam all over his face.

’Til that point, I had merely watched. I sat on the closed lid of the commode and observed him as he worked, but now I stood up. “Kris, can I do that? Can I shave you?”

“You wanna do this for me?” he asked, to which I nodded quickly. “Are you gonna cut me?”

“Well, I won’t try to,” I replied, chewing on the inside of my mouth. I wanted to be a part of his life as much as possible in the ensuing few days. I wanted to be with him and do things with him so when we had to be apart, everything he did would remind him of me.

He tried to stop the smile from blooming across his face, but it was futile. He was teasing me, using my own words from last night. “But you have to promise to be gentle with me, Jo.”

So I gave him the same response that he gave to me. “Promise.”

Kris handed me the stick razor, before he grabbed a hold of my hips and moved me between him and the sink. He gave me step-by-step directions and specific instructions, holding my hand and guiding it as we together swiped the razor against his face and neck. After a few sweeps, and Kris thought that I had the hang of it, he let go and let me continue to shave his face. I made sure that I didn’t touch his sideburns, so they wouldn’t be uneven. Kris made fun of me for sticking out my tongue as I concentrated and tried to be careful. I didn’t want to cut him or scrape his skin.

It was sexy and fun to do this, not unlike when I would tie his ties for him on game days—even though this was much more intimate than that. He was so vulnerable in this position. In the animal kingdom, exposing your throat to another animal is a sign of trust. I knew we weren’t animals, but it was still a symbolic thing for Kris to let me do this for him. After all, I was holding a sharp blade near his carotid artery; one wrong flick of the wrist, and he could bleed a lot. But he trusted me to be gentle, and I wasn’t going to let him down. I loved every second of this.

When I finished shaving him, I stepped to the side and to let him wipe his face clean of any residual foam. Then he picked up his bottle of aftershave lotion and squirted a dollop in onto my hands. I rubbed it into his cheeks, neck, chin, and upper lip, finally putting two and two together to realize that this was one of the things that made him smell so good.

He grabbed my wrists as I finished massaging the aftershave into his skin, and he pulled me toward him. His mouth captured mine in a searing, sexy kiss, which could have escalated into more if he hadn’t have stopped. He must have let this affection build up while I shaved him, and now he had to let it out. But he ended it far too soon for my liking—even though I knew that we didn’t have time for sex if we wanted to spend the entire afternoon at Lick. “Now go get dressed, Jo, so we can eat before we leave.”

“Yes, sir!” I saluted him, and that earned me a swat on the ass in encouragement to get moving and get ready.

Kris finished up in the bathroom while I changed back into my capris and then grabbed one of his tee shirts to wear, so that it would be loose fitting and wouldn’t irritate my tattoo. I got Kris to apply more ointment to it and cover it up with more plastic wrap, knowing that I would have to let it breathe some tonight when we returned. We ate the rest of the leftover food that Brandy had sent home with us for a quick lunch, and then we headed out for the observatory.

Rob’s Escalade was tricked out, with a GPS and everything. We had no trouble navigating the half hour drive up the winding hill to Mt Hamilton. We found it easily, and I even though I knew that we at a higher elevation, the shock of the cool breeze still startled me. I hadn’t come prepared, because I was in flip flips, capris, and a baggy tee of Kris’s. Yeah, I was cold, but I was too excited and giddy for the tour to let it bother me too much.

The tours began at the gift store, and as we waited, I looked around. There wasn’t anything too fancy or enticing. Just shirts, hats, posters, wine glasses, and—

“Here, a sweatshirt,” Kris said, handing me a plain, green sweatshirt that looked like something my grandmother would wear, or something you’d find at a thrift store or Salvation Army or Goodwill. It had the very simple Lick Observatory Mt Hamilton logo on the top corner. I just kind of looked at him as he proffered it to me, not sure what to do, and Kris looked back at me like I was a fucking retard. “You’re cold. Will you just take it?”

“Are you trying to get me to steal it?” I asked, slowly reaching out and accepting it. The tag was still on, and I was sure that Kris had been beside me the whole time as we waited.

“No, wha...? Why would I give you something to steal?” He pulled the receipt out of his pocket and showed me that he paid for it. “You’re cold, and it’s, like, a souvenir. Put it on.”

He looked so proud of himself, so how could I say no? I ripped off the tag and shoved it into my pocket, and then I slid my arms into the sleeves. With one more pointed glance at Kris, I threw it over my head and pulled it down my body, feeling like I looked just like Grandma Anderson.

I pulled my hair free and then modeled for Kris. “So? Hot, right?” I giggled.

Before he could answer, someone called out and said that the tour was going to start in a few minutes. Kris and I headed out of the gift show and into the cool air, where we’d begin to walk up toward Lick. People were still gathering, and it looked like there’d be ten of us. More than I had expected; how many people were really interested in telescopes on a sunny Monday afternoon?

Looking down into the valley before us, the tour guide noticed my gaze and pointed out that we were looking at downtown San José. I asked Kris, “Where’s the Tank? Can you find it?” When I didn’t get a response, I turned back from the view to look at him. He was playing with his phone, holding it up. “What are you doing?”

“Taking your picture,” he answered nonchalantly.

“No,” I laughed, turning away from the tiny lens on his phone. “Not in all my frumpy glory!”

“You look good to me.” I stuck my tongue out at him at that remark; there were times when guys said you looked nice to flatter you and times when they really thought so. I didn’t think that this was one of those latter times. “Come on, Jo, stop playing around. Don’t you want a picture of you while you’re here?”

“If you’re in it with me.” I reached for his arm, which was outstretched and holding his phone. “Come here.”

“Wait, lemme get someone to—”

“No need,” I chuckled. I took his phone and turned it away from us. “Just make sure you’re smiling. Are you ready?”

“Wait!” Kris held onto my waist as he placed his chin against my shoulder, so we looked like we were the same height. “Okay, ready,” he added.

As I pressed the camera button, Kris surprised me with a kiss on my cheek and I immediately reacted. “Hey,” I whined teasingly. With a pout, I added, “You ruined the picture!”

He took the phone from me and flipped it over so we could see the screen. The city that was now his home was in the background. A breeze had picked up, and our hair was flying across our faces. Kris’s head was turned as he kissed my cheek, but his sparkling eyes were still trained on the camera. Meanwhile, my eyes were closed and my mouth was open in a giggle, ready to chastise him.

“I think it’s perfect,” he told me, his fingers flying over the buttons as he saved it. Then my phone beeped, meaning he must have sent it to me so I could have the image, too.

The guide called out, “Okay, we’re ready to begin! Everyone follow me!”

Kris waved his hand, gesturing for me to walk ahead of him. As I followed the group, I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and saved the image of us as the picture that would pop up whenever Kris called me. The more I looked at it, the more I liked it; Kris was right, it was perfect. Just him and me, enjoying ourselves and our time together as we were about to tour the observatory in his new town. And hadn’t that been the entire purpose of my trip out here to California?

“Pay attention,” Kris said with a gentle hip check, causing me to pocket my phone and focus on what the guide was saying about the thirty-six inch Lick Refractor and the on-going search for exoplanets.


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