Thursday, June 24, 2010

103.) Phone Call

“And you don’t care?”

“No,” I told them, shaking my head. I didn’t see what the big deal was, and I certainly didn’t think that they had any reason to get so concerned about something that didn’t affect them and something that they especially didn’t understand.

“Even though you’ve never met him? That doesn’t bother you at all?” Couture pressed, looking at me like I should have been wrapped in a straight jacket.

“Are you implying that you think my girlfriend would cheat on me?” I gave him a very stern look, waiting for his answer.

“No,” he mumbled, picking at the food on his plate. “I’ve met her. We’ve all met her. We can obviously see that she’s crazy in love with you.”

I nodded, forking some pasta into my mouth and chewing with sharp, deliberate movements. They were trying to get some kind of reaction out of me, but it wasn’t going to work. Swallowing, I asked, “Then what is it I’m supposed to care about, exactly?”

A few of the other guys around the table began to speak at once. “This Dave guy.” “People are going to start talking....” “It’s just not right.” “Guys and girls just can’t be friends.”

Answering them all in one fell swoop, I told them, “I trust Jo to be hanging around the right people. She’s not going to spend time with someone who’s going to disrespect her like that.” Jo and I had talked about this on more than one occasion, about making good decisions. One of those types of decisions involved surrounding herself with a good support system. She had the girlfriends of my former teammates, and now she had the EMT who had responded to her accident. I hadn’t met him, but I didn’t need to; a guy like that couldn’t be bad. Plus, Tubby had met him, and he was way more protective of Jo than I was. If Tubby didn’t have an issue with him, than neither did I.

McGinn chuckled. “Even if he did put the moves on her, she’d just punch him anyway.”

I scowled at him, irritated at Jamie for even bringing that up. “It’ll never even get to that point. For several reasons.” I really had to believe that. As stubborn as Jo could be, she wouldn’t put herself in another precarious situation, where she’d have to even think about punching someone for whatever reason, after the fight we had following that scene at the club. “Plus, she’d never cheat. She’d never let something like that happen. She’s more worried about girls hitting on me—”

The guys started to groan, shaking their heads and looking at me like I was stupid. Couture spoke up for the collective group. “Let me guess. She doesn’t let you go out and play with us because she’s afraid you’ll get into trouble when you’re hanging around the single guys?”

“Ahem,” Pickles cleared his throat, apparently feeling left out.

“Oh, it’s different for you,” Mitch countered, trying to put it in perspective. “Your girlfriend’s in town. You wanna get your dick wet, you just go over to her place. Letang’s girl’s across the country for another month yet, and hanging out with another dude who he doesn’t know, yet she cares about him being around other girls. Completely different scenario.”

Placing my elbow on the table and then scratching my forehead, I thought about what he said. Jo had told me on several different occasions, that I was oblivious to girls hitting on me and checking me out—and that she preferred that I not associate with girls outside of the WAGs. It didn’t really bother me, because I wasn’t looking to go hang out with other girls under the pretense of needing specifically female company; Jo was the only girl for me. I loved her so much and I needed her even if she wasn’t here, and I’d never hurt her and ruin the wonderful thing we had together.

When she told me about her plans yesterday, to go see Clash of the Titans on its release date with Dave, I didn’t care—for multiple reasons. First off, I thought it was a good thing for her to get out of the apartment and away from her books for a while. She had given that speech that she had agonized over for a whole week, even though I still don’t quite get why she got so worked up over something like that. Going out to the movies was something nice that she got to do for herself now that it was over. I had no problem with the activity or who she chose to do it with.

Second, Dave was just a guy who she would talk to in between classes, but he also was one of the guys who had responded to her accident and took care of her—so I automatically respected him. I hadn’t met him before, but I knew about him long before I had been traded. It hadn’t bothered me when I was in Pittsburgh, so it didn’t start bugging me now. The reason she had never hung out with him outside of university before now was because I was there, and she spent her non-school time with me or at work; Jo now had more free time to spend with other people now since I wasn’t there to monopolize her time.

Third, it was a movie, not a romantic dinner or something like that. They would have been a dark room, sure—but with a bunch of other people, too. Who else would she go with? I’m pretty sure none of the girls she knew would be interested in it. And lastly... like Jo would ever let me tell her she couldn’t do something, anyway. That would be sure to start a fight.

But then the theatre had been sold out, so Jo ended up going to Dave’s house, ordering a pizza, and hanging out with Dave and his roommates Drew, Wayne, and Carl. That still hadn’t bothered me. She hadn’t been alone with Dave in his bedroom or anything to give him any wrong impressions; they were a group of people hanging out. I knew that Jo only saw these guys as friends because she already had a boyfriend—and even if we weren’t conveniently in the same town, she certainly wasn’t shopping around for a new man. Plus, Jo had always been friends with tons of guys, more than she was with girls, so she was more than capable of platonic relationships with guys. Her best friend was a guy.

My teammates, however, found plenty wrong with this situation. They were all suspicious of a girl who would hang out with a guy and a bunch of said guy’s friends, when said boyfriend didn’t know said guy who was from a part of said girl’s world with which said boyfriend was relatively unfamiliar. They didn’t think Jo would cheat, but there was still some kind of impropriety that didn’t sit right with them, and it started me thinking about it.

Was it hypocritical of Jo? Yes. Absolutely. Jo, from Day One, had her jealousy rear its ugly head. She couldn’t stand to have another girl merely look at me. Of course she knew that I’d never, ever hurt her, and she even told me that she trusted me. She just didn’t trust the other girls who would flirt with me and hit on me and try to get in my pants—even though I’d never let them get that far, or even remotely close.

Did that mean that I should be distrusting of other guys hanging around Jo? If Jo were in fact right about me being oblivious to this kind of stuff and naïve and too trusting of other people, then maybe I should be more concerned about this. Sure, I trusted Jo, and I trusted her to make good decisions... but that didn’t mean I should automatically trust this Dave guy.

But then again, Jo had been completely honest with me about what happened last night. She told me about how the night had been really awkward when they got back to his place, explaining that she thought Dave seemed generally like an all-around nice guy but that she had overheard his friends saying previously that she was mean to him and lying to him about dating a professional hockey player. I told Jo just to show them that picture of us up on Mt Hamilton to prove that she was telling the truth, but she refused and said that she didn’t want to be friends with people who would think that she’d lie over something like that. However, Jo did say that the guys—acting like typical guys—didn’t even dare to mention it or question her about it, so they just forgot about it and just watched The Hangover and played a few games of pool before calling it a night.

Jo was open about the whole thing. She knew that secrets bugged the hell out of me, so she didn’t hold back—she told me everything. And she wasn’t going to make stuff up or lie about it. I had nothing to worry about.

The guys sitting around this table at Original Joe’s, though, were looking at me with careful eyes. If all five of them were expressing concern or uncertainty with this situation, then maybe there was something wrong with it. Besides, if Jo wanted to tell me that I should stay away from other girls, then she shouldn’t have a problem with following her own advice and staying away from other guys to appease me. After all, Jo’s said that one of her biggest pet peeves is hypocrisy.

Although, I saw the other side again and thought to myself that Dave was only acting like a friend, and that’s exactly what Jo needed: friends. As long as he continued to act like a friend to her and nothing more, then I was happy that she had one more person out there in Pittsburgh to have on her side.

But then again, what kind of guy tries to be friends with a girl who has a boyfriend? A fuckin’ prick, that’s who. She’s taken, and happily so... so what was he doing talking to her? Especially when he knew that I was Jo’s boyfriend and we were dealing with the complications of a long-distance relationship. A guy had to be doing that for a reason: to break us up.

Unless, of course, he was legitimately trying to be a friend and just a friend. I had the capacity to be just friends with girls, and I did have friends that were girls. Not many, but there was Charlene, and of course the WAGs.

Ugh, it all felt so complicated. I was bouncing back and forth between keeping my original stance where I trusted Jo to choose her friends carefully, which therefore meant I trusted that Dave was a good guy, and adopting the opinion of my teammates that something wasn’t right about Dave wanting to hang around with Jo. The boundary line between what was socially acceptable—and what wasn’t—was very blurry. I didn’t know what to think anymore.

Couture shrugged and resumed eating. “As long as it doesn’t bother you...” he started, his voice dropping off as he let his thought hang in the air. But the more the guys talked about it, the more they convinced me that maybe I should be worried. Or at least a little concerned.

Mitch shook his head. “All I know is, if my bitch was spending all her time with some guy, especially someone who I didn’t know or even met before, I’d knock him out.”

I sighed, knowing that there wasn’t a reason for me to overreact like that. I would do anything to protect Jo, but I wouldn’t take my anger out like that. Besides, it takes two people to cheat, and Jo would never; she’s not a hypocrite. “But she’s not spending time with him because she wants to. She does it because she has to, because she doesn’t have a lot of friends in Pittsburgh and I’m not there.”

McGinn snorted. He was usually so quiet, but he was particularly talkative today. “Exactly, Tanger. You’re not there. She’s probably lonely. If she needs someone to be there for her, he’s going to be there. And you won’t be. You can’t be there, because you’re thousands of miles away.”

“But she can call me. We talk all the time,” I told them, rationalizing why I felt the way I did.

“Not the same as you being there in person,” Mitch said. “She could not mean for it to happen, but he’s right there. What happens when she’s missing you and needs someone to comfort her?”

My jaw ticked as I thought of that scene. Jo could innocently want a shoulder to cry on, and maybe the girls are busy—or maybe she’s at school when she’s going through a rough period of time in dealing with our separation—so Dave is the person suddenly put in the position to soothe and console her. Putting an arm around her. Hugging her. Wiping the tears from her cheeks. No, that wasn’t okay.

Couture added, “I mean, are you assuming that she’ll never get hit on again just because she’s got a boyfriend? I know you remember what happened when we were at the club—”

“Enough,” I grumbled, dropping my fork as I lost my appetite completely. I sat back in my chair and gazed up at the ceiling. They were giving me too much to think about it, and it was impossible to digest it all. This entire conversation began after our practice, when Pickles had mentioned he wanted to go see Clash of the Titans, but I told him that Jo had wanted to go but the shows had been sold out so far for the opening weekend. One single, casual comment led to all this.

“Just tell her that she can’t hang out with him anymore. Problem solved,” Mitch said innocently.

I knew that wasn’t a solution. Not in the slightest. She wouldn’t appreciate me telling her what to do. And even though I wasn’t feeling comfortable with this anymore, I still trusted her—even though I wasn’t sure how I could reconcile those two attitudes. I wasn’t sure what to do in order to find a way to make myself be okay with this. After all, I had told Jo that I was glad for her, that she was making new friends. I couldn’t take it back now.

Stupid teammates for opening their big mouths. If they hadn’t’ve said any of that stuff, this wouldn’t bother me. Ignorance is bliss, right? But would I rather the veil be over my eyes? No, not if that meant I could get blindsided with finding out something—

I started to shake my head. No, see, that would never happen. Jo would never cheat, on me or on anyone or ever, period; I knew that as sure I knew I’d never cheat on her. Pushing away from the table, I grabbed a twenty from my wallet and threw it onto the table. No way could I sit there with them and listen to anymore of that. I didn’t even tell them I was leaving or what I was going to do; I just left. The walk back to the hotel, where I could talk to her privately, felt like it should have been short, but it took forever. There was too much to think about.

The first thing I did when I walked into my room was to open the mini-fridge and grab one of the remaining bottles of water that Jo had stocked me up with. Then I cracked it open and took a sip before I flopped down on the bed and pulled out my cell to call Jo. I had to talk to her if for no other reason than her voice would reassure me.

Her line kept ringing and ringing, almost to the point where I would have gotten her voice mail. When she finally answered, she sounded surprised to hear from me. “Kris, hey. What’s up? I figured you’d be out eating with the guys.”

“I was,” I told her gruffly, suddenly suspicious about what she doing while she thought I was too busy to call. Funny how one conversation had altered my attitude so quickly. I never thought of myself as a jealous person, but I wanted—needed—to know what she was up to and who she was with. Trying to make it not sound like I was check up on her, I asked, “So... what’s up with you?”

“I just got out of the shower. There was a one o’clock game at the arena, so I have to head over in a little bit for work and I was getting ready.”

“On a Saturday afternoon?” I asked, surprised about that. I guess all that talk over lunch had convinced me that she’d be with Dave right now.

“Yeah. I’ve been picking up shifts, and since it’s spring and the games are earlier, it’s perfect for some extra cash. Why aren’t you with the guys?”

I turned serious. “I left and came back to my room.”

“So does that mean you’re alone?” she asked, the tone of her voice changing. “For the afternoon?”

“Um, yeah.”

She chuckled and spoke huskily. “You know, I have some time before I have to leave. And guess what?”

“What?” I asked.

“I’m not wearing any clothes.” I sucked in a sharp breath as I pictured exactly what she said: Jo, naked, just out of the shower, her body wet and pink from scrubbing and washing. “I wish you were here, babe. I wish you were here to touch me.”

“Me, too,” I groaned, feeling my cock twitch in my pants. We’d been apart for a full two weeks, fourteen straight days, which was the longest we’d gone without sex since we got together.

“And where would you like to touch me? Tell me.”

I gave her an honest but nondescript answer. “Everywhere.”

“Where?” she asked again, begging me to participate. “Please, Kris. Talk to me.”


“This won’t work unless you talk to me.”

“I, uh, I don’t know what to say,” I confessed honestly, now having officially forgotten the reason for my calling. This was all the reassurance that I needed to know how much Jo loved me and cared for me; she’d never look elsewhere even though I couldn’t be there how either of us would like to. I was now caught up in the moment and turned on, and I missed her, too. And I missed making love to her. But I didn’t know what to do or say. I preferred to let my hands do all the talking.

“Come on, babe, please,” she pleaded. “I’m so horny, so hot for you. I just took a cold shower, but right now even the sound of your voice makes me want you. Don’t you miss being with me?”

“God, yes,” I moaned, not even noticing that I was taking the lord’s name in vain. I was getting hard just thinking about how I wanted to be in the same room with her and what we could do or would do if we were.

“Okay, then how about I start?” I could tell by the tone of her voice that she was trying to gently coax me into this and ease me into it. “I wanna suck on your cock. Mmm, I bet you’re hard for me already. Are you?”

“Uh huh,” I breathed.

“I want your pants off.” As she said that, I took her cue and reached down with my free hand to pop the button, unzip the fly, and pulled my erection out of my boxers. I curled my hand around and squeezed gently, rubbing the tip with my thumb as she talked. “I’m stroking you, up and down. You like that, don’t you?”

I started to jack myself off, just how she was describing. “Yeah.”

“I love giving you head, Kris. Kissing your big, hard dick. Licking you from your balls all the way up. Mmmm.”

If I had been thinking clearly, I would have realized how stupid this was. If Jo had been here and really doing this, she wouldn’t have been able to talk. In fact, I would have probably laughed at the things she was saying. But I had missed her and missed her body, and this was the next best thing to sex with her. I pumped my hand up and down as she talked about what she was “doing” with her mouth to me, and I got lost in the fantasy that she was really here, doing all those things.

“Do you like this, babe?”


“Do you wanna fuck me, Kris?”

“Yes,” I hissed, imagining her here and underneath me, squirming with anticipation as I hovered over her. Picturing myself rubbing my dick against the fleshy folds between her legs before finally stretching her open and sinking into her warm, awaiting entrance.

“Say it. Say you wanna fuck me.”

My mind was clouded and unfocused, but I somehow worked my mouth to repeat her words. “I wanna fuck you.” Jo whimpered when I said that, giving me a modicum of courage to go a step further. “I wanna be inside you so bad, Jo.”

“Yes, Kris,” she moaned, the sound music to my ears.

I wanted to know what she was doing on her end of the line. I slowed my hand movements as I asked her, “What are you doing? Are you... touching... yourself?”

“I’m rubbing my clit,” she told me between short breaths, “and pretending that it’s your tongue. Feels so good when you go down on me, babe.”

I thought about what it would be like to do that right now, and the words spilled forth of their own volition. “You taste so good.”

She squeaked and panted into the phone, and I knew she liked what she was hearing. “Keep talking.”

“I...” I struggled to put my thoughts and desires into words, but I tried to, for her—even though I felt stupid. “I love eating you out.”

“Yes,” she whispered. “God, I need you inside me.”

My hand moved faster, needing the same thing. It never felt as good to climax unless I was surrounded by her wet heat. “Use your fingers. Put them inside you.”

“Oh, Kris, yes. Don’t stop. Fuck me.”

Hearing her voice intensified my reactions. Even though this didn’t feel nearly as good as real sex would, this was definitely better than what I had been doing solo in the shower. “Jo, are you close?”

“Almost. Keep going.”

I wasn’t sure what to say, so I just tried to speak generally. “Go harder. Faster.” She moaned a little more, and I added, “Don’t stop fucking yourself.” Talking to her was heightening my sensations, and I knew it wouldn’t be much longer for me. I could feel my balls start to tighten; there was no holding back now.

“That’s it, babe, oh yes, I’m coming,” she eked out, but not before I shot my load all over myself. Jo breathed into the phone, and I could hear as she hummed and licked her lips. “That felt good. Did you like it?”

Keeping my eyes closed, I reached over for a handful of tissues so I could clean myself up. “Yeah. Felt great.”

“I wish I didn’t have to go into work now. I feel like we need to do some pillow talk.”

“Well, what are you doing tonight?” I asked her, hoping for some more one-on-one time.

“Heather and the girls invited me over to some party tonight. I can totally skip it though—”

“No, it’s okay,” I sighed. “With the time difference, you can still go out and we’ll talk later.”

“I don’t mind, Kris. I’d rather talk to you than go over there.”

“It’s cool. I don’t mind you hanging out with them,” I told her, holding off on having the Dave conversation with her. We had shared a close moment on the phone together, and I was feeling confident in our relationship. She loved me, I loved her, and distance or time apart wasn’t going to wreck what we had; I was sure of it. “I love you, Jo.”

“I love you, too, Kris. Thanks for the lovely conversation,” she giggled. “We’ll have to continue it later.” Then she sighed. “I miss you. Only about a month left, babe. We’re getting there.”

“It’ll be over before we know it,” I said, stripping fully out of my pants but leaving my boxers on. I was feeling tired and was ready for a nap.


  1. i love your writing. I mean i love it. I really hope that this whole Dave thing doesn't blow up. I feel attached to Kris and Jo, and I hate it when stuff happens.

  2. Yeah, I want to hear the conversation where he tells her she can't be friends with Dave or other guys. She is being hypocritical, but it's also 2 different situations. She might be be a hot, smart, sweet & funny girl, but he's a hot, sweet, smart & funny NHL player. With all the money, status and bragging rights that come with that. Plus guys seem to fall into two categories.
    The first group thinks EVERY women is checking him out and wants some of "that". Of course no one is and even if we started to the ego would turn us away.
    The second is oblivious to the fact that women are checking them out and thinking I want some of "that". Then we want them even more because they don't realize the effect they have and would never stray.
    Kris is definitely in the latter group!
    Jo knew that Dave was coming on to her when they first saw each other at school and shut him down immediately.
    Kris wouldn't believe a women was after him until she was on her knees giving him a blow job. Even then he would wonder "how did this happened?!"
    2 different situations... but it will be interesting. He should be glad he had phone sex when he did it might be awhile. :-)

    OMG they had PHONE SEX. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't read it. Who knew Kris could say such things.
    ** “You taste so good.”**
    **“I love eating you out.”** Are you kidding me!
    **“Use your fingers. Put them inside you.”**
    **“Don’t stop fucking yourself.”**
    That phone sex was hoottt!

    Great as always Jay can't wait to see what happens next.

  3. Ugh, I hate that those boneheads in San Jose are putting those ideas into Kris' head. They were perfectly fine and secure in their relationship until they started insinuating things. I was practically yelling "butt out!" at my computer. Besides their shitty input, I loved the chapter as always :)

  4. Sigh.... I just don't have words for this... I loved it that much.

  5. Okay let's start with the big stuff. This post was hot and sexy and somehow more intense than their usual sex. It seemed like Kris was a little needier somehow. Or maybe just because he's more attentive to her in real life and he can't be on the phone.

    Perhaps it's related to his jealousy. I agree that the guys put a lot of the ideas in his head, but he usually doesn't have a problem ignoring peer pressure, and it's not unreasonable that Dave might have an ulterior motive. Dave did ask her out, so he's attracted to Jo. So is it Jo that's being the oblivious one now?

    I mean, haven't we all gone through that whole thing where some guy professes to be your friend, and then it turns out he actually has a crush on you. Guys usually hang out with you because they want you. Just to make my sweeping generalization of the day.

    Yeah, hypocrisy is wrong even if it's inadvertent. Jealousy is usually a controlling emotion. My second sweeping generalization of the day.

    Very intriguing Jay, we'll see what's up next.

  6. Great update! I keep thinking Kris has to have an upcoming game in like Nashville or somewhere it would make it feasible for Jo to surprise him for the weekend.