Tuesday, July 20, 2010

111.) Send Off

It felt good to have another strong, definitive win against the Avalanche to clinch the series. It was proof that we were meant to win. The beginning of the series had been a struggle and we had floundered, but we had pulled our shit together and had shown everyone over the past two games that we were a team to be reckoned with. Maybe the Sharks had a tendency to choke and lose in the past... but this was another year and another opportunity to prove everyone wrong. I wanted to be a part of that.

We allowed ourselves a few minutes in the locker room to revel in the win, but then those of us who had won the Cup before had calmed everyone down. One series down, but three more to go; we couldn’t put the cart before the horse and get ahead of ourselves. While this was a step in the right direction, our journey was still long, hard, and nowhere near finished.

I avoided the media like the plague, showered, and dressed in record time. It wasn’t hard to do because the reporters all had their hands full with the goal scorers and captain of the team. Little Joe was especially swarmed because he’d had a two-goal game—not bad for having to sleep on a cot last night. That worked to my advantage though; there wasn’t a lot of time for me to find Jo before the team would be bused to the airport, so I knew I had to hurry to find her and kiss her before we left.

It didn’t feel like a coincidence that she was here and we won. Things were always easier when Jo was around, and I knew that having her around last night and today was a big help to me before I got out on the ice. So what if I didn’t score? In a team effort, it doesn’t matter.

As I finished buttoning my shirt and pulling my tie over my head, I noticed that the guys around me were dragging their feet, still stripping out of their uniforms and pads. I looked at them funny, and Pickles winked at me. “Don’t worry, man. We’ll buy you some time. Go find her and say goodbye.”

Couture and Mitch and Guch smiled and nodded, seconding Pickles’ offer. Pavelski and Murray were still in the showers, so I knew I’d for sure have a good, solid twenty minutes. Instead of taking the time to thank them, I rushed out the door and into the hallway. It took a few minutes and some coordinating with Jo to figure out where she was and how to meet up with her. The arena was pretty empty by the time I found her, loitering in the hallway with her bag over her shoulder. She saw me coming and pushed off the wall to meet me halfway.

“Great game, babe. Congrats on winning!” she said into my ear as I hugged her tightly to me.

“Thanks,” I sighed, inhaling the scent of hotel shampoo in her hair. Then I kissed her forehead. “I don’t have a lot of time before the team has to get on the bus.” I rubbed my hands up and down her back, reluctant to have to go through another quick send-off. The only good part of this rested in the knowledge that the next time I’d get to see her, we’d be together for the rest of the summer and could spend every day together once this season was over.

“How long do we have?” she asked, tilting her head so her chin was resting on my chest as she looked up at me.

I was torn between wanting to hold her steadily like this and being able to look into her eyes, versus kissing and caressing her; I wanted to do both, but couldn’t. “I don’t know, maybe ten? Fifteen minutes, tops?”

Jo let out an odd sound, which I couldn’t tell if it were a groan or a moan or a hum. She was thinking, too, about the best way to spend our few minutes together. Her eyes lit up as a light bulb went off over her head. “Come on,” she demanded, grabbed my hand and squeezing it as she walked down the hallway.

“Where are we going?” It wasn’t tough to keep up with her, but I had no clue where she was leading me and I hated the uncertainty.

“I thought I saw.... Yes, here it is. Come on,” she said quietly, pulling me into the women’s restroom.

“What are we—”

She clapped her right hand over my mouth as she let go of my hand and placed the pointer finger of her left hand over her lips, signaling to me to be quiet. I nodded, and she let go of me. Jo bent over at the waist and checked under the doors of each stall, making sure that no one was there. Once she was satisfied that she was alone, she pushed open the door of the handicap stall and waved me over. “Hurry up, Kris.”

I walked over, and she grabbed a fistful of my shirt and pulled me in with her. Then she closed the door and locked it. I knew what she was getting at, and I should have told her “no,” but I lost any ability to speak as she reached down, cupped my dick over my pants, and firmly squeezed. Jo’s propensity to take charge was kind of a turn on since it was nice to not have to always be responsible for initiating sex like some guys said they had to, and this was definitely an instance of that. I knew that this was a bad idea because we could potentially get caught, but it was kind of a rush—just like the rush of blood down below.

“You wanna do it, or you want me to suck you off?” she asked, nipping at my earlobe. My head rolled back as I tried to process her words. I knew what asked, but I couldn’t possibly respond when she was undoing my pants. This was so spontaneous, and I wasn’t prepared, which made this so hot.

Jo unfastened my belt buckle and pants, which I had just put on mere minutes ago to come and find her. When she circled her hand around me, I was almost fully hard; it took no time at all to be ready for her. I just hoped that she was ready, too, as I unbuttoned her pants and yanked them down. “What if someone catches us?”

Her voice was breathy as she turned around, planted her palms against the wall, and bent over. “That’s why we gotta make it fast.”

I pulled my shirt up with my right hand as I used my left to help ease my cock between Jo’s folds. She wasn’t really wet, but the friction felt good as I took a few long, slow strokes inside of her. “I can’t believe we’re doing this,” I moaned, holding onto her hips as I moved. Her pants were around her ankles, so she couldn’t spread her legs apart very far; it made her feel tight, and the pressure and warmth was incredibly amazing.

She bent over a little more and pushed back against me. “Come on, babe. Faster. Harder. We don’t have much time.”

The faster I went, the more noise we made. Between her breaths and my moans and the sounds of our bodies meeting, the room was filled echoes and cacophony. If someone were to walk by, or even to come in here, we’d be found out for sure and probably get into a lot of trouble. The angel on my shoulder was telling me that this was a bad idea and that we should stop before we incurred any problems. But the devil on my other shoulder was whispering in my ear to keep going and not to stop until I was spent.

“Yess,” she hissed, standing up straight as I thrust into her. Her hands came up to the back of my neck, and I almost lost it. With the change in angle, I could barely pull out, so I just rocked back and forth. I wrapped an arm around her middle as then stuck my finger into her mouth to get it slick with her saliva, which I used to reach down and play with her clit.

Jo seemed to like this more than what we had been doing before, and she tightened around me like a vice. I knew I couldn’t last much longer with all this contact, and Jo seemed to know it, too. “Don’t come in me,” she begged.

“What? Why?” I knew she was on the pill, and we had done it just yesterday, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold back if I made her orgasm. It was already feeling pretty intense.

“Too messy, and I gotta fly out tonight,” she said between her teeth. “I’m gonna... so close.”

I pulled out of her but didn’t stop rubbing her clit. I pinched and pulled at it, pressing my dick against her ass. She started making louder noises, and I began to get a little paranoid that we’d get caught. Cupping my hand, I put it over her mouth to suppress her moans while I kept touching her clit until I felt her body shudder against mine.

But she wasn’t finished with me. She spun around and dropped down in front of me, looking up at me with her golden eyes as she wasted no time in taking my cock in her mouth. I wasn’t expecting this since I thought she might think it a little gross to be tasting her own fluids on me, but she didn’t seem to mind at all. In fact, she seemed to be enjoying it. One hand was on my thigh as she balanced in her squatting position, and the other massaged my balls, with a finger tracing the line between my balls. It felt so damn good. When Jo let out a little hum, like this was her favorite thing in the world to do and she was having a blast, I had my own blast and blew my load.

Grabbing her shoulders, I pulled my girl up to her feet and kissed her, not caring at all about what she had just done for me. As I sucked her bottom lip into my mouth, my phone rang from my pants pocket, on the ground. I knew that it had to have been one of the guys telling me that I needed to get my ass down to the bus. We separated and put our pants back on, and I checked my phone; sure enough, it was a call from Pickles.

“Shit, Jo,” I mumbled, but it was all I had to say to convey my point.

“Okay, well, uh,” she grumbled, sliding back the bolt of the stall so we could wash our hands. “I guess I’ll see you in two weeks?”

“Maybe sooner, depending on what the next schedule looks like. Once we figure out the standings and who we’re gonna be playing, they’ll put the schedule together and then when you’re finished, and I’m in San José to be able to meet you, then we won’t have to sneak around in bathrooms anymore,” I chuckled, pulling her against me in a tight, warm hug. I really didn’t want to have to let her go again; it felt like a tease to spend these amazing thirty-some hours with her only to have to be ripped apart once more.

“Amen to that,” she sighed, taking a long, deep breath. “God, this summer is going to be so amazing, because I’m not letting you outta my fuckin’ sight for a minute.”

I raised an eyebrow. “What about your classes?” I asked her with a laugh.

“I’ll bring you with me. We can sit at the same table and share textbooks and be study partners, and you can quiz me like Bridgette Wilson does for Adam Sandler in Billy Madison and you can strip off your clothes when I get the right answers.”

I laughed again. Her classes would probably go right over my head, like the tour guide’s speech when we were at the observatory, but I’d sit through that all to spend the time with her. This was a fun game to play with her, though, to see what kind of elaborate plans she’d come up with. “What about when I have to train for the season?”

“Then I’ll come with you to the gym.”

“You’re gonna work out with me?” It’s not like it was a ridiculous idea, but as far as I knew Jo didn’t step foot in the gym we even had in our apartment complex in Pittsburgh, so I doubted she’d suddenly decide to take it up now.

“No,” she replied softly. “I’m just gonna watch you. That’s a way better use of my time than running around and lifting stuff.”

“Okay. Well, what about when I go to Montréal to visit my mom? Are you going to come to that, too?”

Jo looked up at me. “Uh, well, that depends. Will your mom just ignore me the whole time? Or will she try to poison my breakfast for real?”

“Neither,” I groaned. “You two are my favorite ladies, and you will have time to hang out together and get to know each other and you two will get along great.”

“If you say so.”

“Well, I say so.” I continued on with our game, relishing this simple moment. Maybe it was stupid, but I loved the silly way we could get on like this because it was fun and easy and just one of the many reasons I loved her. We had the perfect balance of serious and goofiness. “And what about when I go on vacation after the season?”

“Then you’d better pack me up in your suitcase, too, because I’m definitely tagging along for that.”

My phone went off again. “Shit. I gotta go.”

“I know. Go, while I’m still on my post-sex high.” We walked out in the hallway, and she nudged me away from her. “I love you, babe. Send me a text when you get back to California, okay?”

“And you do the same when you get back to Pittsburgh, so I know you got there safe.” I paused. “How are you getting to the airport?”

“Cab,” she replied, pulling out a fifty from her pocket to let me know that she had it taken care of. I hated that she had paid to come out here to see me, even if it were for a surprise for my birthday, because if I had thought of it first, we would have figured out a way to see each other like this weeks ago. It had just seemed so impractical that the thought had never crossed my mind. “I’ve got it covered, planned it all out. You’d better go before the bus leaves without you.”

“Ugh, I know, I know.” I kissed her again, holding her still by holding onto her shoulders. I had to break it off quickly, feeling unfulfilled... but unless I had a straight week to kiss her, it wouldn’t be enough to make up for all the time apart. I already felt so sad for having to leave, but I knew I had to suck it up and walk away from her. My team and all that responsibility was waiting. “I love you, Jo. I love you so much.”

“I love you, too, Kris. I’ll talk to you soon. Jesus, two more weeks.”

“I know. I can’t wait.” I let go of her and forced myself to leave before I decided to not go at all. I started jogging down the hallway, but I called over my shoulder, “I love you!”

“Love you, babe!”

When I looked behind me before turning the corner, I saw her watching me go. It was easier to do these send offs when we didn’t have the time to get emotional. They still sucked, but I had to hurry back to the visiting team’s locker room. I ran as my phone started to go off again, sprinting until I heard familiar voices.

“Seriously, Coach, I can’t find it. It was a gift, I can’t leave without finding it...” Logan was saying.

I heard McLellan reply, “I’m sure it just got packed up, somehow, we’ll find it when we get to the Tank.”

“It was from Jenn. She’ll kill me if I lost it.”

The place was empty—no doubt, everyone was on the bus already, except for these two. Couture spotted me and nodded, blurting out, “Dude, Letang, tell me you found it!”

“Found wha—”

“My watch,” he said pointedly, trying to get me to go along with him. “You were helping me look for it, and we’re holding everyone up.”

“Oh, uh, yeah, found it,” I said, trying to play along with this haphazard scheme to cover my ass.

Couture walked up to me and secretively reached into his pocket, pulling out his watch. He muttered under his breath, “Jesus, Letang, you owe me big time. What took you so goddamn long?”

“Sorry,” I replied just as quietly, following him toward the bus as McLellan hurried us along. “Thanks.”

“You’re lucky I’m a good liar,” he sighed, and we boarded the bus and headed toward the airport.

I looked in every passing taxi to see if Jo were the passenger, wanting to see her one more time. I was hoping that this next span of time would go by quickly and painlessly; it probably would for Jo, since she had exams to focus on. Hopefully, the second round and our next opponent would help distract me, too.

The following day, the guys and I gathered over at Bowlby’s to watch the other two games in the western conference. We had won our series, but none of the other teams had ended theirs yet. Chicago had a chance to win on Monday, but the Canucks and Red Wings each had a chance to win their respective series now on Sunday. We were hoping that these would get drawn out as long as possible, which would give us the best advantage; we’d be the most rested of all the teams in the western conference.

And well rested we were. We were all feeling pretty good since had been the first team in the conference to clinch our series, and we were top ranked, too. By no means were we resting on our laurels, but we were feeling confident. A certain amount of swagger is needed when a team is preparing for winning the Cup while avoiding being too cocky. We had a good balance.

Turns out, the Canucks won, beating the Kings in their game six, but the Coyotes beat the Red Wings and forced a game seven. On Monday, the Blackhawks defeated the Predators, also in six games. At this point, because of the seeding, we knew that Chicago would be going against Vancouver in the conference semifinals, and the Sharks would find their opponents in either Phoenix or Detroit—whoever could come out on top of the game seven. We were all hoping that the Coyotes would win; I had my own personal rivalry against the Red Wings because of the Finals of the past two years, but the other guys were sure that they could beat Phoenix more easily than Detroit.

Which is, of course, why the Red Wings defeated the Coyotes six to one. The Sharks would have to face the Red Wings in the semifinals.


  1. Leave it to Jo to have a place picked out to have a quickie (not sure if I spent that right!) before they have to leave each other .
    I think my favorite line was, “You wanna do it, or you want me to suck you off?” She definitely has the mind set of a guy. I loved how many times Kris told her that he loved her before he had to leave. He's so adorable and perfect.

    It's funny how Kris' teammates went from encouraging him to cheat to covering for him so he can spend time with Jo.

    Words can't describe how much I love this story. You're amazing and I'm so grateful that you share your talent with us (that probably sounds REALLY corny lol).

  2. Yeah, I agree with Anna that Jo definitely acts more like a guy, and it's pretty funny. And hot of course. I kept thinking that someone was going to hear them, but I'm not sure they would care.

    The team is so awesome in this episode, all delaying antics and goofy excuses. It's sweet how they've all changed 180 degrees, one thing that stays consistent is the group think, they're definitely like a gang of kids.

    I thought that this would be a sad post, but it's full of promise and sweetness.

  3. I read the last 2 chapters together so I have so much I want to say I hope I remember it all!

    First and foremost
    The Tie. It almost made me cry. It was so perfect for them and to think she wouldn't be there everyday to tie it. So bittersweet.

    The whole part about Kris getting dressed while talking to his mom...
    This is one of my favorite things about your writing. Your description and the details of this little piece of everyday life is astonishing. The fact that you can use that to convey her feelings, priceless.
    I loved that he has a smile that he only gets when he talks to his mother. I'm happy that Jo likes how close he and his mother are even if she isn't crazy about her.
    Got to give her credit she raised an wonderful man.

    Loved the teammates the whole weekend. The way they help Jo, covered for the two of them & giving up a room for them. He is obviously part of the team not just a guy who plays for the Sharks.
    Everyone dressing slow after the game to give him time to say goodbye, so sweet.

    And what a goodbye that was! I never thought sex in the ladies bathroom sounded like a good time until now. Kris is getting to be a real rule breaker! The angel on his shoulder is losing to the devil a little more often these days!

    The conversation about how she wasn't going to let him out of sight once they were together again *sigh*

    They managed to cram alot of love and fun into thirty some hours. Even though this was a wonderful weekend, I just have a bad feeling. It's only two more weeks (hopefully) nothing bad can happen to them in 2 weeks, right? Right Jay?

    Oh my, maybe I'm just a worry wart...

    Thank you. Amazing as always!