Sunday, July 11, 2010

108.) Bittersweet

Soundtrack Song - Acceptance, Glory/Us

Kris and I fell back into the room like we were drunk and incapable of walking straight, but his grip on me was tight and his balance was impeccable, so I never worried about tumbling to the floor. I let him hold me up as I directed us toward the nearest bed, but Kris steered me away from it and toward the one by the window. Groaning, I put up a bit of a protest—the further we had to walk, the more time it would take to get down to business.

He explained with a deep, thick voice, “Husky likes the bed by the door.”

“Well, we don’t have to worry about him,” I replied, sucking his ear lobe into my mouth and biting down gently on it. “He’s sleeping in Pickles’ and Pavelski’s room tonight.”

“You’re getting Husky to sleep on a cot?” he asked, pulling back a little bit to put some distance between us. Kris was still holding onto my waist, but there was about a foot of space between us as he leaned his forehead down against mine. I thought this whole explanation would have waited until after the sex, but I think it was a little overwhelming for him to have such a thoroughly planned surprise sprung on him like this. As much as he wanted to have sex, he wanted to know how this had all been plotted without his knowledge—and his curiosity got the best of him.

It had been really difficult to not spill the beans for the past few days, especially when we usually so open about everything. “Actually, I think Pickles said that Kent’s kicking Joe out of his bed, so Joe’ll be sleeping on the cot tonight,” I giggled, putting my hands on his shoulders. “I was going to try to get a room here under my own name that we could sneak off to, but Pickles told me that he would make sure that we had this room solely to ourselves.”

Kris looked at me in happy disbelief. “Pickles was in on this whole thing? Husky, too? How long did you plan this?”

I laughed, moving my hands to his cheeks and cupping his face; my palms felt the scruff of his playoff beard-in-progress. He was so cute, acting almost like a big kid as he bubbled over with excitement. There was a sparkle in his eyes and he looked so happy, and I was so happy that he was so happy. It would have been worth it to come out here just to see him smile like this. The fact that he was smiling at me and that I was the person making him beam like a thousand watt bulb was enough to make me feel like a million bucks.

“Uh, since Wednesday. I called Brandy when I got the brilliant idea, so I could see if I could honestly pull it off, and she got Pickles’s phone number for me from Rob, so I could find out where you guys would be and what your schedule was like and if he thought it would work. So yeah, he was in on it from the start. And yeah, he asked Husky about giving us some privacy, so he knew, too.”

“I can’t believe they kept this a secret from me for three days. I mean, Pickles did a really good job, because I never would have known that he had spoken to you.”

I kissed his nose softly. “I told him that if he ruined this for me and spoiled the surprise for you, I’d make him pay sorely for it.”

That made Kris chuckle. He wrapped his arms around me to my back and stepped closer again, so then I was pressed against him. “I still can’t believe you came all the way out here for me. This is amazing, Jo. How did you manage it?”

“Well, it’s the weekend, so I don’t have class. I called Bob and told him that I needed to take some time off to study with my exams coming up, and he found someone to take my shift tomorrow. He cut me some slack since I’ve been picking up some extra time for the past month. I got Pickles to outline your schedule for me, and I bought my plane ticket and made sure to get here before the team did.” I shrugged as I reached the end of my story, leaving out that it took all the money from my extra shifts and then some to afford the last minute plane ticket.

Kris squeezed my sides. “I’m so happy to see you. I love that you’re here. I can’t believe it.”

“You keep saying that,” I giggled.

The smile couldn’t have been wiped off his face with Comet cleanser and a Brillo pad. “I know I do, but that’s just because... I think I’m in shock. You’re right here in front of me, I’m holding you, and I still can’t believe it.”

“Well, believe it, mister,” I replied, kissing his scruffy jaw. “You said you wanted me here, and maybe it’s only until tomorrow—”

“Tomorrow?” he asked sadly, cutting me off.

I sighed. “Yeah. After the game, win or lose, you guys are heading straight back to San José, and I’ve gotta go back to Pittsburgh to finish up my classes. We’ve done two weeks before, though. This’ll be cake compared to that. You’ll be busy with the second round—”

“Ugh, please don’t jinx it!”

“—and I’ll have finals to study and brood over.”

Kris pursed his lips and closed his eyes. It was bittersweet, that’s for sure; I wasn’t pleased either about having to turn around and say goodbye to him the very next day, but I knew that I had to jump on this chance to see him. There was too much tension between us, and it was too much of a struggle to try to get through two straight months. When you start to freak out over nothing, you know your relationship is in trouble. We had been apart for way too long, and that wasn’t good for us—Kris and I work best when we’re together. The next two weeks would have been hell if we couldn’t get the face-to-face reassurance that we needed in order to make it to the end of my semester.

He had been absolutely, one hundred percent correct when he said that love didn’t change because of fights or distance. Even though I knew that Kris and I had something good together, we weren’t immune to our troubles or problems. He wasn’t insecure about our relationship normally, but the stress had been getting to him. I was stressed, too, and it was worse without Kris there to relax me like he always did before. Being together physically—and I don’t even mean just sex—was a huge part of being together for us. I wasn’t the same when he wasn’t around.

Since he didn’t say anything, I added, “We have tonight to spend together, and we can hang out tomorrow before the game. Pickles managed to get me a ticket so I’ll be there to watch you, although I don’t know how, because don’t you guys have to put in before the series how many tickets you want?”

All Kris answered with was, “Remind me to thank him tomorrow.” He kissed my mouth and my chin, trailing his lips lower still until I felt his teeth sink into my neck again.

I liked this; there was no question about that. And I had really hoped that we’d have sex while I was out here, but I had to make sure that this wasn’t just a physical reaction to seeing me and something that he truly, honestly wanted to do. “Babe....”

“Hmm?” He never pulled his mouth away from my skin, sending tingles and vibrations through my body.

“Are you cool with this? Day before a game?”

“We did it on the phone. No big deal.”

“Yeah, but I plan on this being a bit more strenuous than mutual masturbation. And tomorrow’s a big game—”

He shook his head. “Doesn’t matter. My girlfriend’s here, and I haven’t seen her in way too long, so I plan on making love to her until she begs me to stop. Show her just how glad I am that she came out here to see me.” My heart melted at that, but I had another physical response as my body jolted into a fully aroused state. I had to remember to be patient, though.

“But it’s your birthday,” I reminded him, letting go of him and rifling through my tote bag until I found what I was looking for. I pulled out the can of Reddi-wip that I had bought at a local convenience store and tossed it at him. “Meaning tonight is all about you.”

Kris surprised me by setting the can down on the nightstand and walking back over to me. He loved the Reddi-wip game, so I couldn’t figure out why he was turning it down. “Technically, my birthday’s not until tomorrow.”

“But you have a game tomorrow, a big game, and I know for sure that we won’t be doing it beforehand. So tonight’s your birthday sex.”

“Well, if it’s about doing what I want, then I want it to be about you, too.” Typical Kris; not that I was complaining, though. He kissed me again, slower and deeper than all the previous ones. One of his hands was cradling the back of my head and the other was pressed against my lower back, over my spine and under my shirt, holding me in place as he swirled his tongue around mine and flicked it inside my mouth.

My hands were busy at work as I loosened his tie and whipped it off, so I could begin unbuttoning his crisp, white dress shirt. I had to unfasten his belt so I could untuck his shirt to get it off him. Kris grabbed the hem of my tee and quickly yanked it up and over my head, and then he immediately did the same thing with his undershirt. I touched his bare chest, exploring and feeling his skin like it was our first time. Even though I was an expert when it came to Kris’s body, I wanted to take my time to appreciate and discover all his erogenous zones like he was a brand new lover.

Fascinated by the dark mass of his tattoo, I watched as my fingers followed the drawn lines on his bicep. Up the headstone, across the angel’s arm, tracing the feathers of the wings before underlining the banners below his shoulder. God, his ink was so sexy. An instant panty-melter. I wiped my thumb across the angel’s head and then kissed it.

He responded by leaning down over me and nipping at my neck. I tilted my head back as he pursed his lips and pressed them against my clavicle; I knew I’d be riddled with hickeys tomorrow, but I wanted to live it up in the moment and worry about that later. I felt his tongue sweep across my skin, and I felt my body likewise react and heat up some more. My fingers curled and tangled themselves in his long hair, both because I needed something to hold onto, and I wanted to keep his mouth there, hitting that spot.

That didn’t stop Kris, though. He lowered his mouth down my body, kissing and licking the tops of my breasts that weren’t covered by my bra. His tongue traced the lacy edge of the cups, dipping between them and feasting on my flesh like he was starving. I swiveled my neck, savoring the sensations. I wanted to take this further, but I never wanted this moment to end, either, so I let him set the pace and tried to keep up and slow down at the same time.

The room started to take on a completely different atmosphere as our temperatures began to rise and we began to perspire and sweat. The scent of sex was beginning to fill the air as our bodies prepared for what was to come. We were silent, but the pants of our breathing and the sounds of our bodies moving filled the quiet void.

As Kris unhooked my bra and removed it at an excruciatingly slow speed, I dragged my hands all over his body. Up his arms, over his shoulders, down his chest, across his hip, up his inner thigh. I felt him up over his slacks and cupped his erection underneath the stiff material. He growled and I squeaked as he suddenly guided me toward the mattress, pushing me down and collapsing on top of me.

My hands fumbled with the button and fly of his pants, no longer sure that I could take this as slowly as I had wanted to. Kris kept his balance by resting on his knees, one on either side of me. He flicked his tongue over my nipples, first one and then the other, teasing me as he reached down with a free hand and helped me discard his pants and boxers. Kris stood and let his clothes fall to the floor before he stepped out of them, standing before me now in all his naked glory.

“Take mine off, too,” I begged quietly and breathlessly, biting my bottom lip as he obliged me. A very devilish smile crossed his angelic face as he knelt on the bed to reach for my shorts. He popped the button and then unzipped the fly. I lifted my hips as he tugged them down, taking my thong with them unceremoniously. I didn’t care, as long as I was naked.

I heard Kris exhale as he peered down at me and watched as he licked his lips. Any woman would have felt fucking sexy as hell having a man look at her like that. Scooting down to the edge of the bed, I sat up and took his erection in my hand. “I wanna taste you first.” Before he could put up a protest, I leaned forward and took the head of his dick in my mouth, and then I slowly eased as much of him into my mouth as I could comfortably take.

As I sucked and licked him, Kris rolled my nipple between his fingers. When he pinched it firmly, I whimpered and softly moaned. That’s when he nudged my shoulder, politely asking me to stop without saying a word. He pulled out of my mouth with a wet, sucking sound, and I pushed myself further back on the bed and laid down. Kris’s favorite position was missionary because he was all about being face to face, so I figured that’s how he’d want it tonight. “Ready, babe?”

“Yes,” he hissed, but he didn’t immediately climb onto the bed with me. Instead, Kris reached back for his pants to grab his wallet, and I knew exactly what he was after: protection.

“No, Kris,” I told him, focusing my sight on his hard, thick cock, surrounded by a nest of dark, course hair. “I’m on the pill now, remember? We don’t have to use condoms anymore.”

When I looked back up at his face, I saw that his eyes had kind of glazed over, and he leaned back over me on the bed to kiss me hard as the length of his body pressed against mine. Our teeth clacked together as his mouth crushed mine. I could feel just how hard he was as his dick rubbed against my inner thigh. When his mouth was free again, he asked me, “Are you sure? We can be extra safe. I won’t mind.”

“No, it’s okay. I’ve been really careful about taking it at the same time, every day. We’re good,” I explained, trying to assuage his fears. “Besides, Kris, I want to know what you feel like when you’re in me. I wanna be close to you, as close as possible.”

“Are you ready? Should I—”

“No, no, I’m ready,” I told him, really wanting this to happen already. I couldn’t wait any longer. “So ready. I want you inside me, Kris.”

With a nod, he reached down between us, and I could feel as the head of his dick rubbed against my pussy lips as he positioned himself to enter me. I spread my legs wider for him to accommodate the width of his body, feeling incredibly anxious for this; it was so symbolic, to have sex with no condoms. No rubber, no barrier, no limitations.

“You’re sure?” He was breathless as he questioned me one more time, making sure this was what I wanted. He understood the significance of this, too. It was a big deal.

It’s kinda funny in how we had been together for over seven months—even though it felt like so much longer than that, because we were so close and knew each other so well and so completely—and we had done so many of the big milestones, like saying we loved each other, making love, moving in together, meeting his family, and sharing our biggest and deepest secrets.... But this felt like the most important step of them all. Right now, it was just him and me, in our most vulnerable positions, feeling closer than ever. After this, I wasn’t sure what other big landmarks there could be for us.

I nodded, not sure if my voice would even work. Kris lowered his hips just a little and began to enter me slowly, but once the head of his cock was inside me, he groaned and was then suddenly fully inside me. “Oh God,” he moaned, his hair falling over his eyes and his mouth hanging open. He looked so fucking hot like that. As Kris pulled out, he looked down to where our bodies were joined, and I followed his line of sight with my own eyes. His hard dick was slick and shiny with my wetness. There was no latex film and no other, artificial lubrication. He eased himself back into me. His voice was like a feral growl. “God, you feel so good.”

“How good do I feel?” I asked him, more fascinated with him and his reaction than I was about my own pleasure. Kris always made sure I was having a good time, but this time I wanted to make sure he was taken care of. I wanted him to be selfish; I knew that I’d never go unsatisfied, so I could hold off while Kris got his pleasure. And I could tell by the look on his face that he was thoroughly enjoying this. “Tell me.”

Our practice talking on the phone was spilling over now that we were between the sheets. He still needed prompting, but the few words came more easily. “So good. Warm. Wet. Tight.” He pushed up on the mattress so there was some distance between our torsos, and then he teased me. “Better than I remember.”

So I teased him right back. “Really? ’Cause this isn’t as good as I remember.”

He grunted and grabbed my thighs and spread my legs farther apart before he pushed my knees toward my chest; even though he knew I was joking, he was going to make me eat my words. He started going deeper, taking long and slow strokes—pulling almost all the way out before he plunged back in. Kris leaned back down over me so we had more body contact, and my ankles were over his shoulders. His face was nestled in the crook of my neck and shoulder as he rocked his hips back and forth.

“Fuck yeah,” he breathed, his humid pants giving me chills. His face was still buried against my neck, and I could feel the features of his face pressed against my skin: the contours of his eye sockets, the protrusion of his nose, his bristly eyebrows, the rough stubble on his cheek. Kris kept his head and torso relatively still as his hips moved rhythmically and smoothly. I ran one of my hands through his hair.

“Jo,” he moaned, his lips brushing my flesh. I was turned on and I loved the feeling, but I made myself concentrate on him and on how he felt inside of me. “Fuck, I’m close to finishing.” He didn’t sound pleased about that fact and he tried to pull out, but I wrapped my legs around him and hooked my ankles behind his ass. I knew he wanted to stop, to give me time to get as close as he was, but I didn’t want that. It was hot the way he was so close already. It meant I felt that good to him, that I was turning him on so much, and of course it was also flattering that I had all that power over him. “But I’m gonna—”

“I wanna feel it. I wanna feel what it’s like when you come in me. Come in me, Kris,” I begged, relaxing my body and opening myself up to him as much as possible. I’d never had a guy ejaculate inside me; either the guys always wore condoms or pulled out. It was fitting that Kris would be my first, in some way.

“Are you close?” he grunted, still moving slowly and trying to hold off on his orgasm. Still being concerned about me, because that was classic Kris.

“Don’t worry about me, babe. Just don’t stop ’til you get off,” I said, trying to coax his orgasm from him.

He quickened his pace, accentuating each thrust with a groan, his face beginning to contort. I could feel, like always, that he was getting harder, and then his dick began to throb and pulse, which felt really good as I squeezed my muscles around him and felt him inside me. At first, I didn’t feel anything, but then with a sudden rush, I felt wetter and warmer. Kris continued to slowly pump into me a few more times, fully emptying himself into my pussy. When he pulled out, I could really feel how wet I was down there from his added fluid.

Kris fell beside me so that he was facing me, on his left side, while I was still on my back. I put my legs down, but I didn’t want to move my body yet. He didn’t say anything; he reached up and cupped my face with his right hand, making me face him so he could kiss me deeply. I may not have climaxed with him, but I still felt so close to him. As we made out, he moved his hand from my face, down my neck, between my breasts, past my navel, and pressed his palm against my pussy. I was still turned on, and I immediately bucked my hips when he cupped the vee between my legs, his fingers dipping between my folds.

One finger slid into my opening, swirling and feeling all around like he was mixing our fluids together, combining the two into something brand new. Then he inserted a second finger and scooped out the wetness inside me so he could use it to facilitate easy, smooth circles around my swollen clit. Kris did that a few times: alternating between slowly finger fucking me and then rubbing those fingers against my clit and folds, using his semen and my discharge together as lubrication. It was messy and super wet and kind of disgusting, but at the same time so intimate and hot and sexy.

I arched my back and moaned into his mouth as he continued to kiss me. He was bringing me to this heightened state of sensitivity, but he was moving too leisurely to bring me to an orgasm.

He stopped kissing me so he could ask, “You like this, don’t you?”

“Yesss,” I sibilated, grinding against his hand. I was completely under his thumb, and even his short words were pushing me closer to the edge.

“This is what you thought about when we were on the phone, isn’t it?”

“Uh huh,” I squeaked out. He kissed my neck, sucking the flesh into his mouth and nibbling on it before he moved lower. Focusing his attention on my chest, he swirled his tongue around my pert nipple and lavished it with attention. Between the way his mouth and his hand were working on me, I was in Heaven. I threw my head back, consumed with tactile pleasure. “Oh, Kah... Kah-ris, yes, babe, yes! Oh, don’t stop. That’s it.”

He chuckled as he clamped his lips and teeth around my nipple. With two fingers now inside me, he poised his thumb over my clit. Every time he pushed his fingers in, his thumb massaged me with each in and out movement. His whole hand was slick with our combined fluids. I couldn’t keep my eyes open; I pinched them shut as I squeezed my muscles around him, trying desperately to get that release I needed so badly.

But then he retracted his hand and removed his mouth, leaving me hanging high and dry. Or high and soaking wet. “No,” I pleaded, beseeching him to resume his manual magic. I opened my eyes as he rolled back on top of me. Kris was hard again and ready for another round. “Oh yes, put it back in me. Do it. Please.”

He wrapped his hand around his erection, coating and lubricating it again with the wetness on his hand. I almost passed out from watching him. His dick slid into me with no resistance; my pussy was so wet and lubed up in a way I’d never naturally experienced before. I tightened up my body around him to get more friction and pressure as he repeatedly drove himself into me, again and again, never stopping or slowing down. Grabbing onto his ass, I dug my nails into his flesh and brought my hips up to meet his to meet every one of his thrusts until I couldn’t anymore.

Then I let him move and take control, fucking me senseless. My back was completely off the bed, with just my hips and my head touching the mattress. Kris was moving with more force, using his pelvic bone to stimulate my clit. The wet sounds of our bodies crashing together filled the room, echoing off the walls and harmonizing with our cries and grunts. He was driving me nuts, bringing me so close to the end. Just a little further; I was almost there.

“Kris, come on, fuck me, yes, Kris, so good, come on, yes, fuck,” I chanted, the gibberish pouring out my mouth without any thought from me. I couldn’t breathe. My heart was beating so rapidly, I was hot and sure that my temperature would break a thermometer, my body was sticky with a film of sweat, and my brain had dissolved into mush, totally unable to think about anything else but reaching that moment of simultaneous relief and tension, that eruption of pleasure. I would die if I didn’t get that soon; my body couldn’t handle much more of this torture.

“Yeah, show me how much you like it,” he growled, demanding my physical response. “Let me hear you, Jo.”

“God, Kris! Kah... ris... yes!” I screamed, arching my back and letting my vocal cords convey exactly what I was feeling. In fact, I was pretty sure that all of Denver heard me. Or at least the entire hotel.

As my muscles contracted and twitched around his hard dick, I lost touch with reality. He may have called out my name, I’m not sure; I was too busy watching the little explosions of lights behind my eyelids. Maybe it was a case of selective memory, but I was pretty sure at that moment in time that that had been, hands down, the most powerful, most incredible orgasm of my life.

Kris must have come again because he flopped on his back beside me like he had before, but I didn’t feel it. I didn’t feel his second climax or feel him inject me with more hot, sticky fluid. It was too hard to remember how to breathe to pay attention to what was going on with him. Closing my eyes, I rolled over and curled up against him, but the shift in my body position made the wetness in me begin to seep out.

“You okay?” he asked, noticing the look of almost horror on my face.

“Uh, yeah, I just think... I mean, I gotta shower. I’m, ew,” I mumbled and stammered, not wanting to hurt his feelings. It felt really good when we were in the middle of doing it, but clean up was going to be an issue.

“Do you have to?” He snaked an arm around my waist as I tried to scoot off the bed and escape to the bathroom. “One more time.”

Three consecutive rounds? “Are you sure...?”

He smiled and pulled me down on top of him, and I carefully adjusted my body so I wouldn’t accidentally knee him in the junk. “Just give me about ten minutes.”

“Whatever shall I do for ten whole minutes?” I teased, straddling his muscular thigh. I should have been grossed out as I smeared our combined fluids against his leg, but I was too turned on by the promise of multiple orgasms. I rubbed the sensitive skin between my legs against his hard thigh, and he crooked his knee to put his leg up at an angle and give me more friction. Kris put his hands behind his head and watched me as I derived my pleasure from such a simple act.

I put my hands on his chest and leaned down, grinding against his body by swiveling my hips in time to my own beat. Starting slow, I increased my tempo as I got closer and closer to another orgasm. The first one always took the most work, and any subsequent climaxes were relatively easy to accomplish. I changed my tactics and began to swivel my hips in figure-eights; it felt so good, albeit superficial. Kris pushed up on his hands and kissed me, and I sucked his bottom lip between my teeth, biting softly as I came for the second time. It wasn’t a very intimate act since it wasn’t actual sex, but that almost made it hotter; I could use any part of his sexy body to get me off.

Kris sat up and propped some pillows behind his back so he could rest on that. Once he was comfortable and in position, he grabbed my hips and playfully made me straddle him. He wasn’t fully hard yet, but he was hard enough that I could still guide his penis into me. Wrapping his arms around my middle, he held me against him so our naked, heaving chests were smashed together and only my hips were moving as I rode him.

We were hot and sweaty, and Kris’s hair was plastered to his face. Mine was probably a mess, too. I ran my fingers through his hair and then grabbed onto his strong shoulders. Speaking softly into his ear, I told him, “I love you, Kris.”

“I love you, Jo,” he breathlessly replied.

Still holding onto him, I arched my back; he kept his grip around my waist so my lower half stayed in place as I bounced on top of him. Then I moved my hands from his shoulders to his forearms, allowing me to bend back even farther. When I felt him hit that certain spot deep inside of me, I pinched my eyes shut until tears streamed from the corners.

My first climax had been intense and intimate, something I was sharing with my boyfriend after having been apart for far too long. The second was a new way to bond with Kris as he let me use him and watched as I took my pleasure from him while he only laid there. This one, however, was something primal and base; my only motivation was to come, to ease the tension of my body by any means possible. It was purely a physical release. My cries got louder and louder as I got closer and closer to the end. As Kris approached his orgasm, he lifted his hips and pushed up into me as we both strove to cross that finish line. When I finally made it, my nails dug into the flesh of his forearms as I collapsed against him in a convulsive fit.

He continued to grunt and move in and out of my now useless, boneless body. It only took him a few more lazy thrusts before he, too, came again. He filled me with another hot, white shot, but it was more than that; he filled my very soul with everything he had. We had been intimate in so many ways in just the past hour, and I felt reconnected to him, like we’d never been apart at all. There couldn’t be any mistrust or uncertainty now—not after that.

I stayed huddled up against him until he moved me off of him, and then I stretched on my back on the mattress. Kris rolled on top of me, although not fully, in order to not put too much pressure on me as I recovered. I knew that I still needed to go and clean up, but my eyelids felt kind of heavy. Not really sleepy, but sated and content to just lay there with my man while we recuperated.

His ear was over my chest, and his arms were holding onto me loosely; I had one arm around him while my other hand was twisting and twirling and playing with his hair. I felt his breath caress my skin as he spoke. “Best birthday ever.”


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