Sunday, September 19, 2010

130.) Game Plan

Soundtrack Song - Relient K, The Best Thing

Hawaii is one of those places where everyone says they wanna go, because it’s just convenient enough of a location since it’s a state, yet exotic enough to feel like someplace else. The plane ride was long and boring, and I was so excited that I had trouble sitting still in my first class seat. Then again, I always had trouble relaxing on planes—the previous times I flew, it always to go see Kris. Even though he was coming with me to this new destination, we were going there together to spend time together.

It was breathtakingly beautiful, from the moment we got off the plane. The air was warm, fragrant, and soothing. I felt more relaxed than I had for a very long time. Kris and I had made a pact on the plane: we weren’t going to talk about anything that would be stressful or serious. There were two exceptions to that rule, one for each of us. Kris would be allowed to field calls from his agent in case there came word about a contract extension, and I was allowed to talk to Samantha if she needed someone to talk to.

The whole point of this vacation was to take it easy and to enjoy each other’s company like we hadn’t been able to do for months. It was just going to be me and Kris and absolutely nothing else. No intruding thoughts or worries. No plan-making or in-depth discussions. The biggest decisions we wanted to make during these two weeks were going to be about whether we wanted to go snorkeling or fishing or just laze around on the golden sands drinking something with an umbrella in it.

When we were checking into the hotel, we were mistaken for a couple either here to get married or to celebrate our honeymoon. We couldn’t take our hands off each other, but it wasn’t a sexy or inappropriate thing; there was no groping or otherwise improper actions. But we held hands, our fingers intertwined. When we weren’t doing that, we were somehow touching: his arm around my shoulders, me touching his arm, standing close enough so that our hips bumped together. Plus, we were all smiles, high on love and drunk on this fresh air.

“What do you wanna do first?” Kris asked as the bellhop left, a crisp twenty dollar tip in his pocket for the meager task of pushing our bags into our room for us.

“I don’t know!” I laughed, taking in our new surroundings. We had been spending so much time in hotels lately, and I couldn’t wait for us to share a real home again. But that was one of those off-limit topics. Nothing stressful, so no talk about where we might find ourselves living at the start of the next season. “I want to go surfing, I want to sit on the beach, I want to nap, I want to eat—I want to do everything at once!”

Kris chuckled, walking straight up to me and putting his hands on either side of my waist. I felt his body heat emanating from his body, warming me up and making me hot under the proverbial collar. Suddenly, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and I could tell that he was thinking the exact same thing. “I was thinking of taking a shower.”

My voice didn’t want to work, so I had to force the words from my mouth. “I could do that.”

His hands were under my shirt, working off my clothes for me. It felt like so long since we had done this at our leisure, an act done purely for making the other person happy and satisfying each other primarily over ourselves, and the promise of what was going to happen turned me into jelly. I fell into him and slung my arms around his neck, kissing his smooth, shaven face from ear to ear—something I hadn’t done since March. It felt so good to be able to do that again without having to worry about chapping my lips.

We stumbled into the bathroom, stripped, and stepped into a lukewarm shower. Foreplay involved shampooing each other’s hair, making out, and cleaning each other’s bodies and private, special areas—with the intent to get sweaty and wet, just to need another shower. By the time the grime from traveling had been washed away, Kris was hard and standing at full mast and I felt like I would die if I did not get him inside me pronto. He made a move to shut off the water, but I grabbed his hand and put it back around me instead.

“Do me here, now,” I begged, reaching around and grabbing his ass. I dug my nails in and stood on my tippy ties so his erection could slip into the vee between my legs. The water pouring over us made it easy for him to move in and out, even though he wasn’t yet inside me. The simulation pushed him to the brink of his arousal. When he was so turned on, he lost his ability to hold back and take his cues from me; you’d think that I’d enjoy the sex more when he was being caring and attentive, but I thought it was hot when he was impulsive and hedonistic. Something got me off when I knew he was using me for his own pleasure rather than trying to pleasure me first and foremost.

With one swift move, he pulled back and grasped the back of my thighs. He lifted me right off my feet and held me up against the shower wall. I did my part by guiding his dick between my folds as he stepped forward, sliding home like he had just rounded all the bases. It certainly felt like a home run.

We each came once in the shower and then rinsed off again. I never realized that that was partly why shower sex was so much fun: it was as equally convenient as pleasurable. Once we were clean again, we relocated onto the bed. We were soaking wet, but we wanted to save our energy so we didn’t bother toweling off. Instead, we recuperated and waited it out until round two.

That first night was spent in bed. We made love, had sex, fucked—we did it all, until we were ridiculously exhausted and couldn’t do anything else. I climaxed so many times that, by the end of our session, I shuddered every time he touched me. It was almost painful, but so deliciously wonderful at the same time. “I wanna do that every night this summer with you.”

Kris moaned. “I don’t think I can. I’m supposed to be recovering after the season.”

“Wimp,” I giggled, poking him in the ribs.

“Wimp? I’m not a wimp,” he jokingly retorted, snatching my hand and kissing my palm. “I think I just worked harder than I have during a regular season game. I need to be taking it easy.”

“Aww,” I cooed, running a hand through his hair. It was still a little damp and knotted. I kissed his mouth and then his forehead. “I’ll take it easy on you, babe. Promise. I’ll take care of you.”

He pulled my leg up over his hip and slid his thigh between my legs as I burrowed my face into the crook of his neck. Kris held onto me as I curled up against his hard, strong chest. I could feel his breath puff through my hair like subtle gusts of wind. My body moved in sync with his inhales and exhales, which lulled me into a deep slumber. I only had one last thought before I fell asleep: I can’t believe that we only have twelve more nights like this. This vacation’s already flying by.

The next morning, we decided to start our touristy and fun activities. Kris donned his black board shorts and a white tee shirt that stretched nicely across his broad chest, and I put on my bikini and a white sundress. All I planned on wearing during this vacation were swimsuits and light, airy dresses—and going barefoot as much as possible.

We walked around and explored the section of Maui by our hotel. We went down to the beach for a little bit, too. I dug my toes into the wet sand and breathed in the salty air before Kris and I shed our clothes and ran into the cold ocean. It was a temperature shock at first, but once we got used to it, we were comfortable enough to stay in for a while and relax. I hung off of Kris, wrapped around him as the waves rolled in around us. After all, I had promised Kris that I wouldn’t let him out of my sight during our vacation. I never wanted to let go of him.

By early evening, we were tired. I was sunburned, so Kris helped me out by smearing aloe vera lotion on my back and shoulders. We went to a pig roast that night and watched some hula dancers perform. There were even fire eaters there, too. It was a lot of fun.

While we were in Maui, we went out every day and did something fun: fishing, snorkeling, and even a trip up to a volcano. Then we headed for Molokai, another Hawaiian island. Kris had rented out a little cottage right on the coast, with a private beach, for a whole week. It was the most amazing week of my life. I pretty much didn’t even bother wearing clothes. First of all, it was hot. Second, we had the beach all to ourselves, and we didn’t see another human being while we hung out in the cottage. Third, Kris and I were constantly in a semi-state of arousal. We’d have sex and feel normal, but it didn’t take long before we were making eyes at each other again.

We tried having sex on the beach; I’ll never figure out what the allure of that is. Sand got into the most uncomfortable of places, and Kris and I were showering constantly, trying to get rid of that discomfort. We were finding sand for days.

On the peaceful quiet of the beach, Kris and I were watching the sunset one night. I was sitting between his legs, my head resting against his shoulder as the sun crept beneath the horizon and the stars came out to play. I knew that this was my chance to talk to him about something very important.

“So, Kris, we’re going to go back to Pittsburgh after this, right? And then to Montreal?”

“Yes,” he replied. He gripped me tight around my middle. “But why do you wanna talk about that? Aren’t you having fun?”

I sighed in total bliss. “The most fun ever.” I put my arms around his and savored this moment. “If I could stop time, I would, so I would never have to leave Hawaii and we could stay here forever together.” Then I cleared my throat, slowly inching closer toward the eventual destination of this conversation. “I just wanna make sure that I know what the game plan is.”

“Well, that’s it. We’ll drop everything of ours off at the apartment in Pittsburgh, pick up our mail, make sure our cars work and all that, and then up north for a week or two. Before your classes start.”

“So, what are we going to do while we’re visiting your mom?”

I felt Kris shrug. “Just hang out. Usually, I’d be home all summer before it’s time to be in Pittsburgh to train. But since we’ll be in Pittsburgh, so you can take your summer classes, I won’t get to spend as much time with my mom and Mamie like I usually would. I mean, we’ll do the Cup thing in Montreal, but that’ll be later in the summer.”

“You know what I was thinking about us doing in Montreal?”


“I thought that we could go... visit your dad.” As soon as the words left my mouth, I felt him tense up behind me. It was the reaction I had been expecting, but I still wished this could’ve gone a little easier. The words began to fly out of my mouth as I tried to convince him what a good idea this would be, and how good it would be for him to do this. “I’ll go with you, Kris. And I’m not saying that you have to reconcile or even get along or anything like that—at all—I’m just thinking that maybe it would be good for you to confront him, really confront him.”

“But I don’t ever want to see him again.” He paused for a moment before he emphasized, “Ever.”

Turning around, I looked into his vulnerable eyes. Kris wanted to appear strong and determined, but I could see right through that. It wasn’t hard. I didn’t want to push his buttons or stress him out, especially since this was supposed to be a stress-free vacation, but I wanted to make sure that he had enough time to digest the idea and come to terms with it before it happened. Kris liked to think about things. So I pushed. “So what happens then? What happens when you go home? You look over your shoulder constantly, wondering if he’ll show up again? Try to avoid him, without knowing how to do it?”

He pulled a face because he knew I was right—he just didn’t want to admit it. “What would I even say to him?”

“Well, that part’s up to you.” I cupped his face. “Maybe you just wanna tell him to fuck off and that you never wanna see him again, so he should stay away.” I paused before suggesting, “Or maybe you could ask him for his side of the story. It’s up to you, and you know that I will support you no matter what you choose. But either way, I think that it will be so good for you to face him. Let him know that he fucked up. I think it’ll do a world of good for you.”

“But....” Kris let out a deep breath as he peered out to the horizon over the ocean. It was starting to get dark, and the edge of the sea blended in with the sky. “I don’t know. I want him to know how good me and my mom are doing now, without him, and that we did all without his help. I want to be able to rub that all in his face. But when I saw him, I was so, I don’t know, shocked, I guess? I froze.”

“That’s why you’re doing it on your terms now, not his. You’re going to see him, so you’ll be prepared. You can figure out exactly what you wanna say, and you’ll tell him. And if you want me there, then I’ll be there to back you up.” Then I tried to back-step, just in case I was inserting myself into an aspect of his life that he wouldn’t be comfortable sharing with me—after all, it had taken him forever before he could even fill me on his life. “Or you can do it on your own. Whatever you want.”

“I don’t know if I want to do this,” he started, “but if I did it, I think I’d like you there. I’d show him that he taught me exactly who not to be. Even if he wasn’t who I thought he was, he still wasn’t right.”

“We still have some time. I just thought you’d like to think about it. Figure it out before we go back up to Montreal. If you don’t want to, or if you don’t want to enough that you think you can’t, then I understand. This is a big, major thing. But I think you’ll feel so much better if you do this. I’m not trying to pressure you, I don’t want you to be stressed about it, but like I said... I think you’ll feel like the world will be off your shoulders.”

“Hmm. Well, I’ll at least think about it,” he sighed, pressing a hand against my far cheek and putting just enough pressure against it to bring me closer to his lips. He kissed my temple and then let me curl up against him again. Then he moved his hand to my back and rubbed over my spine. It was so soothing. Kris changed the subject. “Show me something.”

I knew exactly what he was talking about: the night sky. We hadn’t done this for a while, especially since his schedule had been so hectic until just recently. I looked up and picked out the most easily recognizable object in the sky. “See that bright thing? Right there?”


“That’s Venus.”

“Really?” he asked, the tone of his voice belying his surprise. Everyone was always a little surprised to find out that planets shone so brightly in the night sky since they weren’t like stars that produced their own light; they merely reflected the sun.

“Yup,” I told him, snuggling a little closer against him, finding it interesting that something so far away could make us feel so close here on Earth.


  1. So cute... Kris needs to confront his father so he can move forward and be happy with Jo

  2. Ok First... Relient K. Great choice. Love them.

    Secondly.. I love them together. I love that they just fit, and know what to say to eachother to make the other feel like everything is right in the world. I want that.

    I hope Kris does go and see his dad....

    As always Jay... I loved it.

  3. Loved the ending! Such a cute way to end the chapter for these two. I'm so jealous of that vacation right now it's not even funny. I might even be a little bit mad at you for creating such an envious scenario (kidding).

    Loved it! Great job as always.

  4. I really want to be in Hawaii, seriously I just checked the flights and I could be there for under $500 return, wouldn't that be great? I love Hawaii, and it's so true Hawaii is full of honeymooners. They are everywhere, all wrapped in their golden glow, just like Jo and Kris. Yes, I'm finally getting around to commenting on the story.

    They are getting closer and closer, they finally seem to be in sync on all levels. Both of them needing to relax and just be mindless and recharge. And the shower scene, so elemental and intense. But why is it guys always lack the stamina that women have? One of the great mysteries of nature.

    I guess Jo is right to mention his dad, but it is tension producing for both of them. Besides his contract, it is one of the few unresolved issues in their lives though, so maybe they will need to deal with it. It's the adult thing to do, for sure.

    Back to the mainland and reality?

  5. I had something to say, I swear I did. About them being cute and in tune and shower sex and more than likely something about Kris' dad. Then I read this (and it's a long quote):

    "“Show me something.”

    I knew exactly what he was talking about: the night sky. We hadn’t done this for a while, especially since his schedule had been so hectic until just recently. I looked up and picked out the most easily recognizable object in the sky. “See that bright thing? Right there?”


    “That’s Venus.”

    “Really?” he asked, the tone of his voice belying his surprise. Everyone was always a little surprised to find out that planets shone so brightly in the night sky since they weren’t like stars that produced their own light; they merely reflected the sun.

    “Yup,” I told him, snuggling a little closer against him, finding it interesting that something so far away could make us feel so close here on Earth. "

    SHOW ME SOMETHING. Melt melt melt. Something so far away could make us feel so close here on Earth. Goo Goo Goo.

    I can't comment effectively now, but it's your own fault.

  6. Yep, the ending of this chapter was the real kicker...beautiful.

    Fabulous, as always!

  7. I agree with Jo about Kris talking to his father. Hopefully he takes her advise and confronts him.

    They are so cute together!!!! I love that they were mistaken for a married couple. I'm kind of hoping that he proposes to her while they're in Hawaii although I doubt Kris will...