Thursday, May 27, 2010

93.) Night Out

I had really hoped to finish this yesterday, but something didn't seem right, so I had to get a second opinion. Have I mentioned lately that I love you guys? If not... I do. Bunches.

Soundtrack Song - Stroke 9, Little Black Backpack

Another loss. The Dallas Stars made total fools out of us, making us look like those midget players playing against the Red Wings in that South Park episode that parodied The Mighty Ducks. It was a pathetic, eight-to-two loss. I assisted on Boyle’s power-play goal and ended up being a minus-two for the night. Not as bad as some, but anything less than a plus was less than ideal.

If the guys didn’t think that two games constituted a streak, then they certainly couldn’t deny that three games did. And if there’s anything worse than losing, it’s losing on home ice when your loved ones are there to watch you and cheer you on. This was Jo’s second game that she got to attend in order to watch me play as a Shark, and even though I’d put points up somehow, the team had still lost.

But I didn’t have time to mope. It was already Tuesday, meaning Jo’s break was already about half over—and once we factored in the time I’d be away for Thursday’s away game, our time together was dwindling down like grains of sand passing through an hourglass. So I couldn’t be upset or let my thoughts linger on what I could have differently to help my team win when I only had Jo with me for a few more days... besides, when you lose by six goals, that’s not one player’s fault: that’s an entire team meltdown. These guys needed to totally reevaluate their attitudes toward the game before the playoffs started.

So far, in the two weeks that I had been with the Sharks, there were several things I had noticed that were markedly different between them and the Sharks. One of those things was the attitude of the younger group of guys. I wasn’t sure why they were so different, but they were; I suspected it had something to do with locale. As the guys had reminded me several times, this was California, which apparently was synonymous with “party central.” It didn't matter at all that we got our asses handed to us out on the ice in that shameful defeat—we were still going out.

“You in, Letang?” Mitch asked, as we finished getting dressed back into our suits.

Before I could answer, Couture spoke up for me. “That’s a question for his girlfriend.”

The room cracked up at his innuendo, and I rolled my eyes and tried to ignore the fact that I played hockey with a bunch of immature twelve-year-olds. “Actually, that is a question for Jo. I’ll have to see what she wants to do tonight.”

“Ugh, I don’t know if I wanna invite them out along with us,” McGinn spoke up. That surprised me, because usually he’s the silent one. “I’ll be pukin’ all over the bar tonight, and that’s not very attractive to ladies.”

“Oh, come on, it’s not that bad,” I said. I knew the guys liked to rag on me for the way I acted around Jo or for how much time I was spending with her. Ever since the guys found out that I had ignored their calls and messages yesterday because we were spending the day together.

But Monday had been amazing; Jo had been so excited to go to the observatory. I’m not gonna lie—that telescope stuff went right over my head, and I stopped listening and paying attention about two minutes into the tour. But I watched the way that Jo was absolutely fascinated by every word that guide said. She asked a bunch of questions and was the first to look at everything, much to the annoyance of the other guests. She was like a kid in a candy store, and as long as Jo was happy, I was happy.

“Yeah, dude, it is that bad,” Logan replied. “You’re such a woman. How does it feel to have a vagina?”

“Shut up,” I sighed. “Listen, she’s only here for this week, so I’m just trying to have fun with her. When she goes home this weekend, it’s gonna be, like, two months before I get to see her again.”

“Go put a tampon in and take some Midol, because you’re PMSing,” Mitch countered. “Weren’t you the one who said we needed to focus anyway? We didn’t start losing ’til your girlfriend showed up.”

“Jo doesn’t have anything to do with that,” I started, hating that they were using my words against me.

“Leave him alone, guys,” Bowlby interrupted. “He’s just being a good boyfriend. That’s something none of you guys would understand.”

“Yeah, and I’d like to keep it that way,” Mitch laughed. “I’d like to keep my dick as wet as possible, and girlfriends are the biggest cock blocks.”

A bunch of the guys cheered and agreed, and all I could was shake my head and laugh. They had no idea what Jo was like. It’s kind of funny, because the guys in Pittsburgh had assumed the worst of her because of the party-girl impression she had made on them, and now the guys out here apparently thought she was some uptight, goodie two-shoes. Neither of those were totally correct; they didn’t know her at all. First impressions are hardly ever correct.

“If you guys just give Jo a chance, you might actually like her. She’s a nice girl, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not fun.”

“She’s going out with you, so we know she’s definitely not fun,” Couture laughed, earning a high-five from McGinn next to him.

“Whatever, guys. If you don’t want us to come out, we won’t.”

“Forget them,” Pickles sighed. “I’ll ask Jamie if she wants to come, too.”

“Thanks, man,” I said to him with a nod. It felt good to know at least someone wasn’t going to poke fun at me or criticize me for being in a committed relationship. This team was highly divided between the young, single, partying guys and the older, married, stay-at-home fathers. And ever since we came back from Sunday’s away game, Pickles had done his own shacking up with his girlfriend—so I didn’t know why I was getting all the flack.

The two of us walked out into the lounge where Jo was standing with Jamie as they waited for us to finish dressing. She was glowing, just like she had been up on Mt Hamilton, and that light had stayed with her ever since. Jo had talked with the guide until he had to start the next tour, about all kinds of stuff like the research at the other observatories and the university and other stuff that I totally didn’t get, so I had just hung back and let her do her thing. She was effervescent on the drive home, babbling away about how much fun it would be to work and do actual research in a place like that at night, and her enthusiasm made me excited for her. We ordered Chinese for dinner and just chilled back in my room all night. Our night was simple, but that’s what made it so great: just me and her and Chinese food and cheesy romcoms on cable. And then more sex.

“Hey,” she greeted me, grabbing my tie and pulling on it so I leaned down to her level and she could peck me on the cheek. “Nice assist.”

“Thanks. So, uh, the guys were talking about going out tonight? I didn’t know if you’d be interested.”

She hummed, tapping her finger against her closed lips as she thought. “It sounds fun, but remember? I didn’t really pack, so I don’t have going-out clothes to wear.” She gestured down at herself. “Unless a Letang jersey and ripped jeans are acceptable in clubs out here in Cali, which I seriously doubt.”

“Well, I’m sure I have something you can borrow,” Jamie piped in, Marc now beside her with his arm around her waist. I don’t think I’d ever seen him do that with her before. “I’ll have to change, too, so you can just come over and we’ll get ready.”

“Um, I doubt that I can pull off anything you have,” Jo replied, referring to their two very different body types.

“No, I think I have just the thing,” Jamie replied, eying her up and down and making Jo a little uncomfortable. I could see Jo squirm at the prospect of getting glammed up like Jamie. “Trust me, Jo. It’s my turn to work some magic.”

“If you say so,” she shrugged, and we all agreed on that plan of action as Pickles coordinated plans with Couture as we headed over to Jamie’s.

It was a nice, plush place she had. I didn’t know much about her, but she vaguely reminded me of a career-woman Barbie, and this was her pink mansion. Pickles plopped down in front of the TV and motioned for me to join him. “Might as well take a seat. These women are gonna take forever to get ready.”

“Nah, not Jo,” I replied, sitting beside him on the couch. It was faux leather, and I sunk into it. Nice. “She takes, like, two seconds to get ready.”

“Well, not Jamie. And not Jo when Jamie gets through with her either.”

While Pickles had been exaggerating, it definitely did take a long time for them to get ready: almost forty-five minutes. I was getting bored, ready to just call it a night and head back to the hotel for some shut-eye. We weren’t going to have much time out and about, because it was getting close to midnight.

Jamie descended the staircase first, and Pickles told her that she looked very pretty. I was too focused on waiting for Jo to come down next. She was wearing a shimmery, dark gray dress. It may not have been as flattering as her as it would have been on the owner of the dress, but I still thought Jo looked incredible. The skirt came down to her mid-thigh, and it had this straight neckline that showed off a bit of her shoulders. And plus, Jo was in really high, white heels that put her at the perfect height for me to kiss.

But before I could kiss her, she turned around to give me the view from behind, which was even better. It was backless, showing off so much skin, including almost all of her new tattoo. She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra, but she couldn’t have had on any panties either, because it dipped so low that it was almost scandalous. I had no idea how it was staying in place, but it was, somehow. Jo turned back around, and she was beaming. Her brown hair was pin-straight and looking silky smooth, her lips were pinker than usual and really shiny, and her hazel eyes were sparkling and surrounded by lines of black. “You like?”

Jo didn’t dress like this just because she wanted to or liked to. She dressed for comfort most of the time, in my clothes for half the time, leaving only a few occasions that she’d doll herself up like this. And when she did, she did it for me. I thought she looked sexiest when she was wearing my jersey or one of my shirts, but this was pretty damn sexy, too. I drank in the sight of her, all of her, in the smokin’ hot dress as well as her pretty, smiling face.

“Speechless?” she giggled, reaching out and taking my hand in hers.

I shook my head, wordlessly telling her “no,” but still being unable to say it. Then I brought her hand up to my mouth and kissed the back of it. When I finally found my voice, I told her, “Are you sure we have to go out?”

She laughed again, throwing her head back. “Yes, we do,” she replied, moving beside me and wrapping her arm around my middle. The two girls exchanged a knowing glance. “Jamie’s got good taste, doesn’t she?”

“Definitely,” I answered, my fingers lightly tracing her spine. I watched as Jo bit her glossy bottom lip, trying to suppress the shiver that threatened to shake her body. God, I wanted to take her back to the hotel already. This was going to be a long night.

We headed out, since it was already getting late. Everyone else was already there; I suppose this is what it means to be “fashionably late.”

The club we went to seemed a little shady to me, but the guys said they had lots of fun there and Jo seemed okay with it. I had reservations about the place as soon as we approached it, but I seemed to be the only one. The inside didn’t look as bad as the outside, though. The bouncer didn’t card Jo, which probably should have been an indication that this wasn’t exactly a reputable place. We headed straight up for the VIP section, where there were some plush couches, an expansive bar, and a dance floor. There were other, non-hockey playing patrons here beyond the velvet rope, but they ignored us, so I figured this was a usual thing and no one paid much mind to us Sharks.

Some of the guys stood lined up at the bar, and some were on the myriad of couches, surrounded by scantily clad, fake-looking girls. Jamie’s head bobbed in time with the heavy bass.

“Well, it’s no Diesel,” Jo chuckled to me, reaching for my hand again. She squeezed and tugged on it. “I like this song. Come dance with me.”

I leaned down to talk in her ear, even though the music wasn’t overly loud. “I will, but I’m gonna get us something to drink first. Coke?” I asked her, wanting to get comfortable and settled in before dancing.

She nodded at me, squeezing my hand before she let go. I had kind of expected a little pout to guilt me into following her out onto the floor, but she didn’t. Jo knew my habits by now, knew that I liked to chill out for a moment and take it in before going crazy—especially in new places. I wanted to check the club out first and get used to the scene. “Okay. But once you get those drinks... come find me, stud.”

I moved to stand with the guys at the bar to get a water and a Coke. The service was pretty quick; my teammates must have been hotshots here. It wasn’t long before I had a bottle of water in my left hand a glass of soda in the other. I turned, looking around the room at the lay out and atmosphere. Definitely wasn’t the type of place I’d choose myself. It was nice enough looking, but the crowd was iffy. Why were there so many people here on a Tuesday night?

As I took in our surroundings, I was simultaneously scanning the room for Jo. I couldn’t miss her in that sparkly dress. Hell, I’d always be able to single her out in a crowd. She was dancing out there with Jamie. I should have walked right up to her, handed her her Coke, pressed my body against hers, and danced with her all night until she wanted to leave... but I got caught up in watching her move rhythmically to the music, the fabric of the dress swaying around her legs, and her tattoo playing peek-a-boo from behind the side of her dress and I almost didn’t want to stop watching.

But my trance ended abruptly when another man stepped up behind her and placed his hands on her hips. I watched as Jo chuckled and stuck her ass into his groin and turned her head to the side, not quite looking up at him. Although I was too far away to hear her, I could read her lips as she said to him, “I thought you were getting our drinks?” When he didn’t respond, she asked, “Kris?” as she turned around and faced him. She wasn’t looking to dance with any guy; she thought he was me.

His hands never let go; in fact, he must have interpreted Jo’s action of spinning around as encouragement, because he grabbed onto her ass with both greedy, grubby hands and pulled her against him. Once Jo recognized that guy as not me, she made a move to back away from him, just like I knew she would when she realized she wasn’t dancing with me. I watched and made out more words as she apologized to him. “I’m sorry. I thought you were somebody else.”

The drunken sleaze ball drawled out, “That’s all right, sexy. I’ll be whoever you want me to be.”

She pushed against his chest, trying to get away. “Uh, no thanks, I have a boyfriend.” His unrelenting hold on her, however, never loosened. Jo grabbed his arms, and I could see her nails digging spitefully into his skin as she tried to pry his hands off her. “Let go. I said, let go!”

That was when he went too far, instigating the situation when he didn’t acknowledge her rejection and then didn’t leave her alone like he should have. My blood began to boil, and my grip on the objects in my hands tightened. That’s what spurred me into action, when the situation began to escalate and he put her safety in jeopardy. The guys had turned to look at me, to see what I was going to do, but I was already moving. I set down the drinks on the bar—or more like slammed them down, making liquid slosh out and spill everywhere—and headed in their direction, fully intent on removing his grabby hands from my girlfriend.

“Hey!” I hollered, elbowing past some passersby to get to her. If he didn’t back off, I was going to make him regret it. I was going to rip to his arms out of their sockets or break his hands. Seeing a man treat a girl like this was enough to get under my skin; when she said “no,” he should have immediately let go and walked away. This was disrespectful and disgusting, and generally would have bothered me—but that feeling was infinitely multiplied because he was touching my girlfriend that way.

I wasn’t a possessive or jealous boyfriend, but he wasn’t stepping back. Someone needed to do something, and that someone was going to be me. It was my duty to make sure she was safe and protected and cared for. This wasn’t a reaction borne from feeling like someone was trespassing on my property; this asshole was violating her personal space and her wishes, and I never wanted to see Jo treated like that, by anyone. The fact that he was inappropriately making a move on the woman I loved more than anything else in this world only added fuel to the fire.

Apparently, he was too drunk to hear anything—my demands or Jo’s rejections. “Whassa matter, baby?” he slurred, leaning his face down even closer toward hers as he continued to grope her. He was drunk, but anyone in his position should have been able to figure out Jo was clearly not interested.

It didn’t appear like they heard me, though. The moment felt like it took forever, but it really happened so fast. I hollered again, trying to get him to notice me and realize that he needed to back off. “Get your hands off of her!”

I was three steps away and could clearly hear his words now, but before I could get there to intervene, I watched as Jo’s face changed, past disgust or frustration to flat-out pissed off. She didn’t bother looking around for assistance though; she took matters into her own hands by clenching her hand into a fist and popping that pig right square in the jaw.

His face turned to the side; although it was a solid shot by Jo, she didn’t have the force behind it to really hurt him. It was the surprise moreso that caught him off guard rather than a substantial amount of pain. He quickly let go of her and she took two steps back. One of his hands reached up to the spot on his face where she had made contact, but he didn’t make a move to step away and defuse the situation.

When he looked back at her again, his face was blank. I wasn’t sure if it was because of the alcohol or any anger he was now feeling. In fact, I wasn’t sure what his next move was going to be. Neither did anyone else, I guess, because the entire group of people around us—even people we didn’t know—had stopped dancing and were now watching intently to see what was going to go down. You never know how intoxicated people are going to react, and I was now really, really worried for Jo’s safety.

I inserted myself between them, shielding Jo behind me and puffing out my chest like I was in Animal Kingdom or something. I felt as Jo grabbed fistfuls of my shirt at each of my sides, and I asserted myself as her boyfriend, as her protector. Adrenaline was coursing through my system and my heartbeat was pounding so loudly in my ears that I completely blocked out the music. I couldn’t even hear my own words. “Back. Off.”

He stared at me, and I stared right back, neither of us blinking. The seconds ticked by like hours, so painstakingly slowly, as I waited for his reaction. He glanced back at Jo, shook his head, and grumbled something unintelligibly before he drunkenly made an about-face and slunk off into the crowd. I let out the breath I had been holding in, letting my lungs and chest deflate. Crisis averted.

Once I was sure that he was gone and no longer a threat to Jo, I turned around and cupped her face in my hands. “Are you okay?”

Jo nodded, appearing shocked at what just happened. Everyone was still looking at us, so I wrapped my arm protectively around her shoulders, holding her tightly to me and hiding her from their spying eyes as I headed back to the safety of a well-lit, corner booth. I slid into the booth seat and she followed in after me.

“You sure you’re okay?” I asked again, getting a better look at her face now that we were in the light. Her eyes were a little wide. It doesn’t matter how prepared you may be to handle that kind of a situation; it’s always a shock to be confronted like that.

“Yeah, I’m okay. What a fucking asshole. I’ve never had someone just, like, not get the picture.” Jo shook her head, letting out a breath as if she were trying to let go of her emotions. Then she put her hand on the table and flexed her fingers. “That hurt.”

I picked up her hand and kissed her red knuckles one by one, feeling her quick pulse. Despite her casual demeanor, she was still a little shaken up by this. No one expects to get treated like that. “I can’t believe you did that.”

“Did what?” she questioned, looking at me carefully.

“You just punched some guy, in the middle of the club.”

Jo continued to look at me, and I wasn’t sure how to interpret that. “He wouldn’t back up off me. He wouldn’t take his hands off me. I did what anyone else would have done.”

“I know what happened, Jo, I saw the whole thing. I was coming over to help.”

She snorted. “Help? You seem to forget, Kris, that I grew up with a brother and hung out with his jock, hockey team friends. I know how to throw a punch and defend myself. James made sure of it.”

“But you’re a girl,” I said, frustration leaking into my voice.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” she hissed.

“He’s a guy. He’s stronger than you. If you made him mad, you could have made things a lot worse. He was drunk, so who knows what he would have done.”

“What was I supposed to do? Let him grope me in the middle dance of the dance floor? Wait for you to show up? No offense, Kris, but I had everything under control. I don’t need any help from you.”

I didn’t know how to react to that. No way Jo could have held her own against that guy if he had gotten physical—even more physical—with her. He may have been in a public place like a club, but he was drunk and obviously capable of anything if he had been so aggressive with her to begin with. Maybe I could have been overreacting, but I didn’t think so. “I was right there! I would have handled him for you! He looked pissed, Jo, and I wouldn’t’ve put it past him to hit you back. Jo, I was scared for you,” I admitted, squeezing her hand and waiting for her reaction.

I didn’t get to see it though, because some of the guys joined us at the table.

“Dude!” Couture laughed, plopping down. “That was awesome! I’ve never seen a chick punch someone before!”

“We need an enforcer, since Shelley got traded. Wanna be a Shark, Jo? We’ll put in a good word with Coach for you,” Mitch chuckled.

She didn’t laugh, but she went along with their joke. “Too bad I can’t skate for shit.”

“Who says you need to skate?” Mitch continued. “You only need to be able to stand up so you can throw a few.”

A man approached our table, and I could tell he was the manager before he even opened his mouth. “I just wanted to stop over to apologize. I hope you’re all right, miss,” he said, trying to cover his own ass, when his bartenders shouldn’t have been serving someone so overly intoxicated.

“I’m okay,” she told him.

“We took care of him, so you don’t need to worry about him. Everything from here on in tonight is on the house, to show you how sorry we are.”

The guys nodded, waiting until the manager left before they hooted and hollered in excitement. They were professional athletes, so it’s not like they couldn’t’ve paid. “Sweet! Free drinks! Come on, let’s go celebrate!” McGinn cheered, his delight causing him to speak up for once.

“What are we still sitting here for?” Logan seconded. “We gotta toast Jo. It’s free, so we’re going top shelf.”

Jo spun her legs over the edge of the seat and stood up. “Jo,” I started, not wanting to see her join the guys at the bar.

“What, Kristopher?” she sighed, looking down at me as I sat there and looked up at her. “Don’t even start with me right now, okay? I’m not letting some asshole guy ruin my night, so I’m going to get a free drink and try to forget about it. If there’s one thing you should have learned tonight, it’s that I’m a big fucking girl and I can take care of myself. I’ll behave myself, so just chill out. Okay?”

“Fine,” I mumbled, slumping back in the booth. “Go do whatever you want.”

“I will,” she snapped back at me, turning on her heel and walking away from me. Logan handed her a shot, and they all raised their little glass cups in the air and clinked them together. I looked away before I watched them drink.


  1. No no NOOOO! Let everything go back to being perfect, please! Ugh, I knew their blissfulness wouldn't last the entire trip, booooo. I'm a little annoyed with Kris, he should have intervened sooner.
    I hate Kris's new teammates, what asswipes.

    Miss Jay, don't leave us hanging to long. Cause I don't like these two upset with each other.

  2. awww, no! This chapter started out so hilariously sweet and then that asshole had to come along and ruin it! Kris was so, so adorable just wanting to be with his girlfriend and have a good time. Plus, it's so obvious the way he dotes on Jo and just wants to see her happy. It was going to be even more sweet when Kris stepped in, wanting to protect Jo but I was even more happy to see her take care of herself on her own.

    Even though Kris is mad now, it seems like it's actually just his pride that's hurt. He obviously wanted to be the one to physically protect her but I'm siding with Jo on this one. She took care of herself and Kris should just be proud of her for not being a bimbo weakling.

    Great chapter!!!! I look forward to them making up :)

  3. NO!!!What are you doing to me? haha

    Part of me is siding with Jo and part of me with Kris. I'm happy that Jo defended herself, I think every female should be taught how to kick a guys ass, but she was surrounded by Kris and a bunch of other hockey players. One of them would have taken care of the drunk guy for her. Kris is right. People are crazy and hitting the a-hole could have pissed him off even more.

    I really don't want them to be mad at each other and now that Jo is going to drink, the situation between them isn't going to get any better. They have come so far in the past few months. I kind of feel like their relationship is back to where is was a few months ago when Jo was drinking and got drugged.

  4. Hmmm, it's hard to know what could have been wrong with this post before since it reads so smoothly now.

    Obviously I have an episode of South Park that I need to look up.

    Again his teammates seem to be extra juvenile, even for hockey players. Hopefully getting whipped into shape for the playoffs will help them mentally as well. Hard to believe this is the team that won the conference, they seem so dysfunctional. And where is fat Joe?

    Jo looking all hot? And who is this for, Kris or his teammates or random San Jose perverts? Maybe she doesn't realize that looking different will get her a different reaction from people. Once again in a crisis, you see how different they actually are deep down. While I think it's great that Jo can take care of herself (which she has to do at home), I worry that Kris is already emasculated enough with his team, and Jo slugging the drunk guy takes away from his macho hockey-ness. A tricky balance. On the other hand, the team may be realizing how much fun Jo can be, which would be good for getting them to cut Kris some slack.

    Will we be continuing the night at the club? I'll have to wait and see.

  5. Jay, Jay, Jay.

    I feel like I need to start every comment with that.

    First of all my first thought about this whole thing was exactly what MelTing mentionned. It would be tough for Kris to feel all emasculated by the team and then watch, with all said teammates, as some guy gets grabby with your girlfriend and she in turn slugs him in the face and tells you she doesn't need you.

    I HATE to say this, but I am kind of glad they have something other than bliss running through their relationship. I was afraid Jo would change too much, but nope, she is still there apparently. I am worried about her drinking with the guys, again agreeing with an above comment, we all know what happened when she got a little crazy with the guys in Pittsburgh, but hopefully she can deal with this, she is much stronger and healthier now. Best case scenario, she has some fun and wins over the guys.

    The contrast in opinion in her between the Pittsburgh guys and the San Jose guys was super effective of metaphorically demonstrating the difference of mind set of the two groups as well as Jo's progression. Well done.

    As for Jo, I am kind of a 'fuck you I do what I want' natured person when it comes to standing up for myself, and as cute as a guy stepping in for you can be, sometimes it just burns irrationally when someone feels like they need to protect you, like you aren`t capable, especially when a guy was the one who crossed you in the first place. But, Kris is right, drunk guys can do a lot of stupid things.

    But, had Jo seen Kris` logic, especially knowing his history with his dad, I think it would have been a lot harder for her to get mad at him. That man has a friggen heart of gold, seriously such incredibly romantic intentions, just taken the wrong way.

    Beyond all this, which I am sure they can get past - WHY DIDN'T SHE TALK TO HIM AT THE OBSERVATORY. Jay, you are fucking killing me. That conversation is going to be so pivotal and every time I feel like we are actually going to figure out what is happening post-spring break you throw me for another loop. Kris' obliviousness about her cues, too, talking about how fun it would be to research at the obervatory, etc, was kind of funny because of how true it was. For some reason I am under the impression that had it been the other way around, Jo would have picked up on the hints. Guys are just dense sometimes :)

    Loved it from the new guy getting picked on, to knowing that she got dressed up like that for him and appreciating it although he likes her better in his shirts (could that possibly have anything to do with what they do BEFORE she puts on his shirt?) to the asshole grabbing her to the fight.

    Now, go make everything better. Thanks.

  6. Am I wrong in thinking that Jo gave up her bike, weed and alcohol when she met Kris??? Should we be worried by this recent turn of events of her drinking a shot? Like she said, she was going to get A free drink... hmm. Guess I'll have to wait and see!
    I've got to echo Mel here, this post flowed so smoothly that I can't fault it. If you ever write a book, I'll buy it! :)

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    I'm just supremely worried about Jo drinking with the guys. Oh Lord, I really hope it doesn't lead to anything crazy =/ Keep her safe please. And keep Kris in check. I don't want him running his mouth and making her all angry.

    Damn that drunken asshole for starting this chain of events!

    Amazingggg update, Jay!(:

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    Sooo mean to Kristopher : (

    Alright, so the dress, it sounds HOT.
    Drunk dude at the club...I'D PUNCH HIM OUT [YOU KNOW IT : )] asshole.
    I can't believe Jo punched him HAHA I was sooo shocked!! Way to go Jo!!
    I thought Kris would have been out in the crowd so much faster than he actually was!

    And now Jo's pissy with Kris..ohhhh the drama.
    I like how the guys wanna hang out with her now. Now that she punched out a dude, and gets free drinks haha men.

    Can't wait for the next one!

  9. This line made me melt. He's so adorable!

    "The fact that he was inappropriately making a move on the woman I loved more than anything else in this world only added fuel to the fire."

  10. Both Kris and Jo were right. Every female needs to know how to defend herself the best she can, but they have to have discernment of the situation. Like knowing that it's a last resort to protect their well-being, because Kris was right in what he said, too. The drunk guy could have went off on Jo, and over powered her, etc.

    I hope that Jo doesn't get out of hand boozing it up, and that they make-up quickly.

  11. OK, that punch was. just. wonderful. Glad to see Jo is still tough. And I loved the comment about her not needing to skate, just throw punches. She wouldn't be the first flip-flopper the Sharks have had on the roster. I can't remember all the times we were blessed to see Cheechoo fall to the ice.

    Something that's really been bugging me though -- San Jose is in Northern California, the Bay Area, and most definitely not Southern California.

    Had to get that off my mind. But I LOVE everything else, as always. Can't wait for more!

  12. Thanks for the correction. I shall fix it expediently. :)

    You can tell I'm a Pittsburgh girl, through and through.

  13. I'm really glad that she's sticking up for herself, but blahh, i hate them fighting. I hope they make up, that would be such a bitter way for her to leave

  14. ;) I would be too. I wouldn't ever be able to string two things together outside of California!

  15. I blame their parents! Didn't they teach them the golden rule of relationships? If you are with his/her friends or coworkers you don't make him/her look bad. You don't correct their grammer, point out when they are wrong, tell embarrassing stories or anything else that paints them in a bad light or gives people ammunition to use against them. On the way home you can tell them all the things they did wrong if you must.
    I'm not saying Jo shouldn't have punched the guy but I don't think she should have told Kris she didn't need his help.
    Plus let's face it, it's easier to be tough and handle things when you are in a bar surrounded by your boyfriend and his jock teammates.**I inserted myself between them, shielding Jo behind me and puffing out my chest like I was in Animal Kingdom or something. I felt as Jo grabbed fistfuls of my shirt at each of my sides, and I asserted myself as her boyfriend, as her protector.**
    If she could have told his asshole teammates that it was easy to be tough when she knew Kris had her back,(even if she really believed she didn't need him) it would have changed everything.
    Sorry some things just get me riled up! End of rant.

    Sweetest man ever!(sigh)
    **But Monday had been amazing; Jo had been so excited to go to the observatory. I’m not gonna lie—that telescope stuff went right over my head, and I stopped listening and paying attention about two minutes into the tour. But I watched the way that Jo was absolutely fascinated by every word that guide said. She asked a bunch of questions and was the first to look at everything, much to the annoyance of the other guests. She was like a kid in a candy store, and as long as Jo was happy, I was happy.**

    I love them together please don't let them waste the rest their time together fighting.

    Can't wait for more.

    **puffing out my chest like I was in Animal Kingdom or something.** so funny!

  16. As I go...

    "besides, when you lose by six goals, that’s not one player’s fault: that’s an entire team meltdown."
    ^^ Ok I know it's random, but I love how Kris doesn't blame the goalie. I mean, I know hockey boys that do that a lot... whenever they lose it's the goalies fault and they don't take any of the blame... I heart that he doesn't do that!

    I could understand them being annoyed at the time being spent with Jo if she lived here and he did it every day... but she's visiting for a reason you MORONS! I mean, come on... he won't see her again for HOW LONG?! Gah, Kris' team-mates kinda piss me off btw lol

    “You’re such a woman. How does it feel to have a vagina?”
    ^^ I'm 99% sure you're channelling my friends right now... too funny.

    “I’d like to keep my dick as wet as possible, and girlfriends are the biggest cock blocks.”
    ^^ Ughhhh again. I don't have words for how dumb some of his team-mates are. I mean, I know every team is gonna have some morons but I'm pretty sure that the only team worse then these guys, are the flyers.

    "She was glowing, just like she had been up on Mt Hamilton, and that light had stayed with her ever since."
    ^^ Heart! Ohhh Kris! I seriously love him, Jay. He's just so... adorable! The way he thinks about Jo, I think most of the time he thinks the sun rises and sets on her.

    "Marc now beside her with his arm around her waist. I don’t think I’d ever seen him do that with her before."
    ^^ Oh! This made me really happy too! Are Jo and Kris being a good influence on Mr. Marc?!

    "She dressed for comfort most of the time, in my clothes for half the time, leaving only a few occasions that she’d doll herself up like this."
    ^^ Haha again... one of the many reasons I love Jo. She's just, Jo. There's nothing else you can really say... she does what she feels like doing and she doesn't feel like she has to apologise for being that way.

    UGHHHHHHH Creepy drunk guy... what a douche!! That's all I can comment about this part. I hate drunk boys in bars.

    "I inserted myself between them, shielding Jo behind me and puffing out my chest like I was in Animal Kingdom or something."
    ^^ LMFAO! Ohhh no! I can see it so clearly... Kris trying to be this big protective boyfriend. Sorry hun, in case you forget, your gf just clocked that guy... I think you're like 30 seconds too late lol

    Wonderful as always! Well, up until the last line. Now you're just breaking my poor little heart!
    Seriously though... now I get to go read the next one right away... YAY!